How many women reporters were gang raped during the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Hundreds of Freedom Loving, Jubilent Egyptians celebrate Mubarak’s fall with public gang rape, shouting “JEW, JEW, JEW”

CBS 60 Minutes news reporter Lara Logan was separated from her crew and dragged off into the crowd in the Cairo’s main square last Friday where she was brutally gang-raped in public for half an hour. Hundreds of celebrants chanted “Jew Jew Jew” as she was beaten and raped by countless men.

CBS News kept the story quiet until it started to break as rumours on the blogs. The above photo was taken moments before she was pulled into the crowd.

Where does the Egyptian culture of misogyny come from?

As we said in a previous article…

It is a mistake to think that changing any country’s system of government to “democracy” automatically results in gains in human rights and freedoms. Democracy only reflects the values and the will of the majority. In the case of Egypt, democracy will reflect Islamic values: not the values that we in Western societies often wrongly attribute to democracy.

Bajan (and Western) democracy is a reflection of our values, laws and history. Egypt’s democracy will be something else: and that “something else” is what the civilized world should greatly fear.

… from BFP’s Why Democracy in Egypt will be a disaster for women and human rights in general

What is happening in Egypt and throughout the Middle East is not what happened in East Berlin.

Demographics are about 90% of everything, and demographics say that the UK and Europe are gone in a few decades no matter what is done now. There’s still time left for the Caribbean and North America, but not much longer.

Stop Immigration Jihad now.

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17 responses to “How many women reporters were gang raped during the fall of the Berlin Wall?

  1. Idiots

    Wunna just pissed that your Zionist enforcer is gone and throughout that region people are standing up against American and Israeli backed dictators. You people are so transparent. The propaganda of using the fear of Islam will not work this time.

  2. BFP

    But what about the Egyptian culture of misogyny? You say that doesn’t exist?

    What about a public gang rape with the chants? That’s okay as far as you’re concerned, right?

    Did that gang rape stem from Egyptian culture or is it a one-off thing never to be repeated and never happened before?

    Or did the Jews stage the whole thing using virtual reality software?

    Please, tell us what you think, Mr. Idiots.

  3. levarac

    This is a horrifying story but to be clear CBS has said that she “suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating”.
    Since that statement I have seen all sorts of conjecture on the web about what ‘really happened’. I truth we just do not know.
    If you put “gang rape” in your headline are you using that as an excuse to let loose on Egypt as a whole?
    As with Gabrielle Giffords let’s focus our thoughts and prayers on the actual victim and their family.

  4. The man wiv no name!!

    i in red d story yet but, BF, yuh implying dat Egyptians have more of a penchant for white women dan white men (Berliners) demselfs? yuh could b right, i doan know but, when i read d story i gun come back tuh yuh!!

  5. Story Changing BFP look into it please

    The NY Post put up a second article saying that “sources” say the attack was just short of rape, (whatever that means) contrary to the original reports. She is in “serious condition” whatever that means. Was it attempted rape? Is the source quoted correct? Don’t forget there was an attempt to quash the story at first. Why would that happen? So as not to spoil the “Egypt is free” storyline? More questions than answers at this point.

  6. The man wiv no name!!

    This IS a very serious and disturbing story and illustrates man’s willingness to take advantage of turmoil to abuse women. It’s not a new phenomenon but one which we should all condemn and I CONDEMN IT!

    As for the imperfections of democracy; it’s true, but it’s the best system we have at the moment. We must continually strive to improve it at every point that we can. It doesn’t evn always “reflect the values and the will of the majority”, I assure you – mercifully in some instances, regrettably in others! I can agree with you that Europe and the UK are probably finished if things continue at this rate. The one little glimmer of hope for them is the postulated introduction of a PR voting system. Maybe, Bim and the rest of the Caribbean should consider it too.

  7. Story Changing BFP look into it please

    What is a PR voting system and why is it better?


    here we go again….blame a whole race of people for the actions of a few nuts. great journalism BFP. :-{

  9. Dubya

    The news stories are clear about one thing, it wasn’t a “few nuts” it was hundreds chanting Joo Joo Joo Joo. Islamic Misogyny is not “a few nuts” it is ingrained and part of the Islamic belief system. A woman’s word is worth only 1/4 of a man’s word, that is straight from the Q’uaran.

  10. Dubya

    So tired of the apologists who deny deny deny that there is anything wrong with Islam. By their fruits you shall know them.

  11. levarac

    alternative attacking headline:
    “How many German women were gang raped by (Christian) Russian soldiers during (and after) the fall of Berlin?”

  12. thirty million Russians slaughtered

    you are absolutely correct.

    There is no justification for rape and murder but in context of the brutal annihilation of and elimination of millions of Russians the comment is asomewhat unfortunate analogy. Google Stalingrad and you will get a perspective of what the Russian people faced in the late 1930’s and first half of the 1940’s

    The joint forces of America, Canada, Britain and yes even Barbados were in contrast liberators of freedom and democracy
    to some very grateful countries.

    The only people holding an iron fist over Egyptians is there own government that has failed to reform for thirty years. This is when the top comes off the lid.

    Permitting a reporter who is merely commenting on these cataclysmic changes in Egypt to be raped while the crowd is chanting its approval is not a good sign of things to come.

  13. Mr Coco

    This vicious, despicable, nauseauating crime could not possibly have occured. Islam is the religion of peace.

  14. pantycostal

    my name is jippy doyle. i does foop a lot of young girls. all part of how i pastor to my flock. and the judicial system in barbados being based on christian principles does let me pastor like this.

  15. The man wiv no name!!

    My friend, PR in this case stands for Proportional Representation. Must b lots on it on the web!

  16. Crusoe

    The Middle Eastern view on women does not respect women, fully stop. The excuse that women are covered for humility sake and to protect is rubbish and the only reason is to keep women ‘where they belong’.

    If you think otherwise you are fooling yourself.

    In the Egypt / CBS case, it involved not only this but also the ‘crowd mentality’, aka lynch mob.

    One of the most terrifying things in the world is a lynch mob, as depicted in the case. No commonsense, nor logical thought, just the urge to work as one unit and ‘lynch’ the target.

    Can happen in Slovenia, Texas, Mexico (if you dont get murdered by the drug lords first), UK, Germany, Norway, Trinidad or even Barbados.


  17. just want to know

    and it can happen in Barbados too if we are not more vigilant