British anti-corruption team may refuse to deal with certain Turks and Caicos lawyers

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“In her letter, Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick emphasised “close family” connections between attorney and accused. Garlick therefore concluded that the investigations may be “prejudiced” or otherwise put at risk.

The Bar Council convened an emergency meeting on Saturday morning and reportedly concluded that the TCI Bar will not agree to the suggestion by the SIPT that certain lawyers who have relationships with other co-defendants should not be allowed to defend individuals caught up in the investigations.”

… from the TCI Post article Turks and Caicos Lawyers up in arms over special prosecutor’s letter

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Good luck to the TCI Post. We don’t agree with everything they write and they likely view BFP the same way, but what a boring world it would be if we all liked rum and I couldn’t have my tonic and gin!


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11 responses to “British anti-corruption team may refuse to deal with certain Turks and Caicos lawyers

  1. what will they think of next

    Welcome to the Caribbean, Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick. That is how things are done in the Caribbean.
    We had to vote out the corrupt Barbados Labour Party here in Barbados because of similar practices.
    It was corruption gone wild under the Barbados Labour Party.

  2. what will they think of next

    I may be wrong but I think that you have one of most corrupt of the Barbados Labour Party among you.
    Some one by the name of DAVID SIMMONS who once pretended to be a “Chief Justice” of Barbados. Jokes don’t get funnier than him.

  3. what will they think of next

    Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick if DAVID SIMMONS is in fact among you , you will need to get rid of him quick.
    He is real criminal.

  4. Atom

    This is a scary situation. The UK took Turks and Caicos’ right to trial by jury and now they are targeting local lawyers. This is all in an effort to keep our citizens from getting a fair trial. This is a real situation that requires immediate world attention.

  5. J. Payne

    Turks and Caicos citizens in the United States need to start calling the White House comment line. +1.202.456.1111 Or writing to
    Turks and Caicos Islanders living in the United States have the right to push their U.S. representatives in government to inquire why justice is being denied at home… Don’t care if it is Britain. I’ll be calling myself and asking when I can expect to hear something back on this……

  6. BDAGuy

    Somehow Im not surprised in the sudden change of events in the TCI it seems a normal course for those of ill repute who will do anything to protect their own welfare in light of the present situation. Seems they make good use of the Despots handbook for corrupt leaders.

    Be warned you have another interloper amongst you one who allowed for his countries finances to be fleeced over four short years. Dr Ewart Brown is no friend to any right thinking TCI local he is one of many who look to profit from his acquaintance with Messrs Missick and co.

    Take your country back and throw out the interlopers.

  7. The economy is crumbling around us,while Ewart Brown,the carpetbagger who dug us into this hole, is down in Turks and Caicos with his pal Missick trying to salvage the pirated booty he ripped off from Bermudians.

  8. There will never be justice in TCI

    TCI is going down in flames. Mark my words. We still have our own pointing fingers at Mike Misick years after the fact. We too lazy to think for ourselves. We just listen to politics and rubbish keeping us in the past. My people rather fight each other than fight for their rights from the British masters. Those who are fighting have back biting from British loyalists. TCI might as well pack it up and raise the union jack and lay our heads down. We are not British citizens anyways so we don’t vote there either and we don’t have British benefits. There is no hope.

  9. Victor as in Victory

    Don’t fret naysayers. A solution seems simple to me. The local lawyers in Turks and Caicos are free to represent the Turks and Caicos people in lawsuits against the British. What do they have to lose now anyway? Work smart not hard. Easy and done.

  10. Judas Priest

    Everyone is in on it. They are all corrupt. Even their dogs are in on it. Those British are a paranoid lot. Things crazy people say …

  11. J. Payne

    It should be simple. Name everyone from the Queen down in these lawsuit(s). Include everyone: the A.G + Ministry of Justice, the British Prime Minister , FCO, and so on. Next send up multiple legal challenges to as many EU bodies (dealing with Human Rights) as possible. My thought is the British may need to be ruthlessly shamed in order to stop and realize it isn’t worth the hassle of messing with the islanders.
    Additionally, write some complaints to the U.N. body that handles the Human Development Index (HDI) so that the U.K.s score will drop a little… There’s lots of passive-aggressive things that the islanders can do to shame the British government. Get a petition with the CLEAN signatures of as many islanders and forward a copy of it to the United Nations.