Does anyone care about National Productivity?

Where is the common sense from our Government?

Every morning for the past week or two THOUSANDS of Bridgetown office workers are coming in to work about 45 mins. to 1 hr. later than usual!!


The Ministry is rebuilding the roadside wall at Station Hill Police Station thus blocking one side of an already narrow road. This complicates two-way traffic for miles around…I’m not kidding you MILES!!

Incoming-to-Bridgetown traffic is backed up WAY past Waterford Bottom, WAY past the Hothersal roundabout -IN ALL DIRECTIONS, North South East and West, including the entire Belle straight stretch as far as Norman Niles -and then beyond that!!

..not to mention backing up all the way past Hothersal turning and beyond THAT…out into the countryside!

Thousands upon thousands of cars and their office worker occupants, frustrated daily.

Is the Barbados Police Force traffic flow superintendent even aware of this? I very much doubt it.


Do we even need to suggest a solution?

Remove the un-necessary signage etc. overnight, to let the traffic flow on a morning, and then replace all the blocking mess around 9:30 a.m.

It doesn’t take very much to screw up traffic flow in St.Michael and this is a prime example. The effect of this Sta. Hill blockage spreads for about 2-3 miles radius, quite literally and it seems like no-one cares a damn about it!

How much longer is this nonsense going to continue??

SURELY there are many Gov’t. workers at various Ministries who pass this way every morning, being as inconvenienced as everyone else!

Do they too see, observe and deduce?

Does anyone CARE about things like productivity, when ‘their weekend’ starts on Friday around 11 a.m.? And you can’t get them to properly start the work-week until after-lunch Mondays?

As a nation, we are not serious about being productive and efficient. We are not ‘ready’ –we are doomed if we don’t soon get up off our lazy butts and join the 21st Century.

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2 responses to “Does anyone care about National Productivity?

  1. Baje

    What do you expect from a country where you had a former Prime Minister gave up all his duties except maybe enough to keep him busy for about two hours a day because he was sick. I have no problem with that. But now we have a fill in lame duck Prime Minister with the same work load as the dying former Prime Minister. Talk about productivity. Wow. I am left to wonder if Mr. Struart is on his death bed too but when I saw him wukking up and doing bad on platform in st john I was convince he is not sick. Can the productivity council look at the prime minister salary and his current work lod and tell us what sort of productivity we are getting here. With this salary he is getting and the perks for the work load he has no wonder he is defending Leroy Parris

  2. J. Payne

    Perhaps they need to do construction at night? This isn’t a foreign idea to Barbados. When the airport runway underwent major renovation, much of the work was done at night so the terminal could be open for business during the day…. Why should planned roadwork on major arterial roads be different?