Freedom of Information, Integrity Legislation “Died with David Thompson. It was his promise…”

“Integrity Legislation? Freedom of Information? All that died with David Thompson. It was his promise and his agenda. The economy must be the priority…”

… said at a DLP gathering as reported by NeverMind Kurt

DLP Strategy: Everything must stand aside for the economy

Nation Newspaper layoffs directly related to politics!

by Nevermind Kurt

The promised Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation is dead, dead, dead. The Democratic Labour Party’s only problem is how to delay the legislation until the next election without being seen to delay the legislation.

The answer is to elevate the economy to the number one priority and to convince Bajans that there is no time and no room right now to work on the promised Integrity Legislation and FOI. It’s all about the economy, you see. We’re in a crisis that is worldwide. “All hands on deck for the economy” is the strategy to delay FOI and Integrity Legislation until after the next election.

It almost sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Another strategy being talked about by DLP folks is to delay the FOI and Integrity Legislation until very close to the election, and then when the BLP Opposition says one word against it, call the election over the Integrity Legislation and FOI. Harley Henry and his friends are devious but no fools.

I was told this at a meeting of DLP supporters. No, I’m not going to say which meeting or who said it, but I’ll repeat it here and leave it to time to establish the truth of what I’m saying.

Some people say that Integrity Legislation and FOI are “nice to have” but really unnecessary in Barbados because our Transparency International rating is so high. Those folks don’t want you looking too deeply into how that TI rating is established and who they talk to when they make their ratings.

The Transparency International process is co-opted in Barbados and that is a fact. No Integrity Legislation and no Freedom of Information rules and we’re still way up there on the list. Sure. Right. What a laugh! Transparency International questions the same business people who are being paid off by the government, or who rely upon the government contracts.

Perhaps the Transparency International people will have a look at the layoffs at The Nation newspaper, because what is happening is a direct result of corruption in the DLP government and no laws to make what they are doing illegal or visible to Bajans.

Government advertising as a weapon: Always wrong no matter who does it.

Nation Newspaper lay-offs – Lost government advertising hurts, doesn’t it?

The Nation Newspaper flew high for fourteen great years of Barbados Labour Party government. Remember all the full page government advertising by the Arthur/Mottley government? The profits were good at BLP-leaning Nation when the BLP was in power.

The downside was that the people of Barbados never heard about certain stories or if they did hear whispers, the stories were allowed to die a quiet death while investigative journalism was replaced by photos of school plays and track meets. I almost forgot all those photos of smiling BLP politicians.

Then the BLP were kicked out of power and the Democratic Labour Party changed things around. Suddenly the full page government adverts started to appear in the DLP-supporting Barbados Advocate newspaper. Former Barbados Advocate editor Reudon Eversley published an article at Barbados Underground telling of how the BLP had him tossed from the newspaper and he called the BLP “Evil as hell the lot of them.”

But then we citizens noticed that under the DLP most of the big revenue government adverts switched to the Barbados Advocate. My friends: that is just as bad, just as evil as what the BLP did.

“Integrity Legislation? Freedom of Information? All that died with David Thompson. It was his promise and his agenda. The economy must be the priority…”

… said at a DLP gathering as reported by NeverMind Kurt

How much government advertising revenues are spent where?

If Freedom of Information legislation had been introduced three years ago as David Thompson and the DLP promised, any citizen would be able to make an FOI request right now and learn how many government advertising dollars are spent at the Barbados Advocate, The Nation newspaper and Barbados Today.

Our accidental Prime Minister Stuart doesn’t want you to know how much government revenue is directed to the Barbados Advocate as compared with other island media. This undermines our democracy and our news media. What Bajan news media can be trusted when the government is able to dangle advertising revenues with no public scrutiny or accountability?

It is true that the employees of the Barbadian news media have to eat, but as BFP said in one of their previous articles:

“perhaps our problem is the media whores of Barbados who trade their silence for government advertising revenues?”

… from the BFP article DLP propaganda meetings…

Why were The Nation employees laid off? It has much more to do with politics than the DLP government or The Nation will admit. We reprint the entire article here because The Nation has a habit of changing history by removing or modifying articles…

Nation lay-offs

Six permanent members and three temporary members of staff of The Nation Publishing Co. Limited, a subsidiary of the Nation Corporation and of One Caribbean Media Limited were laid off today.

In a statement issued this evening, the NATION said the contributing factors of the prevailing economic environment and changes in the media market necessitated this business decision.

“The Nation Publishing Company regrets having to release staff at this time. However, the company is forced to make this decision in the interest of sustaining the viability of the company.

“The Nation Publishing company wishes to express its deep appreciation to the staff leaving the company for their valuable contribution to the development of the company over the years.”


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12 responses to “Freedom of Information, Integrity Legislation “Died with David Thompson. It was his promise…”

  1. isis

    The nation newspaper is british/jewish owned and therefore will entertain this hype over jamaican complaints. Ever since Venessa feltz,edwina curry,and alan sugar had a girl (of bajan decent) followed by jamaicans for over 30 years in england and then proceeded to follow her with the illegal tape they made of her everywhere to spoil her life. They got caught over a broadcast they did, where the girl outed them all on BBC london radio on Venessa’s show. Since then the bajan girls’ cousin DENROY DAVIS has been shot in the back of the head recently in barbados. If jamaicans don’t like what we do in our country tell them to go elsewhere but they need to be watched!!!.
    Jamaicans like to start trouble with their mouth, the jewish/irish gangs in england are tapping peoples phones and giving the information to the jamaicans to go and rob or kill. 26 dead black teenaged boys died in britain in 2008 when all this happened, now they think the dust has settled they think they can attack bajans another way. Tell them about the crimes they commit in england, jamaica, canada and america they are over represented in prison systems everywhere. Do the research on jamaica and find out why they shouldn’t complain – HIT THEM HARD

  2. Not quite right

    Isis should more carefully monitor her own meds! She’s a nice lady, but should have laid off the herb long time past!

  3. J. Payne

    Barbados needs more independent media companies as well. This too I feel could be key in forcing the hand of the House of Assembly. When I called the Nation and asked why is it the Nation doesn’t have a TV station to compete against CBC? I was informed that not only has the Nation applied for a TV license they done so for donkey years now (since the 1970s). Why is it the government continues to stifle independent journalism as well? I was meaning to call the Nation back but it came to me that as a Trinidad based company Nation could probably sue the Barbados government before the Caribbean Court of Justice because they are denying them the right to establish a competing business in Barbados… The CSME means that companies are supposed to be able to operate anywhere within the CSME. If the Nation launched a law suit the government may not want to issue them a license but they’ll at least have to give somebody.

  4. J. Payne

    The party claims to want to retain his legacy. (i.e. free bus fares for youth.) Lets pray they consider implementing his political reforms/agenda as well.

  5. dead man run things

    they can spin all they want but the fact is that there is a significant correlation between FOI and the economy.. proven fact that corruption eats into a country’s GDP
    and secondly J Payne, D. Thompson had enough and more than enough time to implement FOI.. it was just that damn “fatted calf” in the way.
    Sounds like the spin is to bury all the unfulfilled promises and inept behaviour with DT.. turn over new leaf is the new rallying call

  6. Anonymous

    I find in Barbados the journalists do not do investigative journalism. That is a shame, because there are so many things going on that need to be investigated. Can some brave journalist go out and do some digging to find out what is really going on with our lying and shameful politicians, like why do we have two Ministers of the Environment, why are we not being told about any fishing agreement, why is Leroy Parris still head of CBC, and many other such topics,; the housing ministry really need digging into, who are becoming multimillionaires from other people land deals. Lets see what Barbados can do to get back our good name.

  7. joyjoy

    OK another thing that David dead and left us with is this obligation to like and celebrate everything that disgrace Riahnna does. Anyone seen the Combermere school pagent ad in the 30/March edition. Like this is what the school is promoting. Where are the parents? This has got to stop. Girls will not be respected if we do this type of thing.

  8. Liberal

    I thuoght the DLP was about building a society.I hold no brief for the Nation Newspaper but it matters not how much advertising the government spends over there their readership is still be less than that of the Nation,so the message will not reach as wide an audiance.But at least for the Advocate it puts some much needed revenue into their bank account.Just check where they were financially before 2008.Remember Thompson touring their offices and being greeted by their big boss early in the life of his tenure as P.M ? They are the equivalant of CBC and GIS,the private sector mouth piece of the DLP.

  9. Johnny Postle

    Hmm now why would the DLP delay what they promise. And if we get the ITAL thingsiebobbsie you think that gine stop the leak of money out of treasury. There is always a way around these things

  10. snorkers. good-oh!

    The DLP do not want Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information. They want to look like they want it, and they would love to blame the opposition for killing it. FOI and Integrity Legislation is deader than a doornail.

  11. clanger

    Am I correct that there is not enough time now to have the current Integrity Legislation properly run through Parliament and declared law?

    Can someone who knows confirm this?

    It is all over isn’t it?

  12. BFP

    Hello Clanger

    Yes, I think you are correct. Even if everything moved tomorrow there is not enough time between now and the next mandated election date for the legislation to be passed in both houses and be adopted as law.

    Anyone have a contrary opinion (or any opinion) on this issue?