Tri Mart will not sell cigarettes to plumbers, carpenters…

… Or to Miners

Someone please tell me that this is a PhotoShop creation!

It must be, right? Here in Barbados we brags that we gots de highest litter I see rates in de Carib? Rights you is? Right?

Maybe they doesn’t not. Or do not. Or doesn’t nor do not or someting to de miners in de hole. Coulda happen!



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18 responses to “Tri Mart will not sell cigarettes to plumbers, carpenters…

  1. rasta man

    Nothing new. Check the ads on CBC TV and the articles in the newspaper.We are how we speak.

  2. Freedom of Speech

    LMAOROTF…..The entire sign is incorrect; should read ” Tri-Mart prohibites the sale of cigarettes to minors”. Person must have been busy watching cricket on TV while creating the sign! 🙂

  3. Tom Squires

    HA HA HAAAA! For a moment there I thought Chris “I has a Masters Degree…” was also working at Tri Mart.

  4. Nicola

    ha, ha, ha

  5. Spinelli

    Back Up ….”Freedom of Speech” you’re off too — prohibites should be “Prohibits” . Be cool.

  6. Donald Cat

    Check Just Grilling out Quayside. They have up a sign and signed at the bottom “You’re Sincerely, Just Gilling”

    Yup “You’re”

    You mean ya can’t even spell de company name right? Btw it was brought to their attn….This is de Bim we live in, no one cares….So what right?

  7. Green Monkey

    Talking of funny signs. Years ago I remember passing by a small dry cleaning, Mom and Pop run store near the North York Centre subway station in Toronto. In their shop window was a sign prominently displayed that said, “Drop your pants here for quick service.”

  8. Anonymous

    At least they were grammatically correct!

  9. And another one

    In the Barbados Authority of March 21 there is an article talking about Banks beer now being exported to Sweden. The title of the article reads “Banks going after Swiss market”. A note for the reporter who might not feel there is a problem here: the Swiss live in Switzerland, the Swedes live in Sweden.

  10. Green Monkey

    A Windspire at work in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

  11. Green Monkey

    Oops, sorry. The video of the funny looking windmill was supposed to go in the Open Discussion thread where Colin Beadon and I are discussing this new, vertical rotor, windmill design.

  12. Dessalines

    Nothing wrong with the sign. Selling cigarettes to miners would only complicate their health problems with all the coal dust already on their lungs. (didnt even know BIM had mines) TriMart should be commended for taking a bold stand.

  13. curious

    Goodness gracious!!!!!. That is what you get for making a “Grade 3” a pass at CXC. WOW!!. If I may be permitted to use the vernacular “I near bus my guts laffing at dat shit!!

  14. Laughing

    Now I really laughing….LOL…

  15. bp

    Years ago there was a sign outside one of the old buildings on Bay Street: “Traspassers will be persecutied”

  16. Cockles

    I does doan know why wunna cyan leave de persons lone. Mebbe the ex head of a big company got a new comp’ny riting signs, infmous as he did for being gramticlly incurrekt.

    But id idnt know we had miners here in bim, has dere been a goal find?

    I glad tuh see we gotz anudder celebrity in barbaybuss, one gyneth palthrow..

    She too sweet an gotz a nice smile. I tink too dat she got a big up boyfriend, de one from coalplay…he cud sing real good.

    Down here in brumley, we cud look an see our brudders an sisturs who do good over an away, in de papers such as de washingtun poas an de new york tymes, an it does mek me proud.

    We is a truly blesst nation an peoples an i s happy dat dese people do gud for demselves.

    I gotz cxc english two and i is happy dat eddication is free. my teachers us-ed tuh cuss me fuh being ig’runt, but i did learn a lot from dem.

    my mudda an fadda us-ed tuh cut my ass too, but i turn out gud.

    anyway to wunna barbaduss freedom press, tanx fuh listining.

    One quesshun, effin yuh ios a press, yuh duz press shirts two?

  17. Capt. Nobody

    I do not understand why u make all this noise about the sign. The sign is correct! Gas is often present in a mine, so can be dangerous smoking in there. And Bim is pleanty of mines, isn’t it?! Mines of ignorance!! lol lol

  18. Britty Brat

    An old man in Britton’s Hill had up a sign:
    Yames and Pataties for sale.