Gas increase Sunday midnight: 21 cents??? !!!!

So somebody sent us this Barbados Government Information Service media release but we haven’t gone to the BGIS website ourselves to confirm it because only Clive does that and he’s not here right now. If some of our readers want to head over to the BGIS website and check out the media releases then we’ll know if this is a fur sure or somebody mek sport a poor BFP.

“This news embargoed until 7pm, Sunday April 3, 2011

Effective midnight, Sunday, April 3, the retail price of gasoline will increase by 21 cents, from $2.96 to $3.17 per litre. The price of diesel will increase by 17 cents, from $2.62 per litre to $2.79 per litre, while the retail price of kerosene will be $1.93 per litre – an increase of 19 cents. (AR/BGIS)”


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21 responses to “Gas increase Sunday midnight: 21 cents??? !!!!

  1. Seventh son of a seventh son

    It’s true. The press release is posted at BGIS as you quoted.

    I predict more increases later one. We haven’t seen anything yet. That’s going to hurt the cruise ship and airline companies and us. Woe! Woe! Woe!


    Thanks for the tip. Just filled the tank.

  3. Liberal

    This not funny anymore.Maybe we should have the ability to recall as some states in the U.S. do.Clearly the policies of this administration are now in the realm of ridiculus.I am not one to run and fill the tank as that is only to delay the inevitable.But how does one run a household and budget with energy prices being so erratic?

  4. Politically Tired

    Thanks for the heads up will fill up in the morning!

  5. Goldenbead

    Again?? This is outrageous! Did the price of fuel go up just a couple of weeks ago?

  6. Undertaker

    By now we should all be accostomed to it. The price goes up EVERY FIRST SUNDAY as long as the trouble in the middle east continues Libya not stopping anytime soon, then it will contiinue to rise but I did not expect by sooooooo much.


  7. what will they think of next

    Oil prices are on the way up. so we better get use to frequent increases in fuel prices in our neck of the woods.

  8. what will they think of next

    $5 gas looks more likely as oil prices keep rising
    BY DAVID ROEDER Business Reporter Apr 1, 2011 9:22AM

    Oil prices rose to a 30-month high Thursday and traders expect them to escalate further on political turmoil in the Mideast.

    Richard Ilczyszyn, senior market strategist at the Chicago trading firm Lind Waldock, said that if circumstances were normal, prices would slip because oil inventories are high. “But we have tensions in the Mideast we couldn’t have imagined six months ago, and that creates fear in the marketplace,” he said.

    It also means that $5-a-gallon gas is getting closer in the Chicago area, he said. The latest AAA report for the Chicago market said that through Wednesday, the region’s average price for regular was $3.8222 a gallon, compared with $3.022 a year ago, and some analysts have predicted $5 a gallon by Memorial Day.

  9. yatinkiteasy

    So much for plans to rent a car and go down Route 66!

  10. I made sure and filled up yesterday

  11. Cynically Yours!

    The world needs to let the Libyans kill ea. other and sort themselves out.
    Don’t get involved.
    So we end up with 1 million less North African Arabs.
    My heart bleeds for this loss to humanity.

    Not that such a non-policy would correct the oil supply shortfall,
    but it sure would help clean out a certain section of overpopulated humanity.
    Take what? 6 months of the Chinese breeding -to replace their numbers?

  12. Undertaker

    Well it has been confirmed!

    Gas prices up from midnight

    Sun, April 03, 2011 – 7:00 PM

    Barbadians will be paying slightly more for petroleum products from midnight tonight.

    The retail price of gasoline will increase by 21 cents, from $2.96 to $3.17 per litre. The price of diesel will increase by 17 cents, from $2.62 per litre to $2.79 per litre, while the retail price of kerosene will be $1.93 per litre – an increase of 19 cents. (BGIS)

  13. Anonymous

    not true

  14. Jesus

    What are you dumb asses fretting about?? We produce 1000 barrels of oil daily and consume 10,000 barrels daily, do the math, a gaping deficit of 9,000 barrels that we have to buy, and when we do, we pay what the sellers are asking, and the sellers price is base on supply & demand, speculation, i.e, current and future expectations of oil production. Should this surprise any of us, look at what’s happening in North Africa and the Middle East, the main players in this game of oil production. Every one wants a car, moreover, a SUV to drive half a mile to the nearest KFC or Chefette. If you guys can afford the 100,000 vehicle, you sure as hell ought to be able to afford the gas. You want first world status, well that comes with a price, so stop whining and pony up, fools.

  15. Rubbert

    I went somewhere yesterday and bajans were driving bout, deng.

    Someone above want to complain about guv’ment policy, wunna think we the taxpayers should support your driving habits? i.e. if Government subsubise the gas, as the BLP wuz doing, it is we the taxpayers that pay.

    Wunna joking! With wunna big suv”s and ting?

    And wunna doan devn innerstand that driving fast burns more gas.

    Smaller care, slower driving+ less weekend driving bout = less money spent.


    Wunna tink me got nuff oil, well not until they let the companies drill pun de east coast.

  16. Location location LOCATION!

    IF we had gas/oil on the East Coast, dem bore-holes woulda done happen, long time!
    IF we had gas/oil offshore (in any worthwhile quantity..)
    dat too woulda done happen!

    I’d like to remind readers that the deepest bore-hole ever drilled in Barbados
    — to some 16,000+ ft.— was at Morgan Lewis (East coast Barbados)
    I forget if it was Morgan Lewis 1 or Morgan Lewis 2…
    In either case, there is no producing well-head at Morgan Lewis.
    Never has been.. bcoz both proved to by dry holes, dammit.

    Remember the Big Gas Field Find the BLP promised us? -just before elections?
    What happen? 3 yrs. later, de Dems can’t get the deal closed with the exploration company? lol at blp propaganda!

    WE HAVE NO SIGNIFICANT GAS/OIL yet to be found.

    Our best hope is to nicely kiss Trinidad’s rear end, and hope that the planned pipeline running to Tobago gets extended along the Barbados Ridge to a point where it breaks the surface at the small and anomalous oceanic sludge-pile we fondle refer to as ‘Barbados’
    and let said pipeline come ashore somewhere around South Point
    so we can start sucking on that ‘straw’ connecting us to TRINIDAD’s reserves
    -while they continue to annoy us by catching OUR flying fish down dey near Tobago.

    Location location location!

  17. Mr Bajan

    I would like the DLP to tell us what equation they are using because in June 2008 oil was $147 a barell and I know we paid nothing near to this current price for petrol.
    I hate to make this political but it just seems like a reflection of the administration and the policies they have put in place. School children ride free and to pay for this and the extra strain it has placed on the transport board they increased the excise tax. Free rides for school children is a noble social engineering policy but it was implemented at the wrong time without any planning or investigation, in short it was not needed.
    This administration is more concerned with getting a second term and protecting their friends than introducing the economic policies that will help entrepreneurship grow and ultimately allow Bajans to become less dependent on the government.

  18. typical dlp response from jesus. all fluff and no substance. mr bajan, you are perfectly correct. the government seems not to have a clue. give the impression of sitting tight and hoping for the best.

  19. Undertaker

    April 4, 2011 at 3:52 am
    Are you one of those people who have wasted their whole life, not tried hard to achieve anything and grudge any and everyone who has achieved anything or been able to buy certain material things? Sure seems that way

    Oh yes I have a 100,000 car (now worth about 70,000) and I will continue to use it and blow my A/c (when necessary though) I don’t do the chefette and KFC to regular though (not healthy and you get back healthy too quick)
    If we bajans just adjust our habits, most of us can do that, when things will be alright down the road. That does not mean that we have to like the high prices and be quiet about them.


  20. Our wonderful Socialism dream

    Oil at $147.27 was the peak high, on a spike.
    Thankfully, it didn’t last long. It dropped rapidly from that abberant spike, bcoz, like the Bunker Hunt silver episode, somebody was tryin a ting, squeezing the commodities market, and it failed.

    The REAL Big Money sloshing around …is today playing with COMMODITIES…at our expense.
    It’s where the big quick money can be made.
    Stocks and Bonds are ‘old hat’ now.

    The Barbados Government, in either Dem or Bee form
    has absolutely no control over the global price of oil,
    or over our Bajan destiny, for that matter!
    Dipper’s dream of a socialist Barbados has turned into the nightmare we see today…it turned that way two and three changes of government ago, because is was always bare boo…could never realistically happen…based on our fantastic ketch-ass economy, ad infinitum.
    And so we continue to fool ourselves that Barbados ‘works’. oh puhleeaaze!
    It’s an illusion…a delusion,even!

    Barbadians will never be independent of government because the lower class half of this “society” simply don’t want to be independent of government.
    When White Massa day was done, Black Massa took took over the big daddy role of looking after the N-words.
    Somebody is tuh look after we!
    Wunnuh tek we ouka Africa, well look after we now,den.

    Dependency is a good thing, they perceive
    and they want to lap it up and enjoy it….on someone else’s dime!
    That’s how Barbados Socialism “works”.
    Frankly, that’s how ALL leftist Socialism works…LOL!

    The whole thing will ultimately end in tears.
    I can hear the beginning whimpering now, and not even our blessed BLP can save us from our overcrowded-island destiny.

    300,000 people in a panic for food and water,one day
    – is going to be a decidedly unpleasant experience!
    Keep your passport handy and be ready to move, when that happens.
    IF you can get to the airport without incident!

  21. Jesus


    Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, still lives in his very first three bedroom house that he bought over 40yrs ago. The problem with some of you Bajans is that you need things to feel like somebody, you’re all so insecure. While you borrow to buy the big house and the SUV, I’ll be buying the shares in the banks that lend you the money. You got to be a graduate of the UWI; it takes a special fool like you to feel proud about acquiring an asset for $100,000, and feeling good after it depreciates to $70,000. Jesus still loves you, fool.