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Mark Pickering, meet Mark Atkinson… and bring some Certified Angus Beef

What do American cowboys think of Barbados?

What do Bajans think about Kansas beef?

Beef and Barbados, but our story is about much more than that subject…

Congratulations to Mark Atkinson who is the new executive chef at Tamarind Cove. I read about him in Barbados Today’s article Tamarind Cove gets new top chef where we also stole borrowed the above photo.

Mark Pickering is in charge of sales for Hotel Food Supplies in Bridgetown and although I don’t know him, I know about his work because I chanced upon a very interesting article in Drovers Cattle Network magazine: Five Minutes with Mark Pickering, hotel food supplies in Barbados.

The two Marks probably already know each other. I surmised that after reading a US cattleman’s magazine article about selling beef to Barbados. Thanks to the internet, I now have a better appreciation about how Bajans and their guests like their beef and how that differs from the South American markets and suppliers.

But that’s not the real message of this post. Continue reading


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Commission of Enquiry into the failure of CL Financial Limited, et al

“It is my submission that the means by which our political parties are financed is at the very heart of this affair.”

“…the very purpose of the Enquiry will be frustrated unless the Terms of Reference are robustly interpreted.”

“Political Party financing is at the centre of the fiasco.”

Afra Raymond’s second submission to the Commission

by Afra Raymond

Afra Raymond’s second submission to the Commission of Enquiry into the failure of CL Financial Limited, Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited, Clico Investment Bank Limited, Caribbean Money Market Brokers Limited, and The Hindu Credit Union Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

My name is Afra Martin Raymond and I am a Chartered Surveyor, being a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.  I am Managing Director of Raymond & Pierre Limited – Chartered Valuation Surveyors, Real Estate Agents and Property Consultants.  I am also the President of the Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry (JCC), an umbrella organisation which represents the interests of Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, Town Planners and Contractors in this Republic.

This submission is being made in my personal capacity and does not represent the position of either Raymond & Pierre Limited or the JCC.

My work on this vital issue has all been based on the public record and can be seen at www.afraraymond.com. I am willing to give oral evidence before the Commission.

My areas for focus in this submission are –

Fiduciary Duty of Directors and Officers

The burning question is – When did the Directors and Officers of CL Financial (CLF) know that the group was heading to collapse?  When did the Directors and Officers of the failed subsidiaries know?

What did they know and when did they know it?

How much warning did their management controls give them?  The question is pertinent and the time-line is instructive – Continue reading


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