Mobile X-Ray Scanner enhances security at Barbados Port

The strange looking vehicle at the Barbados Port is call an HCV – Heimann Cargo Vision. We haven’t seen anything in the local media about it so when we saw a post at Big Lorry Blog we stole borrowed their photo in the hopes that some of our readers could contribute to the story.

Does anyone know how much this thing is actually used because I haven’t seen it used once, but then again I wasn’t looking for it and now I will when I pass by the port.

I’m also wondering about the serviceability and operational availability. Knowing how the ocean salt air kills computers and expensive cameras around this place and also knowing how expensive new government toys often end up sitting unserviceable sometimes for years (think Doppler Radar at the airport), it would be interesting to watch how much the HCV is actually used over time.

How much is the vehicle worth? Who paid for it? (Probably the USA???) Who pays for the upkeep? (Probably the Port???)

The HCV looks like it could be an extremely useful piece of equipment in cutting crime and ensuring safety – but only if it is used regularly and maintained as it should be.

Here’s what someone wrote as a comment at Big Lorry Blog. If you are interested in trucks and equipment, you’ll love Big Lorry Blog.

Built by Smiths Detection, the HCV-Mobile can inspect stationary vehicles or loads in the same fashion as airport imaging machines. The HCV-Mobile is a high-energy mobile system that can penetrate up to 270 mm steel for inspection of fully loaded trucks, vehicles and containers at the port. The vehicle-mounted HCV-Mobile can inspect up to 30 trucks per hour. Its detailed image resolution capability can be used to reveal smuggled goods, weapons and drugs.


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5 responses to “Mobile X-Ray Scanner enhances security at Barbados Port

  1. more questions

    Is it used? Does nayone know how to use it? Has anyone been trained properly to use it? Who paid for it , how much and who put up the money and on what terms?

    I am sure the Port will fully report shortly!

  2. 103

    why should the port discuss publicly what security systems they have in place?

    The fact that you don’t know about it is evidence only of your not knowing.

    The last time I checked the doppler radar was in St. John not at the airport.

    I guess no one told you about that one either

  3. BFP

    Hey 103,

    The Port can discuss what it wants to. So can we.

    Why shouldn’t taxpayers know who funded the equipment, how much it costs and if it is being well utilized? None of that would jeopardize security or compromise the reason why the equipment is at the Port.

    You must be one of the elites who don’t want ordinary folks to know how their money is spent.

  4. Portman

    It is for scanning containers – and since the Barbados Port is the epicenter for the importation of bombs, nukes, Guns I can see the need for this. Since we don’t export anything they cannot be using it for that. The dept of homeland insecurity also uses these. It is a bit of a waste though because after the port personnel have rummaged through the containers, and stolen… I mean taken “samples” they have already seen all that is in the containers. But hey, then again, the Barbados Port is the most expensive, inefficient, overcharging, union run waste of space port in the Caribbean that only lives to drive up the cost of everything consumed in the island. Par for the course I say. I give it 2 weeks until they break it – if they have got it to work at all. Maybe they will irradiate themselves with it. A man can only hope.

  5. watcher

    maybe it has something to do with BTA targeting Russian tourists….wanting to keep them all safe and all.