US Tourist robbed, says Barbados police conduct “shocking”

Police demanded victim change his official statement to match another witness statement!

Why this visitor will not be returning to Barbados

by Fred Kraxberger, US Citizen

Dear Barbados Free Press,

On 02/09/2011 while fishing at Archers Bay, St. Lucy, Barbados around 7 to 7:15 PM my Bajan friend and I (a US citizen) were the victims of a robbery, and our lives threatened by a Bajan man with a machete.  He also told us he would shoot us if we did not do what he said.  We did as he said.  He got a cell phone and cash.  This is not the first time this man has robbed someone, he knew what he was doing.

When the Crab Hill Police arrived they did a short interview with us.  When I was told that I could go and retrieve our belongings, I went back to the scene of the robbery.  One officer was there when I got there.  He did not have a flashlight on.  I ask him if it was ok to pickup my things because he had not been down there that long.  He said it was ok.  I picked up my fishing light so that I could find our belongings.  I noticed something that was not there before the robbery.  I pointed it out to the officer and told him that it must have come from the robber.  He ignored me.

I picked it up and ask the officer if he wanted it.  He said no.  There were two more items that were not there before the robbery, but they did not seem to be concerned about them.  This to me was shocking.

We were interviewed at the Crab Hill Police Station and gave statements.

The AM of 02/12/2011 I was contacted by the Crab Hill Police Station by phone.  The officer stated there were discrepancies between my friend’s statement and my statement.  He wanted me to change my statement to make it identical to my friend’s statement.  I told him I would not do that.  He got upset with me and told me that I did not understand.  He said that they needed both our statements to be the same so that they could prosecute the robber.  I told him again that I refuse to change my statement just to make it identical to my friend’s.  I told him I would change things in my statement if I felt parts where not as I recalled it happening.  He then got very upset with me and asks me to have my friend call him.

Here is the bottom line.  Although I was traumatized by the robbery, I’m slowly getting over that.  What really bothers me is the misconduct of the Crab Hill Police.  It is because of their misconduct of this robbery case that I as a visitor to Barbados twice will not be returning.  (I had planned on returning each year for a one month stay like I did this year)

Fred Kraxberger, US Citizen

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27 responses to “US Tourist robbed, says Barbados police conduct “shocking”

  1. boss of bim

    ah boy………another robbery in barbados…………u know wat does hurt my head……….when people start arguing when there are other topics and incidences concerning other races and religions……….e.g islam…. people does criticise islam saying them does kill and rob and unfair………but look at this situation…………also….

  2. Capt. Nobody

    If true this report is extremely grave and bad for the image of this Island.

  3. J. Payne

    @Fred Kraxberger. I’m sorry that happen to you. I had my cell phone and $5 stolen down by the Barbados Yacht club beach too in Sept. 2010.

    The perp tangled with the wrong person though. I started bawling “Dat man rob me” and telling people to “trip him down”, thereafter practically the entire neighbourhood started taking chase after him, trying to trip him. I had to goto court my experience with the police (Hastings police) was positive though.

    Since then, I now bring a ziplock bag to the beach and I bury my valuables on the beach in a certain spot below my beach towel. I agree though. You do really have to watch people in Barbados when walking about. As always I speak the truth so I sign my own name.

  4. joyjoy

    Oh please. So because Bajans rob, rape and kill that makes them like de people in Yemen and Pakistan? IF YOU ARE SO CONFIDENT THAT THOSE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES HAVE GOOD HAPPY FREE LAWBIDING CITIZENS WHO DO NOT HATE THEN GO THERE TO LIVE!!!!! NOW!!!
    You KNOW that being a woman down there is hard. under the taliban women are hated and deliberately uneducated [remember the acid in the face attacks on the school girs?]. They are killed for silliness like exposing their hair and even looking at a man. Why do people deny these true everyday atrocities there and pull down this country when ever there is a crime herer? If you do not like people saying Islam is barbaric then LEAVE and go “immerse” your self in it. Too bad the muslimsthemselves are leaving their own lands to come here in rotten Barbados, Europe, the US and Australia.

  5. Kammie

    J Payne@ sorry you got robbed and sorry for the lack of empathy by the Crab Hill police to Mr. Kraxberger. However don`t you watch your back when in New York and London or you only watch people in Barbados. Just asking as there is crime everywhere and its not fair to insinuate Barbados is the only place with robbers.

  6. joyjoy

    Oh I forgot, while you are enjoying yourself in the safety of hate free Islam dominant Iraq watchout for the suicide bombers. About 200 peolpe have died already this year while buying fruits at the market or waiting for the bus.

  7. The man wiv no name!!

    corresponds to the image iv held of Bim for a long time. i.e. a minus one. all fluff n no substance!

  8. JOKER

    Sorry to hear that you have been robbed Fred – think yourself lucky you didnt get beaten up by the Police as well.
    They have a fondness for beating up member of the public especialy those who they think will leave the island and never come back.
    Welcome to Barbados where tourists are resented and thugs wear uniforms.

  9. I-spy

    This was yet another unfortunate incident. I think those officers should be sent home if these allegations against them are true. We need to weed out the criminals and those officers who make it easy for them to continue.
    Crime is everywhere but that does not justify taking a cavalier attitude .

  10. bajan canada man

    My cousin works for major crime unit he was saying that there is thousands of illegal firearms in barbados and they are high powered guns like uzis ,mac 1o’s 45.s ar 15’glock’40 they only found 7 guns and 16 rounds of ammuniton out of in the 20 raids.this is bare shite because the police could only find 7 guns out 16 bullets in the month and all the attorney general is saying the increase in shootings and murders are gang related.So what is being done about it ? And don’t forget about gun point robberies too.So what is being done about ?

  11. Suspicious!

    One wonders about the CRAB HILL Pol. Sta. particularly…
    That lonely outpost in a lonely part of the island.
    Badboy-Officers get sentenced to Crab Hill, where they don’t handle their issues very well, do they?

    CrabHill is also witness/recipient to many a drug haul. Hmmmm.
    GodAlone knows what transpires!!

    WHAT were the “other things” that the man found along with his belongings???
    Did someone try to “plant” something illegal on him?
    This is a MOST peculiar story!

    I’m guessing alottashyte goes down at Crab Hill!!
    Meanwhile Barbados continues to go downhill incrementally
    -on several ‘scenes’ .. tourism, availability of goods, attitudes of locals on a very overcrowded island, etc.

    We are now well past our Best by: date

  12. J. Payne

    @Kammie. The thing that was most annoying, I alsowent to Dover and there’s this homeless looking fellow that hangs around there with the brown dreadlocks. I caught him trying to look under my beach towel. When he looked, all that were there were flip flops. He picked them up and I shouted at him and he put them back down. By the time I got out of the water he was already making his way down the beach. All of the dregs in society are purposely going to the beach to do their dirty work.

  13. J. Payne

    I saw him another day. He hangs out in a wooded area across from the Graeme Hall Sanctuary. Up inside that wooded area has a bunch of people’s luggage all torn open and thrown about. It is right next to one of those water gates that lead out to the sea. The police show go drag anyone up in there and throw them in jail for having what are probably stolen possessions all around them.

  14. Rhapsodi

    Fred, I am certainly sorry you had that experience. As a Bajan who has had a literally traumatizing experience dealing with the police and judicial system in the US, I do feel I can relate on some level. The choice of what response you take to an unfortunate incident like this one is yours, but I would encourage you as I encouraged myself – to consider that the individuals and the system that mishandled your case do not also rob you of whatever pleasurable experiences there are to be had on this island or anywhere else.

  15. repeat visitor from Canada

    I was also robbed this year by thieves who knew what they were doing. The police showed little interest in my description of the pair who took off with a bunch of stuff, whereas in Canada I think I would have been invited to come to the police station to take a look at a photo book of known offenders. This tourist’s story and my own lead me to believe that violence of this sort against visitors is more commonplace than we’re led to believe.


    But surely we are told as visitors that barbados is a crime free paradise??At least if I say it isn’t people strongly disagree & if I say so on Tripadvisor the post gets deleted…..

  17. Paulie Poo


    Everywhere has crime, so wherever you go you need to be cautious and not nonchalant. I’m sorry to all those you had bad experiences here in Barbados as I don’t think tht the jackasses who rob the tourists realize tht we are very much dependent on the revenue. The police on the other hand, need to be properly educated on how to and how not to handle a distressed victim – whether local or a tourist.

    Anyhow, both locals & tourists in all countries all over the world – be careful and God bless!

  18. The police on the other hand, need to be properly educated on how to and how not to handle a distressed victim – whether local or a tourist.

    Absolutely, Paulie

  19. Carson clarke

    “Living a lie”.
    We continue to boast of how safe B,dos is when compared to other caribbean
    islands.NOT TRUE.The number of crimes with guns that are carried out in B,dos is shocking. Despite this fact,the police sign on for work and then vanish .Only yesterday (wednesday the 2nd of march) at approx 0915 ,as i was parking infront of the super market in Oistins,I saw a young man being chased. As he was about to enter the main road,he turned and pointed something at his assailant.His assailant stopped abruptly,and he carried on running.Here in Oistins at 0915 on the above date a crime has been committed with a gun has ,and not one police insight This man`s chain was taken,that thief would`ve killed for what wasn`t his.We have to wake up,and stop living that big lie. (The use of the gun was confirmed by the

  20. miche

    Too many tourist are now being robbed or attacked.And when you get to the bottom of it,most of them were liars. Here is what they say:-
    (1) My hotel room was entered and money and jewelry stolen . (No witness)
    (2) I was walking down bla ,bla ,bla ,I was attacked and robbed ( No witness)
    (3) My vehicle was entered ,and all is gone (No witness)
    Just the word of our dear loving tourist
    The reports are becoming lamer by the day .THE REASON–THESE SO CALLED TOURIST , Have no money and by crying wolf,knowing that they will be allowed to live out the rest of their vacation compliments of the Good people of Barbados, (So as to protect our Good name)
    They are thieves,con artist,liars and we,,,,,,just ripe for the taking

  21. miche

    Your cousin should now be on the Bread line,, He cannot be trusted enough to be working in the job he now hold.. you know why!

  22. miche

    It is so easy now to believe that that the end is at hand.;
    Matthew 24 vs 1 .The disciples inquired,”What shall be the sign of thy coming,and of the end of the world?The answer came(1) in verse 6&7,where is says that strife will exist,and(2)verse 9 &10, The righteous will be persecuted..
    Is this not what we are doing to our law enforcement agency..It seem as though they can do no good ,Why, is it that they are now being made to look like the criminal,,,/????? lets not be taken in

  23. miche


  24. PT

    You get what you pay for. We pay for low quality policing and that’s what we get.

  25. Chris Ellison

    We returned from Barbados today. Last Tuesday my husband & I along with our 2 friends had hired a car. We stopped off at Archers bay to take pictures about 1500 hrs. I turned to see a male with a mask & machete approaching us. We were very frightened. He demanded money from us but we refused he swung the machete and hit my husband luckily with the blunt end. But shouting we managed to get h to back off and got back to our car he hit the car with the machete and continued to demand money we all got in to the car he hit out again injuring my friends hand she had to have 4 stitches. We spent 4 hours between police station( Crab hill ) and hospital. We were treated very well by everyone.
    I don’t think he will be caught because they don’t act with any urgency.
    Sadly we will not be returning to Barbados. Only to get on a cruise ship. None of us felt safe or comfortable a lot of the time. And we were also told of muggings outside our hotel.

  26. yeah Miche. spill your anti tourist venom. im a white English tourist and have been to Barbados 10 times, and I won’t be coming back. too many racists sucking their teeth when i go to oistins super centre. admit it, you cant stand tourists, the very people who feed your livelihoods.lovely island, shame about the (non indigenous ) inhabitants.

  27. shawn randall

    it’s unfortunate that bad things happen but bad things happen in every countryif you don’t know the area you’re going you need to hook up with someone who does I’ve been going to Barbados for years seen a lot of bad things happen first thing you do when you get there find a good cabbie they will tell you where to go what not to do they will tell you what to look for and who not to talk to if the cabbies out of your friends so make sure you find one to make a friend