Arch Cot Disaster: Links to Mia Mottley & family discovered

Updated May 14, 2011

Canadian geologist Professor Hans Machel testified the week of May 9, 2011 at the Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths of the Codrington family at Arch Cot. We’ll be putting up a new Arch Cot story, but for now have a read or re-read of our March 13, 2011 piece about the Mottley family connection and the unanswered questions about how a powerful Barbados family received land permissions when others were denied…

Powerful Mottley family obtained Arch Cot land use permissions denied to previous owner!

Will the Arch Cot Inquest follow up on our story?

“The Mottley family bought Arch Cot scrub land that couldn’t be built on and then got planning permission when the previous owner couldn’t. They made some quick and easy money.”

“Look at these documents I’ve attached. The people of Barbados deserve an explanation from the Mottley family and from the government officials who granted the land use permissions to the Mottleys that they refused to give the previous owner.”

The following was received via an anonymous emailer. Once again we remind all readers to keep an open mind and to keep asking the questions that need to be asked. Just because somebody says so, doesn’t make it true, but this story should be simple enough that the coroner could find the truth if she wants to.

And if the Mottley family or anyone else has a different version of this story, or wishes provide an explanation or to correct the public record, we’re happy to publish anything they send us: unedited and without comment. We’ll give their writing the same prominence with the same readership.

Dear Barbados Free Press,

The Arch Cot lot that collapsed into the cave should never have been built on and for years there was a stipulation on the land that it could not be build on because it was caved. I read in Barbados Today that Attorney David Comissiong is calling the Town and Country Planning Department “negligent” and saying that Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins didn’t make any effort to look into the planning and permissions history of the lot that collapsed.

I am not surprised that Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins didn’t produce a proper historical report on the land – because a hard look at the permissions history of Arch Cot would show all kinds of mischief. Some of that mischief involved a very powerful name in Barbados politics, law and business: the Mottley family.

Research has shown that a Mrs. Gill, nee Yearwood, sold the land to an attorney-at-law about 1978 for $200,000. These acres of land included the Arch Cot Mansion House was sold to St Cyprians School, and the remaining 4 acres were developed into housing.

Most of the plots were sold, and the buildings privately erected, but the developer built the apartment block immediately over the cave. I am reliably informed that Mrs Stuart told the purchaser that the land should not be built on, and warned him of the existence of caves on the land, and that was the reason why it had not been developed before.

The adjoining land under the hill was owned by Brooks, and he had also put in an application for development for light industry. Permission was granted by Town & Country Planning, but not Lot 5, which was on top of the hill. When Brooks could not get permission for change of use, he sold it to a company, one of whose members was a politician and attorney-at-law.  Six months later permission was granted for change of use, which had been refused to Brooks.  This company is MRD Investments Ltd., registered on 26th April, 1999, no. 16876.

That politician associated with MRD Investments Ltd. is none other than Mia Mottley, and it was under the Barbados Labour Party government that Mottley’s company was able to obtain land permissions that were denied to the previous owner for the good reason that the site was caved.

Only six months after the Mottley’s purchased the land, permission was granted for change of use which had been refused to Brooks. The land was now very valuable! Why could Brooks not get building permission for Lot 5 for years but a politician and powerful family can right away?

Why are politically connected people quickly able to obtain land use permissions that are denied for years to the original owners of lands? That is a good question when we consider how permissions were given to build on the lot that collapsed and killed the Codrington family.

It is the same old story of a property owner who cannot get permission to build, but when he sold it to the Mottley family, the Mottleys got permission lickity quick and made money. Same old story happens all the time in Barbados but there is some paperwork on this one somewhere.

The registration for the company says that MRD Investments Ltd was incorporated on April 26, 1999.

On October 1, 1999, Warren Douglas Mottley resigned as a director. That doesn’t mean he gave up his shares. He resigned as a director leaving Philip Roger Foster and Dean Emile Straker as Directors.

Here it be:

click for large

Rocket to August 15, 2006 and Philip Roger Foster, Mia Amor Mottley, Dean Emile Straker, MRD Investments Ltd., St. Lawrence Management Limited are doing business with some condominiums nothing to do with Arch Cot, it’s only showing the connections after all they years.

Here it be:

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Then look at another document date July 21, 2003 with Edam Inc. and Elliott Deighton Mottley and wifey Santa Amor Mottley and MRD Investments Ltd. Nothing to do with Arch Cot. We talking connections of peoples and companies only. Who knows who is the shareholders and real owners?

Here it be:

click for large

I have other documents and will send them when I have time. This will do for a starter. The Coroner should be investigating this to see what really happened to lands at Arch Cot. She shouldn’t take any backtalk from the Planning Department too.

Town Planner’s permission stamp: Connection to Arch Cot?

I read in the papers that the police are investigating the “misuse” or forgery of the Town Planner’s permission stamp. The paper doesn’t say what it’s about. Could it be a cover-up to say that “no-one” gave the permission to build at Arch Cot? It would be convenient if the permissions history remained a big mystery, wouldn’t it?

The paper says the fraudulent use of the town planner stamp was “recent” so maybe it has nothing to do with Arch Cot but I don’t trust Town Planning Department. Too many stories about landowners who can’t get permission to build and they they sell the land and the new politician owner gets planning permission right away.

That is how the Mottley family bought Arch Cot scrub land that couldn’t be built on and then got planning permission when the previous owner couldn’t. They made some quick and easy money.

That is only one politically powerful family in Barbados, and there are many families like that as we know. What other lands did the Mottley’s own and were given permissions for some quick and dirty profits? What other powerful families have made similar quick land profits when they obtained land use permissions that were denied to others?

Coroner slaps Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins for submitting incomplete report.

Further Reading at Barbados Free Press…

February 15, 2011: More Damning Evidence that Arch Cot Inquest is a last-minute sham

October 9, 2010: Surprise Inquest called into Barbados Arch Cot cave deaths

May 17, 2009: Expert: Arch Cot Cave-In Victims May Have Been Killed By Wrong Decisions, Actions and Inaction By Barbados Emergency Officials

On May 4, 2009 a member of the Codrington family wrote this to Barbados Free Press…

“BFP harps and will keep harping because everybody waited till Monday morning before they did anything.

They will keep harping because Donavere died August 28th not 26th.

They will keep harping because they could not even determine who was who when they finally started pulling bodies out.

They will keep harping because we still have clothing that stink with the smell of death.

And they will keep going because even if you had wanted to accept that it was just a tragedy… the actions of the BLP and now DLP government prove that someone is responsible.

Those Ministers sat at Arch Cot everyday, drinking alcohol and eating up feasts donated by hotels and restaurants across Barbados. Then the BLP proceeded to use Arch Cot pictures and pictures of us grieving all over their stinking manifesto and that’s why they lost, because God don’t like ugly. Everyone one of them will suffer until they step up and do what is right.


Originally written at BFP here


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24 responses to “Arch Cot Disaster: Links to Mia Mottley & family discovered

  1. just want to know

    Corruption, Corruption, where ever you turn!!!

  2. Wily Coyote

    The boys & girls at Dodds are looking forward to Mia’s arrival, ha, ha, ha, hopefully they are still alive when she arrives.

  3. wondering

    We know the MIA PR machine aka won’t carry this story but will they carry a rebuttal?

  4. Straight talk

    This scurrilous “revelation” flies in the face of Mia’s full disclosure of her
    financial situation to Parliament in 2008.

    It was then she truly showed the depth of her integrity and commitment to transparency, quashing all of the baseless rumours, including her supposed Jose y Jose connection.

    Give the lady the respect she deserves for her full disclosure.

  5. ohh...the Corruption

    Stupse she had no choice but to admit to jose y jose cuz everyone already knew. The BLP govt is riddled with corruption. I wonder if they sleep well at night? I hope the day will soon come when we finally start prosecuting the corrupt politcal bastards.

  6. Johan Frederick

    Prosecuting corrupt politicians here in Barbados! not a chance! Too engrained!

  7. Capt Cavehill

    Why was Bajan Reporter brought in this? They have never covered Arch Cot since the whole thing began – only Underground touched it not even Jdid, I feel this is Lynette Eastmond vex because salvo’s of her ex-BF rang too true?How ex is he anyway? How does Wadadah-Martin feel knowing she worships the current head of the BLP so, the corrupt bastard who has $75-thousand from Leroy Parris and God knows what else?

  8. Omg

    Was there any follow up to this story…was mark cummins recalled

  9. Responder

    Holy Shit! What next.

  10. Lest we Forget

    remember how this innocent family died!

    Its up to you Madame Coroner or have you already had the report written for you?

  11. observer

    what about lands in the zone one area that an old genltmena couldt get permission to develop it, and the shorey, the arthur and the rodney made a mint on it . Can this be investigated and published.

  12. Adrian Hinds

    Not surprise!

  13. ac

    This sh..t happens all the time> it is only when a disaster happens that all the corruption oozes out in the public domaint

  14. Johnny Postle

    Woo lala this getting interesting. Now we have planning permission given to Mottley crew were none could not be given to an individual of less importance. I really hope that Mark is not implicated in this piece of corruption. I know him and his family for years and he, for all that I can remember of him over the years, is a good boy. Now as far as I am concern this is a clear cut case where big strings pull the small strings and the small strings flex for the big strings to give the big strings what they needed (Gaw Blimah I know money greased some body pockets in this debacle). Now I want to see with all this evidence and obvious manipulation if we are not finally going to get a conviction or a big pay out to the families that died in the tragic cave in. All who are involve base on the information gather so far should be made to pay big time to the Codrington and other family members. For each person who died in that cave in, the cost should be as follows:
    Two adults – 3,000,000.00
    For being parents – 2,000,000.00
    Baby – 1,000,000.00
    For not knowing what the baby would have turned out to be – 8,000,000.00
    The little girl – 2,000,000.00
    For not knowing what the little girl would have turned out to be – 10,000,000.00
    Overall cost of life inflicting grief, pain, neglect and suffering as well as personal greed by the perpetrators involved – 14,000,000.00

    Total compensation for lost $40,000,000.00

  15. what will they think of next

    you cracking me up, johnny.

  16. dedawgster

    I guess it will take another tragic incident to focus on the rampant dishonesty from politicians and lawyers….’lins justice!

  17. Observer (de real wun)

    When all has been said and done, everything will go back to the same ole square one because, as my grandmother used to say, money make the mare fly.

  18. Anonymous

    Keep talking yah talk Observer. You think we might have a revolution to change things? I just asking.

  19. Nonsense

    I dont no why bajans does put the truth aside for some officially polish story .

  20. sam cooke and duppy

    i guess this will put a stain on the new transformed squeaky clean can do no wrong image mottley is trying to project ever since she was pelted one side by arthur and the gang of five

  21. Enlightened

    This is unadulterated nonsense. It reminds me of the old Cammie Tudor scams of the 60’s and 70’s. You show a couple of legal documents that prove that a legal connection exists between a number of people i.e. Mia Mottley’s parents bought a condominium at Leith Court from her and her partners and then claim that they bought land below the apartments that fell in without the same level of documentatary proof.

    Howcum the owner of the Brooks land revealed in the Coroner’s Inquest was Ricardo Garcia, who was in the process of selling his land to Dr Gerry Emtage. Did he buy it from MRD Investments?

    Why have you not stated the name of the attorney that bought the land on top of the hill and built the Shalom Apartments where the Codrington family met their demise?

    All of a sudden the whole Mottley family is involved in some villainous activity. You might impress others with this garbage, but my enquiring mind sees this for what it is. Good luck with your twisted, anonymous, fantasies. Thinking people know better.

  22. It just happened---no ones to blame

    Okay enlightened ( maybe a lawyer )

    It sounds like you may have attended the inquiry and know all the evidence.

    If the Mottley’s aren’t of the building permissions problem, who is?

  23. BFP

    To “Enlightened”…

    Actually, we’d love to have the entire inquest videotapes and transcripts posted online publicly. That is what is done in other more transparent jurisdictions where justice and truth come first and not an agenda where the government was dragged kicking and screaming to have a staged inquest.

    The population has been left with rumour and conjecture with no access to the raw testimony. Why do you think that is?

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