Economy Minister quotes blogs as she chides Bermuda Industrial Union over sacked bus driver

Kim Wilson is part of Paula Cox’s mousy government and part of the problem

by Bermuda Jim

When the Paula Cox government backed down from an illegal strike over the firing of a bus driver who deserved to be fired, I said,

“Chris Furbert, Bermuda Industrial Union president, just taught the government of Bermuda who’s boss – and it isn’t the elected representatives of the people of Bermuda. Government used to be the largest employer in Bermuda, but now that title resides with Chris Furbert.

This is big, my friends. The repercussions of this will haunt the government of Premier Paula Cox until forever.”

… from the BFP article Bermudian Transport Minister a weak, timid mouse. Surrenders credibility to Bermuda Industrial Union

Other blogs reflected a similar general mood, and it looks like that feeling registered at least with Economy Minister Kim Wilson (photo above). Wilson is quoted in the Royal Gazette…

“Madam President, I read the blogs and from what I have gathered, Bermuda was appalled by the actions of the Department of Public Transportation worker who called in sick for an extended period and so lacked respect for his employer that he was brazen enough to show up at his place of employment to do a hustle for a colleague for several consecutive days. What’s more, the same worker forged the name of the colleague that he was filling in for.”

Bermuda’s Economy Minister quoted in Royal Gazette’s Minister calls for better work ethic

Paula Cox government showed leadership in the wrong direction

The problem for the Paula Cox government is that Bermudians are not only “appalled by the actions of the Department of Public Transportation worker”, they are appalled by the government’s mousy surrender to the Bermuda Industrial Union. Bermudians are also appalled that Kim Wilson should be blaming Bermudians in general for their “poor work ethic” when the government reinforced the union stance that a government job is a job for life whether you work or not.

In a time when good people are begging for jobs and can’t find work, when the government was in a position of strength and public support for the firing of the bus driver, Premier Paula Cox showed that she doesn’t have what it takes.

What will Kim Wilson, Transport Minister Terry Lister and Premier Paula Cox do next time Chris Furbert and the Bermuda Industrial Union flex their muscles? Cry, or run away again and blame Bermudians for their “poor work ethic”?


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3 responses to “Economy Minister quotes blogs as she chides Bermuda Industrial Union over sacked bus driver

  1. Wilson is no better than the rest of plp “cogs in the wheel” ,strutting around in high heels,patronizing the rest of us struggling to survive .Ewart Brown’s black bourgeois elite,squandered the future of generations,burdening them with billions in debt.They sat on their hands ,partying & taking world wide trips,as Ewart Brown looted the treasury, gave millions to friends & family,now the island is facing the worst crisis in 60 years!

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