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Boston Globe: Richard Goddard “Barbados’s most stubborn man”

Ha! We concur…

The Boston Globe is carrying an article about Richard Goddard and the New Year’s Day hike to keep the Old Indian Trail open. This is another in a series of Barbados articles by correspondent Patricia Borns who seems to like Barbados and Bajans.

Ordinarily Richard Goddard, known as “Barbados’s most stubborn man,” isn’t the church going type. But on New Year’s Day, the 12th.-generation Barbadian rallied 30-odd islanders to hike the Old Indian Trail to church in order to protect an ancient public right of way.

… continue reading the Boston Globe article Preserving a right of passage in Barbados


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Marriott Courtyard Barbados: Adrian Loveridge says this kind of competion is good for everyone

Why doesn’t Barbados tap into a major Customer Loyalty Rewards system?

After reading Adrian Loveridge’s new article (below) we went over to TripAdvisor to see if there were any reviews of the new Courtyard and we found only one so far. What it says underlines Adrian’s observations on the benefits of partnering with a major Customer Loyalty Rewards system. The reviewer says:

“As one of only three chains on the hotel, (Marriott Courtyard) is by far the most reasonably priced (the Hilton was almost double the price!), and lets you earn loyalty points. That was really the only reason I stayed here, otherwise I would stay at a Beach Resort for the same price.”

Adrian has been trying to get the Barbados Tourism Authority to partner with a major rewards programme for years, but to no avail. A damned shame that the BTA continues to spend millions and millions on the same old same old. Too bad they can’t give Adrian Loveridge 5% of that annual budget and let him run with his ideas, while measuring the results.

(“Measure the results?” the BTA gasps. “Just wouldn’t do here in Bim!”)

Here’s Adrian’s new article. You can also read it at BusinessBarbados.com

Courtyard exposes Barbados to 34 million Marriott Rewards members – hardcore travelers all!

by Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

The opening of the new Courtyard by Marriott can only be heralded as a positive development for Barbados.

Marriott was founded by J. Willard Marriott in 1927 when he and his wife opened a root beer stand in Washington D.C. It has become a lodging empire of more than 3,400 properties spread across 68 countries and territories with an annual revenue of US$10.9 billion in 2009.

Their son and current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, J. W. (Bill) Marriott, Junior, has led the company to spectacular worldwide growth and now includes luxury brands like Ritz Carlton and the emerging Bulgari Hotels and Resorts.

But their strength is not limited to the so called ‘high end’. Continue reading


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