Air Passenger Duty killing profits and revenue in the UK as well as the Caribbean

“People are traveling to the continent to get flights… so the Exchequer is losing revenue too”

StudioCaribe’s excellent news item on the UK’s Air Passenger Duty makes an important point: the APD is bad for the UK too, and there is a growing movement within UK business to have the tax removed entirely.

As the news item points out, the budget announcement that Air Passenger Duty will not rise this year is a small but important victory for the Caribbean – but the fight is far from over.

This is the first time we’ve taken a look at StudioCaribe’s YouTube channel and we’re very impressed with the high quality production values and their ability to tell a story. By the looks of some of the other videos they have a compelling documentary in production too – The Smelter Wars – about a community’s fight against a smelting operation that threatens their very lives.

This is one of those web surfing moments when we said to ourselves “What a great little discovery!”

It’s well worth your time to check out StudioCaribe’s videos at YouTube.


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2 responses to “Air Passenger Duty killing profits and revenue in the UK as well as the Caribbean

  1. Bugger Bognor!!

    The Exchequer is losing my West Indian tourism dollar too.

    This works both ways: I now boycott travel to/from the UK.
    It’s just too expensive.
    I imagine I’m not the only one thinking this way.

    Want to do Europe?
    Catch a flight to Guad. or M’que and catch a trans-Atlantic flight to Paris.

    Or go to Miami or NY -and catch a flight to Madrid, Barcelona, Rome
    to catch your cruise there.
    Point is…
    I will NOT pay their extortionist ‘Escape Tax’.

  2. J. Payne

    @Bugger Bognor!! British Airways agreed to merge with Iberia. (The flag carrier of Spain) Therefore, if you’re truly after hurting British CEO’s pockets you’d have to take that into consideration.

    I never understood the Caribbean’s argument against the ADP. Britain is free to charge whatever they want, just as CARICOM countries are free to charge whatever they want in landing fees. When the CARICOM countries opted for political independence they made a declaration to the world that they don’t need Britain giving them fist-fulls of aid when they can’t balance their budgets. Political independence also means you’re no longer a protectorate, it means you also maintain your own national defence. When I see these leaders crying out to Britain that they wont police their waters for them as much, or that they wont consider them in the British budget I just think to myself that is a crying shame. They’re getting on like they regret opting for independence.
    These leaders need to come up with real strategies instead of just begging everyone for aid.