Arthur’s BLP in Crisis – Chaos as Mottley faction bows out

“Walking away from BLP…”

UPDATED: September 20, 2011

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I’m walking away from the BLP because I am disgusted with how the party is treating Mia Mottley. I’m not going to the DLP, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to sit out the next election. When they call I’m busy and I will be missed because I’ve worked every campaign since 1988.

Walking Woman

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Press excluded & empty chairs at some recent BLP meetings

If an election is called tomorrow, the Barbados Labour Party would be firing on about half cylinders because a huge portion of its membership, and many women, will not take a part in any election activities while Owen Arthur and his “gang” are still at the helm. Party insiders tell BFP that there is a desire by many to take revenge over last October’s coup by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur that saw then BLP leader Mia Mottley summarily ejected.

“Let Owen get beaten to a pulp in the next election, then Mia can return to rescue the party,” said one long time BLP voter who was not a particular Mottley supporter prior to her ouster.

It seems that the way in which Mottley was cast aside has increased her support.

Oh very yes – revenge is a plate best served cold. Mia might take a long time to prepare the meal, but it will be served upon Owen’s table.

Give me money, that’s what I want…

Internal party politics is not the only thing holding back the BLP: the party is desperately short of funds to the extent that some insiders are quietly talking about asking Mr. Arthur to personally fund a portion of the upcoming election campaign. For some reason folks think Mr. Arthur is capable of “giving back” to the party as one source told this blogger. A recent attempt by Owen Arthur to blame Mia Mottley for the shortage of funds fell flat with many pointing the finger at Arthur for failing to put reserves in place during the fat years. (The phrase “spending like a drunken sailor” comes to mind.)

According to BFP’s multiple sources, even if BLP political contributions doubled over the next few months it would hardly make a dent in the party’s financial crisis. It also means that if an election was called in the next few months, the BLP would be placed into a position that it hasn’t been in almost 15 years: having to borrow money to fund an election!!!

And… don’t forget that borrowing for an election is one thing if a political party is in power or can smell victory. It’s quite another thing for the BLP to borrow if there is a real chance that an election won’t topple the DLP. “There is no certainty of victory, in fact there is much uncertainty” said one BLP insider.

Meanwhile, there was the smell of ‘fixed’ internal happenings at the recent BLP Christ Church West Central nomination meeting. Ian Bourne has those details in the Bajan Reporter story Deighton Griffith Secondary Media Lock-out: Shocking Nomination Procedure.

The Devil’s Advocate published his two pennies worth at The Bajan Reporter too. Check out Owen’s Bluff: “Call Elections” But BLP Not Ready!


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24 responses to “Arthur’s BLP in Crisis – Chaos as Mottley faction bows out

  1. More Spin from Hartley

    Hahaha…..More spin from Hartley….what he fails to realise is that SPIN DON’T RUN A COUNTRY…and right now neither does Freundel!
    No matter who runs the opposition…Bajans will vote the DLP out on their failure to manage the economy and the country…Who cares who runs the BLP…anyone could do better than these DLP jokes!
    Here’s why….








  2. Richard Baltram

    but things “were good ” under the B’

    It was good that BNB was sold and the monies spent.

    Then “we needed more monies” says Owen so we sell ICBL……spend that monies and we needed more monies.

    let see …………., we cant sell NIS. So we will secure it’s monies with loans, borrow borow borrow from NIS , fix the air port, build concret roads , even use it in de Cup….and raise the amount of monies we collect from de poor people.NIS only up to a certain the rich would not get touch poor people don’t know no better so we took more from the people to try to keep NIS aflots………

    Nauty DLP got in, then distroying every thing……………….

    Borrow to save NIS so that old people can get their pension, borrow to allow peopleto get 42 weeks unemployment.and so on

    The DLP are getting it done, getting monies without having to sell the family elmblems.government cooperations and running the country better.

  3. ASTROTURF ALERT: Jim Jones AND Richard Baltram

    Spin .what spin? was not retiring until 67 years the biggest spin hi history , That people were living longer.which is nothing new and we needed to raise contribution so that the B’ can spend more NIS monies? What about GEM that was so much a contention. If things were good under Owen then he should not have try top sell every thing he could sell to get monies .then to spend it all…thank God he did not get to sell or spend it all.

  4. DLP getting it done?!!!

    @ Richard Baltram
    The DLP certainly getting it done……They’ve done in my paycheck and standard of living….and soon they’ll done my job too!!

    $500 million fiscal (sorry Jepter…”Physical” lol!) deficit spent to pay for all the yard fowls they put into the statutory bodies and to prop up a civil service fat from not working … and they tax gouge the consumer and jobholder.

    BNB and ICBL were both better off in the private sector than languishing under ineffectual public sector ownership that is why the BLP sold them.
    David continued with the policy to sell the remaining policies to fund a new QEH….but where has the money gone?

    Yes things were better under the BLP and Arthur….and I have a feeling that the electorate will not forgive the DLP for screwing up a good economy for the second time running.

    We all know who the two time losers are.

  5. BFP


    First and only warning. Yo should be ashamed trying to use more than one name to pretend peoples agree wid yo.


  6. Sue

    With a small population and only haf of that population working, and yet half of that working population paying income tax it’s not much to work with in the first place and we need to realize this. Regardless of Which government is in power they all have to do the same thing, make a dollar out of 25 cents.

    I agree that the Dlp has not made the cost of living any better, raising professional fees in some cases by 250%, imposing fees on those who never paid before and increasing road tax by 100% all in the same budget. Since then the level of deductions we can claim for income tax has been reduced, vat has increased by 2.5% which means prices are up for everyone, cost of services have sky- rocketed and food is astronomical. Pampers, formula and basic baby items raised , let’s face it, life is not easy out here.

    Under the Blp we had raises too, we had deductions, and cost of living rose as well.

    Do we blame the economical climate, the government or ourselves. We will have this problem as long as these are all the people who work, with no increase in numbers, as long as we push away migrants , and as long as we are not attracting the IBC and external companies that have the money to pay higher salaries.

    It’s just the reality. Seems like we will always be trying to pay a dollar out of 25 cents.

  7. Sue

    Oh one other thing: as long as the banks keep calling our entrepreneurs “small businesses” and giving them small sums of money to carry out big ideas so that they don’t grow to multinational or great salary paying companies.

    Giving 25 cents to support one dollar ideas.

  8. J. Payne

    Owen should not have done anything. He lost one election, and stepped aside thereafter. He should have let Ms. Mottley contest an election herself.
    He headed the backed the by-election in St. John and again suffered another stinging setback.
    I have to wonder if Mottley wont break-off to form her own party just as DLP did from BLP… But then again I hear she has a thriving law practice in many of the small islands and she might even be able to do that and still live comfortably.

  9. J. Payne

    Owen could save face still. He could rush and and see if he can be next Secretary General of that “CARICOM” foolishness that keeps thrown about. Personally, I think Barbados should start looking at the Union of South American Nations. At least in becoming an associate nation.

    Guyana and Suriname have already joined…

  10. J. Payne

    I remember when the Jamaican MPs announced they would cut their own salaries. Did any DLP members take pay-cuts too to help protect government revenue? I think we all know the answer….

    Prime Minister of Jamaica cuts pay – To give up 15% from his pocket – Asks MPs to forego 10% – Wage freeze on public sector

  11. Walking Woman

    Dear Barbados Free Press,

    I’m walking away from the BLP because I am disgusted with how the party is treating Mia Mottley. I’m not going to the DLP, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to sit out the next election. When they call I’m busy and I will be missed because I’ve worked every campaign since 1988.

  12. 13990-32/A-6

    What a MESS. —- On both sides!!

  13. Peltdownman

    Why is it that so many people here sympathise with Obama’s situation, but can’t see the same situation in Barbados. In case none of you noticed, the WORLD has been and still is in a recession. This is a recession caused by the borrowing bubble bursting in spectacular fashion. The result is that many of the world’s major economies will not be in a position to pay their debts unless thay take drastic action to curtail their spending. Barbados is no different. When they do that, then growth is very difficult to attain. If they don’t do that, they cannot borrow in the future at rates that would be sustainable. The expression many people use for that is “stuck between a rock and a hard place”. Add to that the massive speculation taking place in the commodities markets, where the overpaid gamblers needed some way to maintain their hyper-incomes. The cost of all commodities rose regardless of demand, and everyone in the world was affected. Opposition politicians make it their business to blame the effects of these matter on the government in power. The Republicans in the U.S. have shown themselves to be totally clueless in knowing how to tackle the problems in the United States that are the end result of a decade of shipping jobs overseas, and very little to do with the Obama presidency, and it’s hard to think that their current hatred of the President is not based on race. So D’s and B’s, continue to sling the mud, it is meaningless. Our way out of this situation depends almost entirely on the world coming out of recession.

  14. Seeker

    @ Peltdownman….

    The world is NOT coming out of recession anytime soon. The board has been set. The pieces are in place. GAME ON!

  15. slider

    I am walking away from the BLP for a while too. I can’t stand the chaos and the ill-will pitting friends against friends. I’ve had enough and I’ll sit out the next election with Walking Woman. (I’m a man bye the bye)

  16. tony

    @to the walking woman
    When you walk you should also take your Lord and Savour,you should know that Mia is behaving like you I cant get what I want so i will do everything to be disruptive petty and selfish .Imagine an election is about Mia. What arrogance . what a case of pure unalduterated hogwash, Walk and and meditate on your walking.

  17. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    THe DLP have not done a thing neither did the BLP. Dirt can be thrown both ways but then that is the nature of the beast that is called the DLBLP.

  18. Progressive

    Oh get real!! So they think that with Mia at the helm that all of a sudden the party will automatically rally behind her.The women card is as predicted their only card as their argument is weak.Mia and her supporters forget how she behaved not only to achieve position in the party but also with respect to the selection process of many of the candidates nominated when she was leader of the opposition.When the shoe is on the other foot it does not feel so good after all.They are many people who will not support the party with Mia at the helm.Go ask the many members across the BLP landscape.

  19. Resistant to Change - Above the Law and Answerable to no One

    Vito: “Bonasera… Bonasera… What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you.” – Vito Corleone: The Godfather

    It would seem that on two occasions now, Mia Mottley tried to use the existing rule and electoral system within the Barbados Labour Party to run for the Office of Chairman of the Party and on both occasions she has had to withdraw because of “RIGGED DEMOCRACY.” A woman, coming-up against an unfair system and against the most powerful men in the BLP – who had already announced an: “Incoming Chairman,” long before nominations for the post were closed and even before a vote was cast – did not stand even a sporting chance.

    But the BLP is now functioning like a law unto itself and it must be held accountable. Perhaps that is why Miss Mottley seems to be pleading with the people of Barbados for justice and to hold the BLP accountable, in order to preserve our stable democracy, the rule of law and good governance. The very strong is never supposed to take advantage of the weak. When that happens, the society has a duty to act.

    Having become the victim of a unfair system on two occasions now (and after sounding the alarm and signaling to the country that all is not well within the BLP) it is up to the electorate and the taxpayers of Barbados (who pump an annual subvention into the BLP) to recognise that the BLP is just not ready and give it a lot more time to try and get its act together. Secondly, since the BLP does not seem to be able to regulate itself, creating much political disturbance in the country annually, that is the surest sign to the country – that it is simply not ready to lead.

    The BLP seems to be of the view that Barbadians like money so much that the mere talk about the economy will automatically cause the entire country to ignore everything else that is not right within the BLP and change the present stable-Government. But on careful analysis, the BLP’s argument that Barbadians should vote for them because they managed the country well 14 years ago – seems seriously flawed!

    The truth is that fourteen years ago, the world was being run on debt and huge deficit financing, which now have to be repaid or brought under control. Simply put: the alleged growth of the past ‘decade-and-a-half’ or so – was a “mirage.” Plain and simple! Tourists incurred huge debt by way of loans and credit just to travel to Barbados. That debt now has to be repaid and until it is – people will not travel as before. Reduced arrivals to Barbados are therefore not a fault of the present Minister of Tourism.

    Years of plenty but borrowed money to travel or not – tourists came to Barbados in mass and yet – the then BLP Government kept borrowing! It played fast and loose! A massive bill for the Warren’s Building; then Clico and the BONC debt are some of the examples of its alleged: “sound economic management.” If after 14 years as the Government and the BLP cannot even pay its phone bill – that should tell you something about its allegation of sound economic management. Vote for what and why? Even after being given time in 2008 to reflect, there is nothing new or fresh about the BLP! Instead, it still seems tired; stale; resistant to change – above the law; answerable to no one and unable to connect with the youth?

  20. rony

    @resistant to change
    I do not know where you live and i do not know what you smoke but you have to be not living in Barbados and you must be high. Mia Mottley did not stand for election of Chairman 2010 when she said that the process was flawed.The same process that was used when she was General Secretary.This year 2011 she is niot running because one person cannot represent more than one organ in the party,Give me a break, The import of Miss Mottley thrust was that the BLP must clean up its procedures and now the BLP is ensuring that one delegate one vote to a position Mia Mottley has a problem with that. I suspect that her real problem is the number of branches along with The Young Soocialists and The Women’s League who are not supporting her may have a small influence in her decioion. Dont you find it passing strange that no other camdidate in this internal election is making any claims about procedures. Mottley is arrogantt, selfish and cares only abiout herself. She actually thinks that this election is about her. She turns up and people swear obeisance to her. The BLP members have by its show put it real. She must now know if she didnt know before that no one has to take her foolishness. Wheel and come again. Mia,

  21. owen's rum glass

    the blp is a bunch of fart and mottley should form her own party

  22. just want to know

    I am a 70 year old woman, and I like a little rum & coke or ginger, does that put me in the bunch of rum fart? You know I wish sometime people will contribute something interesting to a debate, but this is a free society so far as I know. Mia Mottley is selfish, if she considered the people of Barbados, and the suffering they are going through now, she will not behave as she is doing and run to the press with everything. She is pulling down the only institution that could save this country at this time. With a 12+ % unemployment, pensioners have to pay now for their medication, and the rise of food in the supermarkets, she will get down and help to get this country back on it’s feet. I am not a great favourite of Dr. Walcott, for what he did to the nurses at The Q. E. H. and the institution on a whole, but she should work with it. Her time will come, she is still young.

  23. Cup Cake

    @ owen’s rum glass

    What would she call the new party LLP, L_____ Labour Party?

  24. ac

    mia must removed herself from those disgusting mafia type gang warlords within the blp. for sure she deserves better . she must continue to reach out to all woman who understands and knows how some men can be verbally abusive or physically. The women would back her for sure we are witnessing male domination at its highest level. these men within the blp must be sent a message by all bajan women that we will unite when one of us are victimise . The demonisation of mia by an all male chauvinist bunch of misfits lead by OSA would not be forgotten come election time.