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Attention Barbados Chief Immigration Officer: Objection to granting of work permit for Super Centre

by Robert D. Lucas

Recently, on the call-in program “Down to Brass Tacks” of 11th February 2011, there was some discussion about the merits of an application for a work permit for a “Fresh Food Specialist,” as advertised for by Super Centre Limited. As a result, someone from the firm called the program, to clarify the nature of the requirements for the job. These requirements included a knowledge of fresh as well as delicatessen food handling capabilities.

Let me first of all, declare an interest, having in the past, taught members of the Environmental Health Department (EHD) of the Ministry of Health at the Barbados Community College (BCC). Students are first required to do an associate degree in public health and then the post graduate diploma in a programme called “Meats and other Foods.” Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at: Dominion – a detective noir webseries

Can’t hardly wait for the Dominion premier on March 2, 2011!

Sean Michael Field, Rodney Smith and Andrew Stoute are some of the most talented film guys we know and they have created what might be a new genre: The detective noir webseries. We’ve watched the Dominion trailers and we’re more than intrigued – we are excited because what we see is compelling in every way: plot, visuals, characters. We can’t wait for the official debut.

BFP regulars know that we’ve been big fans of Sean Field (the handsome devil in the photo) since he made the girls swoon with his HIV condom advert a few years back. (Shona just walked by, saw what I wrote and is starting to giggle.) Since then he’s moved to Hollywood where he continues to land movie and major commercial roles as he progresses in a tough business. Talent and hard work are paying off for Sean and we’re proud of him. It’s so good to see a truly decent guy doing well in a tough town like Hollywood.

Sean is hanging around back home in Barbados until Monday, so say hi if you see him!

What is Dominion all about?

Here’s what the Dominion website says. You can watch the trailers by clicking here or on the banner.

“DOMINION” is a webseries that revolves around a detective, Jeremiah Grey, who is pulled into the world of the supernatural by his newest client, an enigmatic woman named “Marco”. He must make the choice to follow Marco into a dangerous new world… or die getting out.

Each webisode will be 5-8 minutes in length and it is structured much like a comic book with a major story arc covering 5-6 webisodes. The first major arc will cover Jeremiah’s introduction to Marco’s world while the rest of the 24 webisode season will cover the consequences of his exposure and his quest to either escape or join Marco on her mission.


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Barbados don’t need no stinkin’ Environmental Legislation because we got another loan!

Inter-American Development Bank loans another US$40 Million to our Great-Great Grandchildren

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition champagne, childrens! We fooled them again and they gave us more money for “the environment” without building in requirements to perform or to meet specific project goals and accountability indicators.

Mmmmmmmm… More champagne and pate and we don’t have to do anything for it. I wonder how long we can keep getting away with this?

Fact #1: IDB Loans Barbados US$30 million for Coastal Protection

Fact #2: Barbados has no Environmental Legislation.

Fact #3: Our new Environment Minister says imposing fines for Environmental degradation is not a good idea.

Fact #4: Barbados has a history of receiving international grants and loans for Environmental Projects and then diverting the funds and otherwise failing to accomplish the stated goals.

Fact #5: Barbados government people are experts in hiding the truth.

Fact #6: The Government is uninterested in citizen-led Environmental projects if there are no big international funding possibilities.

Fact #7: Those International bankers and agencies that keep loaning us the money with no results required? They like it so.

Okay, let’s look at each item on the above list because this whole process of government celebrating every new debt and we not getting any worthwhile results for our money while the environment heads for the suck well just sickens me. All we can do is just keep on telling it like it is and laying the facts before the people. Continue reading


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