Zenga Zenga – Libyan dictator Gaddafi stars in world popular music video!


One mocking YouTube video goes viral in the Arab world

Musician Noy Alooshe took a clip of Colonel Qaddafi’s latest rant to hunt down protesters “inch by inch, house by house, home by home, alleyway by alleyway,” – and did a few edits. Then came some tweeking of Qaddafi’s voice and all of a sudden the world has a Qaddafi hit song with a bikini wearing blond dancing along.

Nothing more insulting to Gaddafi – that was until the Libyans discovered the clip is put together by a Jew, and the dancing girl is a Jew too. Now, that’s really mocking and insulting!

All I could think of was Owen Arthur

The ability to mock is probably one of the most powerful tools for political change. That’s why today’s Communists and Islamic Supremacists (and in the past the Nazis and British) and all totalitarian authorities, ruthlessly hunt down drawers of cartoons and singers of songs.

The power of mocking is also why the cartoons and songs keep coming around the world. Here at BFP we may have published a few cartoons ourselves, but oh if we only had the talent to take one of Owen Arthur’s speeches and give it the Zenga Zenga treatment!

So far the best we can offer are our favourite five cartoons – featuring Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Chief Justice SIR David Simmons (virgin, puppet or both?) and former Prime Minister David Thompson (God bless him) with his CLICO house-of-cards friend whatshisname? Oh ya, Leroy Parris. (click for large…)




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8 responses to “Zenga Zenga – Libyan dictator Gaddafi stars in world popular music video!

  1. John

    It is amazing what people power can do, especially when they have had enough.

    I remember a time when his tent was bombed by the US and he did not move an inch.

    I have a feeling he will soon be running for his life trying to put as much distance between himself and Lybia.

    Amazing how suddenly things can change.


    The Titanic one is the best. Young love never lasts.

  3. Chicago

    I’m not particularly interested in Gaddafi. I want to know how do I meet the girl in the video. OH OH OH OH OH OH! 🙂

  4. Chicago

    I should have added, I’m willing to become Jewish! 😉


  5. Black Sabbath

    Who is the girl in the video?

  6. Paulie Poo

    If Gaddafi doesn’t step off & free those people from his dictatorship, he’s gonna end up like Saddam… He probably thinks he’s a Fidel Castro…

  7. Mobert

    With that erotic wining, the girl must have some West Indian in her.

    If not, would she like some?

    By the way, saw the report that Gaddafi / Libya had USD 500MM invested in Standford scheme?

    Gaddafi regime invested millions with Stanford
    By CMC – Tuesday, March 1st, 2011.

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    The Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya is said to have invested at least US $500 million with accused disgraced financier Allen Stanford.

    The American television network CNBC in a report cited court documents which show that on January 25, 2009 Stanford, accompanied by his girlfriend Andrea Stoelker, flew to Tripoli in a private jet to meet with Libyan government officials.

    “The Libyan government’s sovereign wealth fund invested some US $500 million with Stanford, who left Libya the next day along with Stoelker and an unidentified third person, bound for Zurich, Switzerland,” the court documents said.

    The deal was made at a time when the global financial crisis was at its worst and Stanford like nearly every other banker in the world, was trying hard to keep his empire afloat.

    It had been widely believed that the Muammar Gaddafi regime was one of the largest victims of the alleged Stanford scam, in which investors have thus far recovered less than three cents on the dollar.

    However, CNBC reported that Libya might have managed to withdraw much of its nine figure-investment with Stanford just before the firm collapsed.

    Stanford, 60, is charged with running a US $7 billion Ponzi scheme through his Antigua-based Stanford International Bank. He has denied the charges and remains in jail in the United States awaiting trial. (CMC)

  8. Mobert

    Ans now, based on that….the ‘conspiracy-theorists’ may begin asking…’who exactly IS Alan Stanford and who does he represent?’