Cruise ship crisis in Barbados?

Another one gone: Fred Olsen’s Braemar pulls out

What a terrible week for Barbados tourism. First it was Royal Caribbean announcing the removal of all its ships from the southern Caribbean during summer of 2012, then we heard that the Sea Princess won’t be here next winter. It’s being transferred to Australia under the P & O Australia brand.

Today we just got news that Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is leaving Barbados. The Braemar is a regular in Bridgetown and unloads 1000 passengers every time it pulls in, but it’s outta here after next winter.

Unfortunately the cruise lines are citing fuel costs to get to Barbados because we’re at the end of the line compared other islands that are a little closer to Miami and to Europe too. So that’s not something under our control.

What we can do though, is to make sure that every tourist that sets foot in Barbados has a positive experience, and especially so when they meet Bajans in the tourism industry and while out and about. A little smile and a friendly comment can go a long way to create a positive impression for all of us.

Four time Guinness World Record holder Garry Sowerby writes about a trip to Barbados in today’s Las-Vegas Review-Journal and says that he and his wife came away from our island with “a head full of warm memories that will make us smile for a long time” thanks in part to an unknown Barbados Police Constable. I wish we knew that officer’s name because he deserves thanks from every one of us.

Folks, we’re all in the tourist business on this rock and each one of us has to do their part. Remember that next time you see some lost soul trying to decipher a map or a road sign.


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19 responses to “Cruise ship crisis in Barbados?

  1. The man wiv no name!!

    laudable ambition @ para. 4, but judging from my exp. on these boards, id say u were whistling in the wind! i has tuh laugh, doe!!

  2. just want to know

    It is only going to get worse, with our attitude towards foreigners, snatch as much as you can, charge as much as you can, and accost them as much as you can, and they might just return; murder them, minimum sentence, and they might just return.

  3. just want to know

    Oh, I forgot, RAPE them and they might just return

  4. not returning

    It is not just the price of gasoline….it simply is no longer the place written about in Beautiful Barbados. Why would crusie ships want to continue to come to place where there is little protection by the police or a effort to improve the experience of a visit. My experience is that it is gradually getting worse and worse. Bums laying about the streets stoned or begging, grafetti appearing, unsafe beaches where people take your things and some beaches where you might get murdered at, dishonest builders/ lawyers, and prices for food going out of control and a toyota camray cost $184,000. Not the place for a person to retire or spend quality family time vacations. How I know this….I been robbbed, stolen from, threatened with harm, and now after close to 50 visits “I gone”. And I gone to a place that is a lot safer, cleaner and where people are more respectful….and none of my friends coming to replace my leaving.

  5. BAJAN LITTER IS EVERYWHERE!walk and you'll see it -EVERYWHERE!

    LITTER is everywhere…simply everywhere.
    Bajans don’t see it, don’t care about it –it doesn’t offend Bajans
    but trust me when I tell you that White People SEE IT and form the opinion that we are a nasty bunch who don’t care about our own beautiful island(as they would see it).

    We drop everything right where we done wid it, we toss things out our car windows, Pink Chefette boxes and KFC boxes are to be seen everywhere
    (no fault of those 2 fast-food outlets,mind you)..


    There are something like seventeen 17 litter bins up and down the South Coast boardwalk
    -AND STILL you can find litter between those bins.
    Bajans are simply too uncivilized, un-caring and LAZY to keep the litter under their personal control, until the next litter bin shows up in 22 yards time.
    Oh the effort involved!!

    We come across like a buncha losers sometimes, honest to Christ!
    We probably are not, but that can easily be the perception of Outside People accustomed to HIGHER STANDARDS.
    Our standards are too low…and goodness how we like it so.
    This bad attitude of ours must change…IN THE SCHOOLS

  6. J. Payne

    It isn’t ALL BAJANS! I keep my place very clean but while in Barbados I spent my entire vacation fighting with Animal Control and Sanitation to try to keep it that way!

  7. J. Payne

    True storey! As I say I sign my name because I don’t care who get vex.
    In my area people put out their garbage for sanitation to come and take. It seemed simple enough but Sanitation is unreliable so sometimes you might go 2 weeks without a pickup. Lets just say they usually pass-by on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Now that seems simple enough? You’d put out the waste on Monday and Friday night right? Well if you do guess what? All of Barbados’ stray dogs will get into it! And the first thing they do is burst it open on the ground. I have the unfortunate circumstance that all the neighbourhood dogs like to grab everyone’s garbage and drag i to my land to rummage though. So I have to go out twice a week with pitchfork to clean up. If I don’t the plastic bags begin to catch rain water and you start to see those mosquito larvae in the folds. So anyway I tried to nip the problem in the bud I called Animal control because the dogs drag the waste over, and once they’re done the cats pick though it too. Right off the bat– Animal control says they don’t deal with all of Barbados’ stray cats… So I was on my own there. So I said fair enough well can you come collect the dogs??? They told me they can set out traps but I would have to pay I think it was BDS$30 a day for traps. (I guess they figure because I don’t have a Bajan accent that I’m a good target to try and exploit money of of.)
    I asked well what happens if I don’t catch anything? I was told that I’d have to pay upon them picking up any dog. So if the dogs didn’t come by in a week I’d be out over US$105.00!!! With nothing to show for it. So I told them forget it. After-all the dogs don’t live at me, they don’t belong to me, and why should I have to bare the cost of ridding the entire neighbourhood of dogs. So I called sanitation and asked if they could please try to do garbage collection more regularly. I was told (and I can understand) the trucks which cover all 166 Sq. Mi. of Barbados every week (multiple times) are prone to break downs. So they try to pickup the regularly scheduled route when they’re back on the road and then- they will come to pickup the areas missed thereafter. (to remain on schedule) I said fair enough but then I started getting problems with sanitation. Because I complained they refused to collect my garbage… Lets just say I went over a month without garbage collection. So if you complain in Barbados expect retaliation by the civil servants.

  8. J. Payne

    They claimed “my trash barrel was too full” I told them ofcourse it was full. It was December and some of the yard waste in there was from since Hurriance Tomas!! The people told me I lie and I showed them my tree. I said I have ONE tree like that on the entire property and Hurricane Tomas raked every fruit off the tree. When they finally emptied the trash barrel the smell was putrid. Everything had literally rotten. It was in the barrel for a month baking in the noon day sun… Lets just say I was at my witts end. I was ready to go down to the U.N. building at ask that Barbados be placed on reprimand for not living up to their obligations of providing me fair access to sanitation. Since I got nowhere with Sanitation and Animal control I next called the Ministry of health after-all because the dogs were creating an environment where the bags can collect and breed mosquitoes. They told me they don’t deal with dogs! I said I know that but, can theyl work something out with Animal Control that I shouldn’t have to pay Animal Control all that money? They put me to some voicemail and I eventually got a call back saying they can’t do anything.
    So my message from all that is just because you see trash all over the place it may not be a human hand that put it there… At the end of the day Barbados is a difficult place to get even the most easiest of things done. If I pay off some people they’d do everything I wanted but because I wasn’t willing to spread the wealth ‘to-bad for me!’

  9. J. Payne

    All my friends and everyone in the neighbourhood told me I shouldn’t move that garbage from there. Some even said for all that money I could goto one of the hardware local stores and mix some “Slug-It” with water to poison the dogs for less money! I didn’t do that ofcourse! but you get the point… I keep my property very hard but the government makes it most difficult to keep Barbados clean. They will wait until the dog and cat population gets very out of control and these animals start biting people before they’ll act. All I wanted to do was keep trash from being strewn all over my land and I ended up being denied sanitation for essentially a month. Does that make sense? There’s a lot of people that want purging from the government…. And Chris Sinkler only confirms what I say.. — Productivity concern

  10. watcher

    The plastic bags being used on the island going to create a bigger problem…..just going to take more time for it to come to light. Plastic bags should be banned. Back to paper and your own resusable bag.

    Everything that can be reclyled should be but how is that going to happen when sanitation department can’t figure out how to pick up unsorted garbage? It is about leadership and pride by every person on the island. That is where it has to start….every heard the term “going to the dogs”.

    Just would not be allowed to happen in some other places but then again, in some places it is worse. It is just a matter of how and what the population if prepared to accept….and it does start with the teaching in the schools. That is the place to begin to attack it….

  11. repeat visitor from Canada

    dear not returning: i was also robbed this year in barbados, first time anything bad ever happened in more than 15 years (and nothing really happens to me at home)…but i’m not thinking that things will improve. i’ll go back but be wary…also: i hate the plastic everywhere…why isn’t there a push to use recyclable bags? in the last 2 years here everyone has changed over to brining their own bags with them to the store.

  12. what will they think of next

    I guess this is good news for Adrian Loveridge, he is always complaing about the crusie ships. Then again he is always complaining about everything.

  13. J. Payne

    @repeat visitor from Canada. I suspect some may prefer to get plastic bags from the supermarket because it is perfect size for garbage. I know that SuperCentre pushes the ‘bringing your own green reusable bag’ campaign. If they see you with it you have the chance of doing the televised supermarket mad dash (“Run for Your Money”).

  14. Kismardin

    This is a huge surprise. Maybe the GOB wants so to explain how Royal Caribbean Cruise line is pulling out when it is a alleged that they are in partnership with Glyne Bannister/SMI (of Dodds Prison fame) to build a new and nearly Bds$1 billion dollar cruise pier at the Barbados Port.

    Is it that RCI is NOT in partnership with Glyne Bannister/SMI at all and the use of RCI name in the proposal to Barbados Port Inc is just an attempt to add weight ( and confuse BPI directors) to a proposal that request the Barbados Port in to spend Bds$30 million in 6 months to design and model a plan for a new cruise pier and land based development named Sugar Island?

    Is it that after psending Bds$30 million Barbados will have nothing but a set of worthless paper to show for the money and the project, ill concieved as it is, will NEVER be built.

    Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

  15. Responder

    ‘Just want to know’ you have said it all. Barbados is fast becoming a place not to visit.

  16. Richard Costa

    I’m a tourist and although I think the island has changed a lot since the first time I came 25 years ago the world has also changed in the last 25 years. There are some things Bajans could do better but the ingredients are still here for a wonderful visit. I would suggest maybe someone from this newspaper making contact with the cruise companies to see if they can give some feedback. The information could be extremely valuable in actually knowing the exact reason and improving or correcting problems instead of speculation here. Their leaving may have nothing to do with some of the things cited here and could be about money. Generally it seems most decisions these days involve money. Usually if you follow the money trail, who wants it, and who didn’t get it, that may give an answer.

  17. yatinkiteasy

    Very sophisticated customer surveys are done by the Cruise Lines, not only as to the quality and variety of their Tours and on shore experiences in the various Ports of call , but they also ask questions such as “would you return to xyz destination.?”…if not, why not?
    Perhaps the answer to these questions can be found in those surveys,which I am sure Foster Ince and others have access to.
    My guess is that it is not all about the price of fuel.Has anyone walked through Bridgetown lately? The same beggars and paros that are on Broad street , molesting and harrasing tourists that were around ten years ago are still there…and there are some new ones! What has the Government done about this situation? NOTHING!
    I just came back from a cruise where we docked in Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan Honduras, and Belize….no beggars, no paros….
    Bridgetown? Paros . beggars and filthy streets.
    Go do the math

  18. Location location location

    Ships burn a fair bit of fuel
    when coming up into the weather and swell 100 miles East of the chain,
    just to get to Barbados!

    With crude oil prices now comfortably remaining above USD100/bbl
    and consequent rises in Bunker C, etc.,
    Barbados as a Southern turnaround point becomes less attractive:
    simple economics of fuel consumption when those costs are high.

    We need to move the island to somewhere more Northerly.
    Push Antigua one side and put Barbados there instead.
    Something like that..

  19. Bajans drive cars.

    Bajans doan walk. But if Bajans was to walk and spot the endless litter I see all over, would they care?
    Would it be identified as a problem?

    The litter “en trubbling nuh-body” is the excuse for not getting to grips with the litter problem!
    Bajns doan see ugly. Bajans doan see litter.
    -NOT a problem. Simple. You know?

    Re-education of the local masses is now urgent.
    I’m talking Litter laws and enforcement.

    We are living a somewhat-slovenly late-20th. Century lifestyle
    while pretending to sell a class-act 21st.Century tourism product.

    How is that going to work medium- and long-term??