Gwyneth Paltrow filming documentary in Barbados

UPDATE: Latest photo* from Vogue Italy, but no information on the subject of the documentary. Ooooooh… I think the camera is worth more than all our homes put together!

What is the documentary about?

The celebrity news sites are all abuzz with photos of Gwyneth Paltrow on the beach in Barbados where, according to, she is filming a documentary.

Marvelous! But after a searching on the net for a half hour I’m still no closer to knowing what the documentary is about or where on the island it is being filmed.

Can BFP’s readers offer any information?

* Thanks to an old friend for tipping us to the photo and Vogue article


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20 responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow filming documentary in Barbados

  1. J. Payne

    Find the Route 6 ZR wid plate – “ZR120.” They must know/heard something….

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  3. Peltdownman

    Really enjoyed the intellectual content of the above three posts

  4. John

    A friend told me on the weekend he saw some of the shoot last week at an interesting place, very much off the beaten track!!

    I’ll wait and see what comes out.

  5. Perhaps it’s about being an American celebrity vacationing in Barbados (which makes a change from British ones – yeah yeah, Little England and all that, but who would you rather see on the beach… Gwyneth Paltrow or Simon Cowell?).

  6. Jack Bowman

    I was asked to be an on-site consultant to the project for in-scene script revision and minor rewrites to dialogue.

    It’s a semi-short documentary (55 minutes running time), centred mostly on the west coast. It’s a brilliant and unflinching look at how Muslims and Jews are taking over Barbados and how, soon, we’ll be lopping off limbs and foreskins for the greater glory of the Illuminati who are putting groynes into the sea to ruin Graeme Hall so that the Muslims can increase VAT and abolish the consumption of (a) puddin; (b) souse; and (c) crispy chicken wings from KFC.

    In short, it’s a searing indictment of women with bags on their heads and curly-haired men with arresting noses who are closing the windows to the sea and forcing every Bajan to eat at Chefette while suffering abominably bad service and growing unfortunate beards that will be taxed at the Unfortunate-Beard rate of 17 per cent per inch.

    In one brilliant scene, Gwyneth walks through the capital city of our great country with a human-urine monitor to show how even we can make major thoroughfares smell like a public urinal.

    I fully expect the film to receive an Academy Award for best short documentary in 2012. In fact, I’ll take bets on it.

  7. not to miss

    Jack Bowmna

    I am ready to pay money to see this movie just on your short summary of the script. The word BLOCKBUSTER comes to mind.

    But who does Gwyneth play: a Jew or a Muslim?

  8. JOKER

    This film sounds good – maybe make up for missing Black Swan who some dumbo has seen fit to ban .

  9. What a mess we have in Jesus?

    Jack Bowman paints a not-entirely-unrealistic portrait of the island!
    I like the piss smells all over. That connects, definitely!
    MaleBlax pee wherever-not a problem: strange behaviour.
    Maybe the island has no toilets?

    As for the island becoming over-run by Jews and Muslims, I’d rather have the former than the latter,
    but in both cases I find that statement a huge exaggeration, but then again, give the situation a hundred years,
    and both sectors will be over-run by The Yellow Peril, long after islam has collapsed under the weight of its own ignorance and deliberate-backwardness

  10. J Drakes

    I understand that Gwyneth is filmimg the NBC series” Who do you think you are” based on her ancestry. The journey took her to Barbados. Should be mighty interesting.

  11. jaxy

    She was fliming outside our villa and looked dreadful, we had to ask the crew to move. We s ontayed gibbs beach that was where she was filming and they had her getting off a boat adn walking down the beach, they didnt want us in the shot, ha ah. It was for the Who do you think you are if your intersted in that kinda stuff!!!!

  12. John

    J Drakes
    February 28, 2011 at 3:48 pm
    I understand that Gwyneth is filmimg the NBC series” Who do you think you are” based on her ancestry. The journey took her to Barbados. Should be mighty interesting.

    Figured it was something like that given the location where my friend encountered her.

    Should be interesting.

  13. Mobert

    At a plantation John?

    She is from the Barbados plantation owners?

    Nice girl though.

    So, her and Ri from the same ancestral home, deng!

    Not a wonder that such stars as Claudette Colbert loved here and kept a home here.

    Even a temporary refuge for a past world leader who passed through here after a revolution in their own country.

  14. John

    March 2, 2011 at 11:34 pm
    At a plantation John?

    She is from the Barbados plantation owners?
    Nope to the first and I dunno to the second!!

  15. John

    Paltrow doesn’t appear in Barbados on the Mormon website.

  16. S

    It’s for the American show “Who Do You Think You Are?”
    She visited Barbados for a short time to gain more insight on one of her ancestors.
    *Inside Source*

  17. LadyDi

    According to the web site: “Gwyneth Paltrow
    digs in to her family’s past and finds a surprising connection to her spiritual roots, a new appreciation for her great-grandmother and ancestors on the island of Barbados.” The episode airs April 1st at 8PM on the American channel NBC.

  18. 227

    She’s Jewish. Barbados had the first Synagogue in the western hemisphere, in the 1600’s. So her ancestors were probably Jewish settlers on the island. I bet am right… anyway I’ll find out tomorrow.

  19. David G. Brooks

    I just watched the documentary on NBC and am absolutely horrified, not to mention embarrassed as a Bajan, to see some of the comments made above about all of this (before hand) … it just shows the kind of low-life individuals that frequent BFP, and I think they should all hang their collective heads in shame. This is not free-press expression, this is rum shop shite talk … no sorry rum shop talk usually has some truth to it … so maybe it should be the ‘shite’ part through utter IGNORANCE.