Rise of the Bermuda Industrial Union government

Who really runs Bermuda? Who really runs Bermudian businesses?

by Bermuda Jim

Fresh from the sweet smell of victory over the Paula Cox government in the Sacked Bus Driver scandal, Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert (above) has now shown who runs private businesses in Bermuda – even if they have no BIU workers on staff.

Mr. Furbert, who is now de facto Labour, Economy and Transport Minister, just forced a privately owned company to bow to BIU orders to reinstate redundant workers. Yesterday BIU gave the company and the government 24 hours to surrender. It only took 17 hours before Renaissance Aviation and the government raised the white flag.

Renaissance Aviation will also become unionized or else.

Or else what?

Or else there will be more threats of a national industrial action by BIU that will stop all air traffic into Bermuda. That’s what.

Once again Chris Furbert shows Bermudians who’s boss and it isn’t their democratically elected government or the owners of privately-held companies.

I told you that the government weakness shown in backing down from an illegal strike call over a sacked bus driver would haunt Premier Paula Cox until forever and I was right. What I didn’t realize is how quickly this new BIU muscle would spill over into the private sector. The government used to be the largest employer in the country, but that title now effectively belongs to Mr. Furbert.

We can only await the next government or business directive issued by de facto Prime Minister Chris Furbert.

Bermuda Jim

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2 responses to “Rise of the Bermuda Industrial Union government

  1. plp sanctioned BIU illegal strikes have destroyed tourism, chased out hotels, looted the treasury into bankruptcy, and now they’r going to destroy what’s left of entrepreneurship.Bermuda is becoming a third world dictatorship.

  2. Watchful

    Not like Barbados! Bermuda, you still lucky…you can still change this!