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Mobile X-Ray Scanner enhances security at Barbados Port

The strange looking vehicle at the Barbados Port is call an HCV – Heimann Cargo Vision. We haven’t seen anything in the local media about it so when we saw a post at Big Lorry Blog we stole borrowed their photo in the hopes that some of our readers could contribute to the story.

Does anyone know how much this thing is actually used because I haven’t seen it used once, but then again I wasn’t looking for it and now I will when I pass by the port. Continue reading


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Barbados Tourism Authority targets Russia: Good idea?

What will be the BTA’s Return on Investment for Russia’s “My Planet Travel Awards”?

by Nevermind Kurt

The few Russian visitors I personally meet while working or at the beach are nice enough people. They are polite in their own way, keep to themselves and are quiet except when they’re not quiet and then they are boisterous and happy, not the mean drinkers that I sometimes see from elsewhere. They have money. The ones I see generally bring their children along. I think that some of the “keep to themselves” impression comes from the language difference. When their English is better the Russians seem friendlier because you can talk to them. That is my experience and, as they say, your mileage may vary!

The Russians are easy enough to please as tourists and they are a pleasure after dealing with finicky and unfriendly Germans. Some stereotypes exist because they’re true, you know. Continue reading


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