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Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit silent on groynes failure: “Who’s ignorant now?”

“Last year one of the principals of St. Peter’s Bay told a visiting Canadian journalist that people who opposed the groynes were “ignorant.”  Well, Mr. Big Developer, who’s ignorant now?”

Three weeks ago the above photo of a portion of the beach between the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay, Road View, St. Peter was posted on Facebook along with this question: “If the groynes are so effective in combating beach erosion then why is this fence being unearthed and toppled?”  Well, it looks like we just got the answer from St. Peter’s Bay.  A visit to the same area yesterday found a work crew hastily shifting the fence inland several feet from where it was originally located.  One could not wish for a clearer admission of the failure of the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay than to witness this ignominious exercise.

… Mullins Bay Blog: St. Peter’s Bay Admits Failure of Groynes

As we just pointed out in an article*, Barbados just took a $30 Million Dollar loan for “Coastal Management” and the same people who brought you the disaster of the groynes will be the ones to spend those millions on what THEY think is best. Lord help us!

* See BFP’s Barbados don’t need no stinkin’ Environmental Legislation because we got another loan!


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