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Barbados Government’s predatory pricing and large sector support destroys small hotels

Barbados Tourism Authority couldn’t care less about the small hotels sector

“Show me where you spend your money and I’ll show you what’s important to you.” That phrase goes way back to the Bible and it’s as true now as it was back then. In his latest article Adrian Loveridge says that the government “props up” Government GEMS hotels while ignoring the small hotel sector and he’s correct.

What he doesn’t say right out in this article is that the Government of Barbados failed miserably with every GEMS hotel it touched while hard working small hotel owners and staff who were successful made it on their own. The DLP and BLP governments wondered why nobody wanted to invest in the Barbados hotel business and the reason was the government was the “competition” and subsidized poor quality GEMS Hotels with hundreds of millions of tax dollars. What private sector can compete with that kind of government “competition”?

And even with the hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidization, the amateurs running GEMS Hotels couldn’t make a go of it. That’s what happens when the government hires managers who have no personal stake in the business and couldn’t make it in the private sector if they tried.

All things considered, Barbados is a very hostile business environment for the small hotels sector. I think that the Barbados Tourism Authority ignores the small hotels because they believe their first duty is to the government owned and lower quality mass market hotels.

The Barbados Tourism Authority might say they care about small hotels, but considering 0% (yup zero percent) of the BTA budget is dedicated to the small hotel sector, you don’t have to be a farmer to smell the cow droppings.

And just for the record, the following title “The Big Lie…” is ours. Mr. Loveridge’s words start with the quote below our title…

The Big Lie spoken by David Rice of the Barbados Tourism Authority

by Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

“What needs to happen is this…we have to get out of this notion that the Government is here to prop up every business.”

David Rice CEO/President – Barbados Tourism Authority
Barbados Advocate – Thursday 24th February 2011

From a tourism perspective that is of course unless your business is called Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS). In which case you will receive almost unlimited support to ‘prop’ you up, including a reported BDS$247 million (losses) or nearly three times the annual budget of Mr. Rice’s organisation! Continue reading


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Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit silent on groynes failure: “Who’s ignorant now?”

“Last year one of the principals of St. Peter’s Bay told a visiting Canadian journalist that people who opposed the groynes were “ignorant.”  Well, Mr. Big Developer, who’s ignorant now?”

Three weeks ago the above photo of a portion of the beach between the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay, Road View, St. Peter was posted on Facebook along with this question: “If the groynes are so effective in combating beach erosion then why is this fence being unearthed and toppled?”  Well, it looks like we just got the answer from St. Peter’s Bay.  A visit to the same area yesterday found a work crew hastily shifting the fence inland several feet from where it was originally located.  One could not wish for a clearer admission of the failure of the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay than to witness this ignominious exercise.

… Mullins Bay Blog: St. Peter’s Bay Admits Failure of Groynes

As we just pointed out in an article*, Barbados just took a $30 Million Dollar loan for “Coastal Management” and the same people who brought you the disaster of the groynes will be the ones to spend those millions on what THEY think is best. Lord help us!

* See BFP’s Barbados don’t need no stinkin’ Environmental Legislation because we got another loan!


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Gwyneth Paltrow filming documentary in Barbados

UPDATE: Latest photo* from Vogue Italy, but no information on the subject of the documentary. Ooooooh… I think the camera is worth more than all our homes put together!

What is the documentary about?

The celebrity news sites are all abuzz with photos of Gwyneth Paltrow on the beach in Barbados where, according to, she is filming a documentary.

Marvelous! But after a searching on the net for a half hour I’m still no closer to knowing what the documentary is about or where on the island it is being filmed.

Can BFP’s readers offer any information?

* Thanks to an old friend for tipping us to the photo and Vogue article


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Violent Muslims beat UK teacher “for teaching other religions to Muslim girls”

Fractured skull, knife wounds for World Religions teacher in East London Girls’ School

The violent Jihad by the world’s most dangerous totalitarian, political and religious ideology continues. After these four adherents to the religion of peace get out of jail the UK might not be able to send them back to where they came from. You see, although it is not stated one way or the other in the newspaper, there is every chance that they were born in the United Kingdom. Our own “Homegrown Terrorists” as they say.

Time to stop immigration from Muslim countries NOW.

Four men launched a horrific attack on a teacher in which they slashed his face and left him with a fractured skull because they did not approve of him teaching religion to Muslim girls.

Akmol Hussein, 26, Sheikh Rashid, 27, Azad Hussain, 25, and Simon Alam, 19, attacked Gary Smith with a Stanley knife, an iron rod and a block of cement.

“The evidence from what was said on the probe points overwhelmingly to a religious motive for this attack.”

Submitted by MUF Manchester United Fan


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Many entries to the Canada-Barbados Environmental Youth Awards Programme Essay Contest

Heavy Response to the First Annual Student Essay Contest

Winners of Cash Prizes to be Notified in March

Look at the photograph above. My little brother took that photo not so long ago and it say everything about why I cry for Barbados.

The Canada-Barbados essay contest is a way of alerting Bajans to what is really happening. You don’t have time for considering everything about what is happening wid the environment, but it really really matters.

You get up every morning and go to work and come home and make some food and watch TV and go to bed and get up the next morning and go to work and come home and make some food…

We have to start looking around at our home. We spend so much government money on worthless projects. this is our home. I thank the students who sent essays in to the contest. Win or not, you are the future of Barbados and I thank you and encourage you to keep on caring for our country.


So many student essays have been submitted to the 2011 Canada-Barbados Environmental Youth Awards Programme (CBEYA) Essay Contest, and evaluations by the judges is underway.

The CBEYA and Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary staff wish to thank the many parents, teachers and students who responded with thoughtful essays that addressed the question:  Why is the environment important to Barbados?

Cash prizes totaling $4,000 will be awarded to winners in each of two levels of competition: Students ages 9-13, and students ages 14-18. There will be first, second and third place prizes awarded in each level, plus Honorable Mention prizes.

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Barbados wife tries to murder husband’s pregnant mistress with chemical weapons

Cheat on a Barbadian woman? You’ve got trouble!

Sex, lies and chemical/biological weapons…

On the heals of a story involving BLP Member of Parliament Rawle Eastmond’s spurned mistress who went crazy, we woke up to find that another spurned Bajan woman went a little crazy too. The problem is that Betty Bond is a microbiologist and she decided to use her knowledge of chemical and biological weaponry to murder her rival – who used to be her best friend!

Hey boys… thinking of cheating on your Barbadian wife? Time to have a Banks beer and think about what you got. Bajan women tired of all the lies.



Carol Anne Laletta Bond, (known to her family as “Betty”) a native of Barbados, lived outside Philadelphia and worked as a microbiologist. As a federal appeals court succinctly summarized the relevant facts in the case: “Bond was excited when her closest friend, Myrlinda Haynes, announced she was pregnant. Bond’s excitement turned to rage when she learned that her husband, Clifford Bond, was the child’s father. She vowed revenge.”

… continue reading this story at CNN: High court to hear case of woman convicted of chemical weapon crimes


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Full weight of law descends upon Rawle Eastmond’s spurned mistress

“Cause when you’re out with your women, your wife will be at home: Cooking your food, doing your dirt, buddy what you trying to do?”

… Eric Clapton’s “Outside Woman Blues”

Adultery carries its own priceNo Bail for Rawle Eastmond’s outside woman gone crazy

Please don’t misunderstand what I am writing to you now. No one has a right to assault anyone or threaten their wife or family even if that someone is a woman who was used and discarded by a married politician. I wanted to say that the sin of adultery carries its own cost in ruined lives. I thank my husband Marcus that he is always true to me and our children. And I want to say to my husband about him being true to me… YOU BETTER BE! Your loving wife, Shona

P.S. To the woman I say, “Rawle Eastmond isn’t worth it.” Get on with your life and never think of that two timing adultering bastard again. Don’t steal from other women. Get yourself a good man who is honest. You think if you did steal him away from Mrs. Eastmond he wouldn’t cheat on you too? Once a thief always a thief. Same for lowly pieces of trash who cheat on their childrens because that is what they do. They destroy everything.

“Well, you can’t watch your wife and your outside women, too You know you can’t watch your wife and your outside womens, too ‘Cause when you’re out with your women, your wife will be at home Cooking your food, doing your dirt, buddy what you trying to do?”

Eric Clapton, “Outside Woman Blues”

For when the Nation removes their article to change history we’re going to repeat it here… Continue reading


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