Controversial Turks and Caicos blog disappears. Did the UK government get to TCI Post?

TCI Post criticized United Kingdom government, Sir David Simmons

A hard hitting blog calling for Turks and Caicos independence disappeared overnight without notice. Visitors to are now met with an administrative page for Trendy Site Builder.

We can’t say that this comes a surprise to Barbados Free Press. We couldn’t believe lasted as long as it did because the bloggers foolishly registered a domain and rented a server instead of locating at a free service like, Blogger or similar. Sure, the name was registered through a proxy domain service, but a lawyer’s letter or a couple of dollars in the right pocket would take care of that, wouldn’t it?

How has Barbados Free Press lasted so long?

THEY THEM have being trying to take Barbados Free Press down for over five years. Yes, we changed the face of political discussion in Barbados and started people talking words never heard before in the  Barbados media – like “accountability”, “conflicts of interest”, “integrity legislation”, “Freedom of Information”, but it has been nerve wracking.

Thank G*d we have and all the rest of our little tricks so we can post anonymously. THEY THEM give it a serious go about twice a year to find us through every tactic they can think of and probably a couple that we haven’t noticed. Every few months we sit around drinking Banks beer or Mount Gay rum, look at each other and wonder ‘what if?’

Of course, after a few more drinks we look at each other and say “Bollocks to THEM” an we feel just fine. Liquid courage is better than none at all says Robert. 🙂

How has Barbados Free Press lasted so long? I’ll tell you. From the start we said we are bloggers in China or Saudi Arabia – and we’ll do what they do.

Whatever bloggers have to do to stay alive in China or Saudi Arabia, we do and so far, so far, we’re okay. So far.

Our good wishes for TCIpost

We hope everything is okay with the bloggers and that TCIpost will reappear soon in a more secure environment. BFP’s Cliverton says he has some of their articles copied so we’ll have a look at our next meeting. We could republish the TCIpost articles here in their entirety. If any of our readers copied any of their posts, send them to us and we might republish the whole lot.

Here are the BFP stories that talk about and link to the TCIpost stories. They will give you a flavour of why the UK Government or Sir David Simmons probably had something to do with the demise of the TCIpost…

January 19, 2011 Trouble on Sir David Simmons’ Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission?

January 30, 2001 Turks and Caicos Islanders getting restless as Brits recolonise

February 4, 2011 Britain in the Turks and Caicos: Is it about oil?


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10 responses to “Controversial Turks and Caicos blog disappears. Did the UK government get to TCI Post?

  1. Let's Be Sensible

    We are wondering the same thing in TCI. Freedom of speech is dead and intimidation by the British and their local thugs is the theme. There could be a silver lining to the site being hacked, it will finally get the attention it deserved. Turks and Caicos is in a bad way with the British occupation and I wonder why the world has not taken notice.

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  3. Carl

    I wonder who would have wanted that website shut down? LOL. For real. We all know who did it. The Brits had tried to shut it down prior, there was even an article written about it.

  4. iWatchya

    I remembered reading about oil exploration in the Turks… once again OIL:

  5. Carl

    It looks like TCIpost is back up with much lost data. The editor has essentially signed off as the editor explaining a list of reasons. Thank you for bringing attention to this. Intimidation is a problem that we all face in TCI. This is not over. Thanks to our brothers in Barbados for having our backs. For that we are grateful.

  6. In Puerto Rico, the Uni students yust went Nutz, I think it’s over Tuition – there have been Sit In’s since Jan 25 – so the Uprisings are not just Arab now, there’s TCI & PR with Bds as a Minor flurry over a Movie, there are bigger fish to fry but only as a united front…

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  9. I see that your coverage re blog; ‘UK public sector is accused of corruption has also disapeared – its all too much of a cioncidence – more UK Home Office skulldugery?’