Leroy Parris’ defence of Prime Minister David Thompson rings hollow now

We know now that on May 15, 2005 while acting as CLICO’s lawyer, David Thompson signed a secret contract between CLICO and Leroy Parris’ private company that in effect deceived shareholders into believing that Parris was being paid less than he really was.

After the CLICO house of cards fell, CLICO told the government Oversight Committee – a toothless creation of Prime Minister David Thompson – that the company had no record or knowledge of the Clico’s contracts with Leroy Parris.

Prime Minster David Thompson kept silent although he knew the truth.

Those who say that Thompson had to keep silent about a matter that happened when he was CLICO’s lawyer only emphasize how unethical it was for Prime Minister Thompson to be hands-on during the CLICO meltdown as he was. It was fine for David Thompson to maintain the client confidentiality of something he did when he was a lawyer. It was unethical for him to insert himself into the workings of the CLICO oversight while he was still protecting CLICO and Parris.

I am sorry to say that David Thompson – the man who promised us transparency, ethical government, Freedom of Information legislation, Conflict of Interest standards and integrity legislation – betrayed us in his words and in his deeds.

David Thompson chose to protect CLICO and his friend Leroy over the interests of the people of Barbados and other CLICO shareholders and victims.

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“It is unfortunate that Mr. Arthur again attempted to politicize the CLICO issue last Sunday by suggesting that Prime Minister David Thompson is to blame and should be made to account for the company’s present situation. It is public knowledge that Mr. Thompson served as a lawyer for CLICO before he became prime minister. He was not the only one and several other lawyers also did work for the company. Mr. Thompson was not involved in any way in the management of CLICO’s affairs. He only provided legal advice which management was free to accept or reject, as was the case with any other attorney.”

… from an advert published by Leroy Parris on Friday March 26, 2010.


Dear Mr. Parris,

I read your spirited March 26, 2010 advert where you say that Owen Arthur wanted CLICO to serve as “cash cow for the BLP” in the 2007/2008 Barbados election campaign.

From the little information that has appeared in the media, we know that CLICO and CL Financial gave big money to politicians in the Caribbean, but we don’t know how much you, your family, CLICO or associated companies gave in Barbados over the last, say, 10 years.

Well, Mr. Parris? How much money did CLICO and its associated companies channel to David Thompson and the DLP over the last 10 years?

This is our formal invitation to you Mr. Parris: If anything we’ve said is incorrect, write us from an email address that we can confirm is yours and we’ll publish what you have to say without change or comment, and allow you to communicate with the same audience that read this article.


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17 responses to “Leroy Parris’ defence of Prime Minister David Thompson rings hollow now

  1. Rotten rotten ROTTEN! every one of them!! -both camps!

    Government cud change becoz of nonsense like dis!

    I was glad to see a change
    but lately I’m being hopeful for yet another change.
    Maybe Barbados should get themselves into a steady pattern of ONE-TERM governments regardless of how they are operating.

    The pattern has so far been two-terms and you’re out
    with the occasional three-termer, to demonstrate abject stupidity in Management
    but maybe the pattern will change.

    BLP back in for one term only, and then we change them like underwear -daily!
    -the whole rotten lot of them.

  2. rasta man

    And what will that do .??/ Only make them make use of public funds a lot earlier. By the way wonder if Mr Parris paid INCOME TAX on theses earnings?

  3. just want to know

    This is the same David Thompson that was only Prime Minister for about two years; and by what was said about him when he went to the great beyond, that he was the best Prime Minister Barbados ever had not even Errol Barrow was so honest and so great. It can’t be the same man!? God help us! People want something or some one to believe in, why don’t they turn to JESUS, He is the only person that ever lived that don’t let you down. All that is being said now, a lot of Barbadians knew this man not a cream of the crop, and The Word of God says we cannot serve two masters, we would either love one, and hate the other. Which one did David Thompson love, and which one did he Hate? People of Barbados you be the judge, God will certainly judge him, as He will judge all of us.

  4. BadBoyBob

    Its shameful that Leroy Parris behavior has now destroyed the imagined squeaky clean image of David

  5. complicity

    “Its shameful that Leroy Parris behavior has now destroyed the imagined squeaky clean image of David”

    What part of he witnessed this obscene and offensive contract didn’t you get?

    Let the true independent leaders stand up and be counted!

  6. StandUp

    the next election will prove just how stupid people really are. Either we vote in the lesser of two evils whom the cost of living under was tolerable, or we stick with the rag tag bunch of rebels like the dlp who give housing contracts to known drug traffickers.

  7. rasta man

    @stand up :Who is the known drug trafficker??? Maybe the police should be informed or maybe they know already???lol

  8. 156

    The Police already know everything about everybody.
    Bajans talk too much, and everybody’s business becomes public knowledge…eventually. There are no secrets on a small island of black people who gossip endlessly.It’s natural.

    Also…Informers surround us, and give a steady stream of info into the Police.

    The Force however chooses what is important enough to act on,
    and what can be safely ignored as no big deal.
    It’s a small island, everyone knows everyone,
    and by and large we live fairly well and peaceably among each other
    rich and poor, black brown and white.

    One can appreciate the Police stance as to not acting on ALL info,
    or they simply wouldn’t have the prison resources to lock us all up! LOL

  9. Laughing

    I guess my submission ruffled too many feathers?

  10. Trevor

    Was Mr.Thompson really representing his constiuancy if they can only find money to complete the St John health clinic after he is dead and buried,also did he really die from natuaral causes.

  11. rasta man

    See in todays Nation Newspaper that Mr Sinckler ,Min of Finance is accusing persons of inflaming passions and whipping up a frenzy in the CLICO matter..He goes on to say that he has refrained from EXCESSIVE public discourse on the matter .Guess that means saying NOTHING!!!

  12. Larry Irving

    Rats are very hard to please and sometime cheese is simply not enough. It is said that an adult rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter. But it is now obvious that not all rats try to get in that way. You should also know that rats are scavengers. They have an excellent sense of taste and a good memory and so, can identify certain substances, including rat poisons, after just a tiny taste of it.

    She could easily be the Lewinsky of Barbados. Some may even feel that she would be very comfortable with people like Jamie Jungers, Joslyn James and Holly Sampson or even Cindy Hampton. What is known is that hardly any decent Barbadian women would boast of having gone to a Terrace in the West, to have lunch prepared for her and end-up, flat on her back, in a completely different room, even without having fallen. But rats do not always land on their feet. Rats are so filthy that in our local papers a vendor had cause to remark that she had to dump all of her vegetables.

    I guess I like cheese as much as the other person who enjoys the occasional cheese cutter and a Red Fru Tee, but only a certain type of creature is addicted to cheese. And while a rat would eat anything, it finds any cheese irresistible. Rats are like some politicians. And it remains a mystery why but there is only one person in this country who has had the good fortune, that even after being badly beaten in an election, they could still become the candidate again and ahead of males who were better qualified. That is something else about a rat, you say? A trap is no deterrent and a rat is a survivor.

    But whenever a rat is seen, a terminator is not far behind.

    Her hopes might have been dashed when she failed to fill the vacancy after his divorce and she has remained bitter ever since. Not everyone can get the infamous title: “Former Prime Minister’s mistress, or side-kick, but she was and no doubt relishes that role again, despite purporting to be a Christian albeit (yes) you guessed correctly – a rat, who has been on and around the blocks a couple times.

    And every day, this flat-ass country girl, who has a propensity for cheese, walks around as though she is somebody, just because she is a former Prime Minister’s side-kick who has become ‘Jenny the Barbadian Territorial Rat.’ But fret not! Nobody wants your old chess.

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  14. Consuelo Montrichard

    Is this the same Leroy Paris who lived in Montreal, Canada is the 70’s?????

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