British Virgin Islands student really, really gets it about tourism and the natural environment

“When it comes to tourism, however, the British Virgin Islands needs to look less at bringing in and more at what is already here. When it comes to tourism it is less about the temporary “artificial” attractions and more about the timeless beauty of the islands themselves. Tourists don´t want a holiday experience that can be achieved at just any destination; they want a unique cultural experience like none they have had before.”

Above photo: Barbados: South Coast Boardwalk yesterday.

“Tourists that not only visit our island but continue to visit every year do not come because of any complicated man-made structure. They come simply because they can relax in a secluded, friendly and clean environment. Clean environmental surroundings can make a big impression on people; it says a lot about what you think about yourself and country. If we keep our environment clean and comfortable the tread of annual visitors will increase.

It is no wonder that our greatest treasures are not lavish hotels costing millions of dollars from outside companies, but the natural beauty of our national parks, coral reefs, beautiful beaches and fantastic snorkelling and diving sites.”

“You can build another Taj hotel, you can build another Marriott, and you can even build another Hyatt. But you cannot build another Baths, another Anegada, or another British Virgin Islands. These sites and features represent a unique and timeless beauty that can be rivalled by no other. Too many places around the world have succumbed to the pressure to build luxury resorts that, after a few years, leave the country while the scars of their ambition remain.”

BVI St. Georges’ Secondary School student Miss Xyrah Wheatley is a finalist in the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Essay Contest. Read her entire essay at Virgin Islands Platinum News


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2 responses to “British Virgin Islands student really, really gets it about tourism and the natural environment

  1. michele

    Very,very well said young lady….wish Caribbean governments would realize that exact fact!

  2. CanuckBajan

    Out of the mouths of babes… Hopefully someone in power is listening.