Breaking: Brother of former Turks and Caicos Finance Minister arrested for Crown lands fraud, money laundering

TCIpost Reports…

Earl Hall, the brother of former Turks and Caicos Minister of Finance Floyd Hall (photo above) has just been released on bail by the UK anti-corruption investigators.

The TCIpost is breaking the story and reporting that Earl Hall will face numerous charges including defrauding the government on the sale of Crown land and money laundering.

Someone actually charged with corruption offenses? How unusual!

Of course Earl Hall is presumed innocent until proven guilty and he will have his day in court – but that is a different story than in Barbados where we don’t have trials for corruption. In Barbados when elected or appointed public officials or their family members are found to be engaged in corrupt activities, the politicians will trade some insults in the press or in Parliament but no one is charged. Ever.

That’s the rules here. No charges. Ever. We’ve seen all kinds of incidents where Barbados government assets mysteriously end up in private hands, where politicians place “campaign donations” into their personal bank accounts and where the United States FBI complains to the Prime Minister about money laundering by government officials and that file somehow went missing. Never any charges though.

Here at Barbados Free Press we’ve even posted photos of a Minister of Government building a home with his mistress on land that his government expropriated and never paid for. How did that work out? The government and the opposition ignored it, as did the Barbados news media.

Nobody wanted to throw rocks while living in a glass house and all that.

So as we watch the events unfold in the Turks and Caicos, we are reminded that Barbados government officials shouldn’t be too smug. If we hadn’t become an independent country, the UK anti-corruption investigators would be on our doorstep too. But it’s our country so our corrupt politicians don’t have to worry about that.

Sleep tight boys and girls in Barbados Parliament. You have nothing to worry about because the rules still apply: No charges. Ever.


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9 responses to “Breaking: Brother of former Turks and Caicos Finance Minister arrested for Crown lands fraud, money laundering

  1. pax

    Leroy Lynch in Turks and Caicos.

  2. J. Payne

    You got that right BFP. In today’s online Nation one word was used to describe the state of Barbados’ judiciary. “SHAME!”
    *Shame! —
    Well if some Barbadians are tired of all things the British left, then their professional legacy on the island would have to go too ofcourse.

    In the case of the TCI’s, the British have used a heavy hand and might even appear to be using a jack hammer to crack open a peanut (metaphorically speaking), but with discontent spreading in the overseas territory they must appear to be taking some action… After all, that was why they claimed they had to turn the Turks and Caicos Islands back into a Crown Colony.

  3. Jimmy

    If you think “John Glasgow” shares your views about corrupt politicians then you haven’t read his blog very carefully. He’s a huge fan.

  4. Thought police

    The British are “using a jack hammer to crack open a peanut”. I had to let that sentence stand by itself, it is brilliant. What else would you expect from the colonial masters? Self governing means self governing. TCI should have opened its own enquiry into corruption and conducted its own trials. That’s what democracy is for. The British lynched those poor B*stards in TCI with no trial. The British are cracking heads all over the Caribbean. I read today that the Foreign Commonwealth Office is investigation BVI, both the Premier and the leader of the opposition party. A few months ago, the Premier of Anguilla warded off a British hostile take over. A British white paper in 2006 addressed Britain’s intent to take more responsibility in its overseas territories. What luck! Just in time for “some citizens” to report corruption in TCI and around the Caribbean. I remember reading some opinions about the white paper in 2006 and wondering what those limeys had in store.

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  7. J. Payne

    I actually expected Britain to do something along these lines. Just last year the Kingdom of the Netherlands underwent changes, the end result is the Netherlands Antilles federation is no more.
    They held a vote (unlike how the United Kingdom undertook change), and now both Curaçao and Sint Maarten are like Aruba, as semi-autonomous areas within that Kingdom. On the other hand The islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba voted to be reintegrated more firmly into the Netherlands proper.

    After the French “Departments” in the Caribbean had unrest the President of France said he was open to holding discussions about allowing more autonomy, but he said he would not allow the talks to include independence. The end result is the French isles (Martinique and Guadeloupe) will likely have to articulate their position if problems continue. In my observation I believe France and the Netherlands are trying to push their outer regions under the EURO agenda. At least Britain hasn’t done this (and they haven’t forced their outer regions to join the British Pound.)
    All of the areas mentioned will need to effectively articulate their position. Any avoidance of that reality may lead to something that only enriches the lead country’s economy.

  8. Grace Bell

    So the British have used a heavy hand huh on Turks and Caicos’ financil woes. I read some time ago that the TCI politicians bad behaviour when it came to the countries financies, that they were out doing the African kleptomaniacs. Too often politicinas have decided to enrich themselves with the peoples money… so sad and to think becuase they are black they should be excused – a dam shame.

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