Victoria, Canada: Times Colonist quotes BFP’s own Auntie Moses

The line between “real” news organisations and folks like us publishing blogs from our bedrooms and kitchen tables continues to blur as an increasingly understaffed “real” news media once again quotes from Barbados Free Press in a desperate attempt to make deadline. We’re not complaining or bragging – it’s just an observation…

Prime Minister Stephen Harper also visited the island last year, with Canadian media in tow.

As one Bajan, “Auntie Moses,” said at the time on the Barbados Free Press website: “Keep smiling and get them cold tourists down here!”

…from the Victoria & Vancouver Island Times Colonist article Barbados: Take in an authentic Caribbean experience

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One response to “Victoria, Canada: Times Colonist quotes BFP’s own Auntie Moses

  1. The man wiv no name!!

    the quality of Auntie Moses’ english didn’t do us any favours though.