Spark of the Day! Love and Miracles for Blind Man

“I didn’t think anyone would want to marry me, but she said she did.”

Shander Herian had been blind since an accident at the age of 10, but that didn’t matter to his wife to be. It was an arranged marriage for the Brit of Indian heritage and the Gurjeet said “yes”.

The couple worked hard. Together they assembled computers and sold them. She drove him to the customers and he used a braille keyboard to set up the software. Two daughters and ten years later they were millionaires.

Then he could see again.

An uplifting story of love and miracles that’s just what I needed on Monday morning.

You read a story like this, you feel good and you realize that compared to some people you have no problems at all!


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2 responses to “Spark of the Day! Love and Miracles for Blind Man

  1. West Side Davie

    Thanks BFP. I need that too. 😉

  2. Chicago

    I read the story about his wife helping to be his eyes when he groped to put in the computer parts. He had the knowledge but was blind, she had the eyes to help him and they made a life together. When I contrast that to the boys on the block sitting there doing nothing all day waiting for the next handout or government something i see that the problems are not ‘the economy’ or ‘lack of opportunity for young people’. The problems with the boys on the block is they are lazy good for nothing.