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Spark of the Day! Love and Miracles for Blind Man

“I didn’t think anyone would want to marry me, but she said she did.”

Shander Herian had been blind since an accident at the age of 10, but that didn’t matter to his wife to be. It was an arranged marriage for the Brit of Indian heritage and the Gurjeet said “yes”.

The couple worked hard. Together they assembled computers and sold them. She drove him to the customers and he used a braille keyboard to set up the software. Two daughters and ten years later they were millionaires.

Then he could see again.

An uplifting story of love and miracles that’s just what I needed on Monday morning.

You read a story like this, you feel good and you realize that compared to some people you have no problems at all!



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Are you happier than you were 10 or 20 years ago? No? Then read this…

The Economics of Happiness

Our thanks to Green Monkey for suggesting the following article. It’s a good read and well worth your time.

“Our global economy is effective at many things—moving huge quantities of goods across great distances, for example, or turning mortgages into profits. What it’s not so good at is determining whether these activities are worthwhile when it comes to improving the lives of the people who live and work within the economy (not to mention preserving the natural systems on which the whole shebang depends). In many cases, economic policies that increase trade or production actually decrease well-being for millions, even billions, of people.

That’s the reality that’s leading more people (and, increasingly, governments, from Bhutan and Bolivia to Britain and France) to ask a very simple question: What’s the economy for, anyway? Do the rules and policies we create to govern the flow of money and goods exist to create ever more money and goods, or to improve our lives?

And if we decide we’d like to prioritize the latter, how do we rewrite the rules to do that?”

…Read the entire article at Yes! Magazine: Localization is the Economics of Happiness

Photo by Camille Sheppard Dohrn


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Prime Minister and Former Chief Justice spar in the media – but still no Land Titles in Barbados

“To International Investors and retirees considering purchasing land in Barbados: Good luck suckers. Welcome to the Third World.” *

“Do foreign investors and retirees realize they can never obtain titles to lands and homes in Barbados?”

One Canadian’s Title Deed missing for 37 years!

Prime Minster Stuart and former Chief Justice SIR David Simmons are currently engaged in a public war of words over who is the most incompetent. We’ll reprint two newspaper articles at the end of our post, but for now you can sum up the little boys fighting as this:

Prime Minister Stuart: Did so!

Chief Justice Simmons: Did not!

The land titles system in Barbados has been in chaos for decades. Incompetence, corruption and a laziness by elected and appointed government officials combined to get us where we are now: No land titles have been issued for years, and those previously issued are ALL SUSPECT. Continue reading


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Canadian Farm Labour Programme: Bajans still waiting for their home savings

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

A month ago you publish an article about Bajan farm workers in Canada not receiving their holdback money after returning home. I’m still waiting can you please mention this?”

Editor’s Note: Done!

UPDATE: February 23, 2011 Meeting about Canadian Farm labour Programme

We see that the Minister of Labour, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, will deliver an address at a February 23, 2011 review meeting of the Canadian Farm labour Programme at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Tongue firmly in cheek, we think that anyone who hasn’t received their “home savings” should be at the meeting and ask the Minister to write a personal cheque to cover it.

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LPG prices up Sunday midnight, but we’re not supposed to know until 7pm

Barbados Government Information Service: This press release EMBARGOED UNTIL 7:00 P.M Sunday February 20


There has been a slight increase in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Effective midnight, Sunday, February 20, the retail cost of LPG will be increased in keeping with the imported price of petroleum products.  As a consequence, the 100-pound cylinder will now be retailed at $155.02 – an increase of 42 cents.  The 25-pound cylinder will now cost $41.40, up by 11 cents; while the 20-pound cylinder will now be retailed at $33.12 – an increase of 9 cents. (AR/BGIS)


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Who is Monnow Man and why does he believe in the Interdimensional Hypothesis?

Monnow Man is half Bajan, so he can’t be all bad.

We stumbled onto Monnow Man when he linked to one of our stories and we liked what we read over at his blog. It looks like a place where a person could get a little “I didn’t know that” or “Isn’t that interesting?” hit in the morning.

Like learning about the “Interdimensional Hypothesis”. I had to look that one up.

Here’s a bit of what Monnow Man says about himself…

Who is this man?

People like boxes to put you in, so, choose from the following:

  • half English, half Barbadian chap now living just over the border in Wales and loving it so much he went to  Welsh evening classes.  No, Wales isn’t part of England. It’s part of the UK.
  • father of two beautiful girls and husband to a lovely Swabian.
  • a Freemason.  None of the myths about us are true 🙂
  • a fan of the Interdimensional Hypothesis.
  • an unashamedly middle-class, sometime urban, BBC Radio 4 -listening liberal intellectual.
  • a former public (that’s “private” to those of you outside the UK – don’t ask) schoolboy. All of the myths about us are true 😉

You can see what Monnow Man has to say about life at

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Mark Pickering, meet Mark Atkinson… and bring some Certified Angus Beef

What do American cowboys think of Barbados?

What do Bajans think about Kansas beef?

Beef and Barbados, but our story is about much more than that subject…

Congratulations to Mark Atkinson who is the new executive chef at Tamarind Cove. I read about him in Barbados Today’s article Tamarind Cove gets new top chef where we also stole borrowed the above photo.

Mark Pickering is in charge of sales for Hotel Food Supplies in Bridgetown and although I don’t know him, I know about his work because I chanced upon a very interesting article in Drovers Cattle Network magazine: Five Minutes with Mark Pickering, hotel food supplies in Barbados.

The two Marks probably already know each other. I surmised that after reading a US cattleman’s magazine article about selling beef to Barbados. Thanks to the internet, I now have a better appreciation about how Bajans and their guests like their beef and how that differs from the South American markets and suppliers.

But that’s not the real message of this post. Continue reading

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