Public uproar causes Bermuda to rethink development at the cost of the environment

“Will the Government continue to purport that it is ‘in the public interest’ to sacrifice the environment, or will they look for viable alternative solutions? All of Bermuda needs to be engaged in this discussion over whether we seek short term gain over long term prosperity.”

Katherine Michelmore, environment spokesperson for the Bermuda Democratic Alliance (BDA)

As Barbados citizens question the government’s decision to allow development at Cove Bay, our friends to the north in Bermuda are rising against a similar decision by their government to kill green space in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Our thoughts at BFP are that Barbados has so many abandoned, unfinished and run down projects, hotels and resorts, that our government should be demanding that new projects be built on existing developed areas. Tear down the old and abandoned and build your shiny new resort where an eyesore stands now.

That would kill two birds: it gets rid of the eyesore and preserves the existing green space.

People might say that is too costly. To that we ask, “Too costly for whom?”

Royal Gazette Online: Premier promises ‘rethink’ of Tucker’s Point SDO

Our thanks to an old friend for the suggestion.


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4 responses to “Public uproar causes Bermuda to rethink development at the cost of the environment

  1. one major problem

    buying cheap land and getting a big lift on rezoning is the main motivating factor for making money in Barbados by politicians and land developers.

    Your suggestion BFP to stop the continued and unchecked destruction of the environment and heritage of Barbados is a great one.

    The problem is that the developers and their enablers can’t make as much money if they have to pay for land that is already rezoned with structures on them even if they are abandoned or under utilized.

    These long term plans can only come from an environmental bloc of concerned and empowered citizens with the full and active support of the BNT regarless of which party is in power.

    United you stand, divided you fall.

    Empower yourselves not by party but by principles.

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  4. J. Payne

    @one major problem. Thank you for your comment.
    Very strong words to live by. I hope more will fallow this logic. After I saw Dr. Watson and Professor Fraser speaking on CBC I had called the Barbados National Trust to become a member. Unfortunately, the forms never came so I’ll have to try it again.