Barbados lawyer Leroy Lynch arrested for $2.2 million theft

Is Barbados cleaning up the legal profession… finally?

We’ve had so many lawyers arrested in the last year and a bit that outsiders might begin to suspect that mass criminal hysteria has recently hit our legal profession. That observation would be wrong because the activity did not start recently – it’s been happening for a long time, but in the past it was always concealed.

The truth is that these kinds of arrests simply never happened until recently because the lawyers and judges looked after their own. Out and out thieves like (Insert names here, we don’t have time!) misappropriated clients’ trust funds and, if caught, at the most had to pay some money back without even a suspension let alone jail.

Arrests all for show? Deals still made?

Nevermind all the recent arrests though – I can’t think of any crooked lawyer who went to jail. Can you?

I guess it’s better than no charges at all, but I think this is the stage in our society where our glorious leaders have decided to make a show of arresting crooked lawyers – but then deals are made and the stories fade away.

Oh well, I suppose that is better than the way it used to be with no charges at all. Maybe someday we’ll read about a lawyer going away to Dodds for 2 years, but I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be Leroy Lynch. (photo above)

Hey! Is Leroy Lynch related to anyone else we know? Maybe this is a genetic problem!  🙂

Of course, I’m just throwing our readers a bit ‘o humour, cause everybody know that Mr. Leroy Lynch is innocent until proven GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!!!


Further Reading

Nation News: On Theft Charges

Leroy Lynch, a 61-year-old attorney-at-law, will appear in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court today on theft charges involving over $2.2 million.

Lynch, of Martindales Road, St Michael, is accused of a series of theft and money laundering offences.

Here, Lynch (centre) is seen alighting from a police vehicle accompanied by two detectives in Central Police Station last night.


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40 responses to “Barbados lawyer Leroy Lynch arrested for $2.2 million theft

  1. Law lecturer

    400 lawyers name 3 not dishonest

  2. Do Dis Nat Dat

    The Barbados Bar Association is a pub and its locals consist of clowns with certificates from vending machines. Only incestuous country boobies would let common place thieves continue to serve as officers of the courts. Needless to say it’s pretty pathetic when the police have to rein in the lawyers. This joker should have been disbarred for professional misconduct long time, arrested or not.

  3. Do Dis Nat Dat

    Hey!!!! I just thought of a new national pastime. It’s called kick a lawyer when they’re down 🙂 First game starts Sunday at The Garrison. Soon to be moved to National Stadium due to popular demand. (This is meant as a joke and should NOT be taken seriously. Sometime if you don’t laugh you’d cry) .

  4. johan frederick

    always knew most lawyers are dishonest, ( sound like liars ); need a lot more behind bars.

  5. 156

    oshyt Lanky Lynch…went school wid he at Kolij! Ram goat nuh!

    There are still a few decent ones left.
    I have two names, white ones – but won’t place them here..sorry.

  6. J. Payne

    Really? He must have mashed somebody’s corns. Barbados is a country where the Attorneys are MPs and the MPs are Attorneys….

  7. Xpolice in Bermuda

    VERY TRUE,MP’S are lawyers and lawyers are MP’s . They make laws to enrich themselves when in power and when not in power. Now we see all these same people getting bogus honors from government. Both the BLP and DLP are made up of dishonest members. If only the puiblic knew, as a x police I would know.

  8. Facts

    Another “criminal lawyer!”

    I think there are 2 lawyers that I can think of (I believe there are others):
    Errol Niles (Now flourishing again).
    “SMITH” – I think that is his surname. He stole in the early 80s; blew his mind on cocaine and ended up in jail for a time. He is now a vagrant on the streets of Bridgetown.

  9. historian

    March 12, 2011 at 5:13 pm There are still a few decent ones left.
    I have two names, white ones – but won’t place them here..sorry.

    @156You lie, white lawyers biggest theives because they had a head start. check your history.

  10. overkill

    Lets not go overboard here

    I have met a number of organized, sincere, honest lawyers from all sides of the colour spectrum.

    They may be in the minority but they have a huge task to deal with on a daliy basis.

    In the end, only they and the electorate can fix it.

  11. When I expose them they're going to cry!

    To Facts: there are a couple corrupt politicos I know of in the present cabinet. I’m waiting to see what kind of person Mr.l Stuart is. If he strikes me as someone who would even chastise persons within his own cabinet I may consider that path. But if he seems like the regular “rank and file” I may have go the way of Al Barrack and raise a big big big stink. Then whomever get shame and have to resign so be it.

  12. email

    word historian i hear white solicitors in the old time days steal more old black people land and money than 100 leroy lynches

  13. Pieter Pieper

    I’d wager my house,my wife ,my first born,my dog and my cat that Leroy Lynch won’t get convicted.He’ll hire a high price lawyer who will know the trial judge personally.Moreover,he is probably a member of the same lodge as the judge and the lawyer who willrepresent him.Even though people are getting angry at a group of educated thieves–lawyers and politicians—who think they have the right to rob and steal with impunity the legal profession ,judiciary and politicians will continue as usual.George Payne argues that there are too many incompetent lawyers.Freundel Stuart ,as usual, coming to the defence of his unscrupulous and dishonest peers,argues that they do not charge enough.Do you hear anything ticking ? It’s no longer a question of IF but a question of WHEN.

  14. Johnny Postle

    IF the lawyers who are politicians thiefing ya tink the others ain’t gine fellow suit? . Who do u trust when u want legal representation. Who you gonna call,,,,

  15. Expolice in Bermuda

    George Payne argues that there are too many incompetent lawyers.

    George Payne argue this woooeieee hahhahha muh belly George Payne oh gawd muh belly waaaah oh loss hold muh

  16. 157

    The two names of decent white lawyers 156 know include Patrick Bethell .

  17. rasta man

    Patrick Bethel is a lawyer? Thought he was a farmer.

  18. Judge:Sir Alex

    Its a slow Start for more have to be done ,, Picking off the little crooks to make the Barbados People feel some thing is being done.

    Lets get started with number One #1
    Sir Richard L .Cheltenham Ph.D
    BARBADOS. WI and his front man Sir C.O. Williams and the BANKS they deal with.Stolen Plantation Deeds from Beatrice Henry to Violet Beckles of King Street in the City . All now COW is to be the owner and the user of land as he please .The Fraud Squad slow down their work for the PM David and Violet are both now dead. But MASSIVE FRAUD is still there, Until Cheltenham and COW is CHARGED IT means nothing Madoff and Standford in the same ring and pot , google Violet Beckles and other names to learn more , EGYPT is coming to BARBADOS

  19. Najos

    Prayers for Leroy Lynch. Your AYPA friends will continue to pray for you. God know best. Don’t ever give up.

  20. Bajan Abroad

    This is off topic, but how come the so-called “honest” lawyers always take so long to complete their work? Are there no attorneys-at-law who are fast and honest, or is being slow just a cover?

  21. Najos

    well! alright then. Bajan Abroad you are hitting the nail on the head. It is just someone want to make an example of one of their own, but I guess if a survey had to be done, there are others out there who are equally as guilty as Lynch.

  22. Najos

    hey, I am not saying that Lynch is guilty, but What I meant is that there are others who from their dealings with the public can be accused as well, but a man is innocent until proven guilty.

  23. Kismardin

    Lucifer had a problem in Hell, the furnace stopped working and the place was starting to get cold.
    Lucifer called Jahovah and asked a favour, ” Jahovah I need a good man down here to help me do so work and get things back in tip top condition”
    Jahovah said ” Lucifer how long do you someone for, how long with the job take?”
    Lucifer says ” Jahovah, I will only take a week”
    Jahovah sends his best work man, John to Lucifer. A month passes, and John has not returned, Lucifer has him fixing everything in Hell.
    Jahovah says to Lucifer ” Lucifer, where is John you said he would be finished in a week”
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    Lucifer to Jahovah “What are going to do if I don’t send John back Jahovah”
    Jahovah to Lucifer ” I will sue”
    Lucifer laughing and holding his belly says ” Jahovah don’t be still you can”t sue me”
    Jahovah to Lucifer “Why?”
    Lucifer to Jahovah, ” Cause I got all the damn lawyers down here with me”

  24. Watchful

    Jahovah says to Lucifer then, “Ok, keep him then!”
    Luficer to Jahovah, “why?”
    God, “Right man…wrong tool!”

  25. Robert D. Lucas

    What about Ezra Alleyne? Didn’t he steal some money from a client? I have also wondered how he was not disbarred. He now writes a column in the newspaper.

  26. Bajan Abroad

    Thanks Najos.

    What is really distasteful is when the lawyers do not filed your paperwork and then blame others, usually secretaries or registry clerks, for the lack of progress. Having dealt with attorneys, I know where the fault lies – especially when you turn your back and leave the country.

    Kismardin’s joke is so appropriate. I have often thought of changing my lawyer, but sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you do not.

  27. Observer

    I always wonder why more people don’t patronize a reputable firm where, even if your lawyer steals money, it’s big enough to replace it. Firms such as Clarke Gittens Farmer in Wildey, with 25 lawyers or so, have excellent reputations and people should think about going there rather than some person they don’t know a thing about.

  28. just want to know

    When I saw this man on the news last night, my heart bleed for him, and I thought whose corns did he step on? and again I thought why weren’t some more lawyers before the court, what about Simmons, he skip the country on bail, and as I understand he is in and out of Barbados like a tourist, and no one says a dickey bird to him. What about where I am living, some land belowe us, was to be used as a playing field for the children of the area, has been sold to influential lawyers, and big humongous houses built on it. No one seem to have concern for hard working Barbadian families, it is all for the almighty dollar, and then these same people are put to judge us, and run our day to day living.

  29. Bajan Abroad

    @ Observer

    You make an excellent point, but sometimes when your previous lawyer falls into disrepute the better lawyers will not take your case.

  30. I recommend

    @Bajan Abroad… I recommend Cheltenham Q.C. I’ve had good experience with him and he’s no nonsense. Barbados needs an type of service for weeding out all the bad attorneys at law.. Before Cheltenham I found that you actually almost have to hire an attorney from other Commonwealth countries and use them to do business with the local attorneys. I could give you a laundry list of Barbados’ joke attorneys and who you’ll probably have to wind up running and grabbing your papers back from. I can’t say it here because I don’t want to get this place sue….

  31. Rumboy

    @ Email –
    I was always taught that land is the only thing that cannot be stolen.

  32. Kismardin

    The truth is that NOT all lawyers are dishonest, in fact, from my experience, most of the lawyers in Barbados are honest. Lazy alot of the time but honest and sincere never the less.

    I have dealt with all kind of lawyers, (except criminal lawyers) and have come to the realization after 20 years of significant business dealings, that legal representation and legal services have alot (by design) mistique about them and therefore Bajans are cautious in demanding good service and property representation.

    Legal representation and legal services are like any other professional service, the Client is the paymaster and should dictate what is an acceptable level of representation and or service, if what is being offered by a lawyer is sub-optimal, then Clients have a RIGHT to request a bill (if money is owed) for services rendered to that point, pay what is legitimately owed and ask ed that their files be sent to a new lawyer choosen by the Client.

    Lawyers are people too, they are not practicing ( thought they would have you believe otherwise) some magical science which cannot be understood by Clients or transferred to a new lawyer.

    My grandmother, who immigrated to New Zealand in the 60’s used to say, ” treat em mean and keep em keen”. I don’t know whether that is applicable to the legal profession but maybe one ought to think demanding good service and proper representation and if that is not be delivered, then fail NOT, to bring it to the lawyers attentions and demand improvement.

    If you want to see a lawyer snap into action or refund monies owed by them to you, then draft a simple letter to the bar association indentifying in great detail the unproessional service and or unethical conduct of the lawyer, sent it to the lawyer and give them 7 days to make wrong things rights failing which you will forward the letter the bar association. Sometime a valid threat will work wonderfully.

    Anytime a lawyer is trying to speak to you with confusing legal jarjon, explain to them, that as the Client he should leave that for the domain of the Courts and speak to you in simple english capable of being understandable to the lay man.

  33. Del Sabado

    The law is made by lawyers for lawyers , and ammended by lawyers for chief justice. David Simmons was a government MP one day and a chief justice the next. Now the goverment is ammending the law to accomodate a similar arrangement. Can you honestly expect any better when the guard is guarding the guard ? Barbados is a small society, and the legal profession is a brotherhood.
    Cherry Brady-Clarke ,a Jamaican practicing in Barbados took my four thousand dollars and left what another attorney called the jurisdiction. The attorney picking up her work-load charged a different fee. The job still hasn’t been done and yet another attorney is charging eighteen hundred to complete it. This is how the system is designed . Simple things demand an attorney at some rediculous fee. The whole system stinks, and unfortunately it will never change, because the law makers are stinker yet

  34. Past client

    I have dealt with Mr Lynch, in the past and I have found him to be honest and sincere. I dealt with him twice, had no problem. He has probably mash the wrong person corns.

  35. Bajan Abroad

    @ I Recommend. Thank you for the lead.

    @ Del Sabado. I agree with your comments.

    Furthermore, some posters are missing the nuances of conducting business in Barbados. Case in point, the level of service which you get from a lawyer is influenced by many things, including your gender, social class, ethnic background, country of origin, etc. I have even heard that the Bar Association’s fee list not only provides ranges, but also what can be charged for a local versus a foreigner.

  36. Hi, if this can be a little consolation to some of you readers.Not all lawyers in Barbados are scams.A few years ago I bought some property in Barbados and retained Andrew Pilgrim as my attorney.I must say that Mr.Pilgrim was such a professional that 14 years down the line I still speak about him.He is the type of person that I would refer to anyone.To all you Lawyers in Barbados,Take example from Andrew.

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