Terry Schwarzfeld killer’s sentence increased to 15 years

Curtis Joel Foster to receive “anger management” classes

Most Canadians and Barbadians were outraged in March of 2010 when Terry Schwarzfeld’s killer was allowed to plead to manslaughter and sentenced with a slap of the wrist to only ten years in prison. The government appealed and the courts upped Foster’s sentence to 15 years with the decision being announced on Friday last. In a sop to the idea that monstrous evil can be “rehabilitated”, the judge also ordered that Foster be given “anger management” classes. This is in contrast to a number of Barbadians who suggest that Foster’s “anger management” lessons would be better delivered at the end of a hangman’s noose.

At the time of the original sentencing the Schwarzfeld family said that ten years for murdering Terry “made no sense.” The prosecutor called ten years “unduly lenient, does not reflect public concern”.

Bajans generally agreed with the Schwarzfeld family, with the exception of former Attorney General Dale Marshall, who pretty well said to Canadians It’s none of your business how we punish Schwarzfeld’s killer – You’ll still come here for vacations anyway.

Murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld called “white trash” at Hartley Henry’s blog of choice

Schwarzfeld’s killing also brought out the hardcore racists in Barbados who responded to the murder of a white tourist with Barbados Underground blog’s published calls for genocide of whites, jews, chinese, indians and generally any Bajans or visitors of non-African heritage. I know it’s hard to believe that people still say things like that in this day, but there are hardcore racists in every community and Barbados is no different.

What was surprising at the time was that Hartley Henry, the Democratic Labour Party advisor to then Prime Minister David Thompson, continued to publish exclusive articles at Barbados Underground even after that blog published calls for racial genocide. In the United States, Britain or Canada Hartley Henry’s action would have produced outrage and scandal, but in Barbados there wasn’t so much as a mention of the “Terry Schwarzfeld is white trash” statements outside of the blogs. The news media weren’t going to touch that one!

Canadian News Media purging stories about Terry Schwarzfeld – Why?

In a matter of months after Terry Schwarzfeld was murdered at Long Beach, the Canadian news media began purging Schwarzfeld stories from the internet when other news stories from the same time period were left untouched and still remain on the internet two years later.

Only a few Terry Schwarzfeld stories remain, not much more than a photo. The stories with details of the crime and telling of how the Barbados police ignored a one-man serious crime wave of rapes and robberies at Long Beach for over a year prior to the Schwarzfeld murder are long gone from the internet.

The Barbados Tourism Authority spends millions in advertising in Canada and nothing more needs to be said except that old Bajan saying of “You can own land and keep it secret, but you can’t work land and keep it secret.”

In other words: the Canadian news media’s act of erasing Terry Schwarzfeld from the public record is visible for anyone to see if they look.

What happened to Foster’s rape charges?

When Curtis Joel Foster chased down Canadian tourist Teresa “Terry” Schwarzfeld at Long Beach in early 2009 and beat her to death he was 24 years old and in the middle of a one man violent crime wave that had been going on at Long Beach for over a year. Foster committed multiple robberies, thefts, assaults and is or was charged with at least one rape of a tourist, but the press has said little about the other charges.

We recall Foster pleading guilty to some of the other robbery charges and receiving two years in jail, but at that time the status of the rape charge or charges was not mentioned in the papers. Maybe we missed the news. Can anyone update our readers on the status of Foster’s rape charges?

For the public record, here is the current story about the increased sentence for Schwarzfeld’s killer. To be fair you should go to the newspaper’s website to read it – but we’re going to print the entire article here because it’s likely that it too will disappear from the public record in short order, no doubt followed by a sudden increase in the newspaper’s advertising revenues from the Barbados Tourism Authority…

From the Montreal newspaper Gazette

Harsher sentence for man who killed Ottawa woman in Barbados

An Appeals Court in Barbados has imposed a harsher sentence on an island man who killed Ottawa tourist Terry Schwarzfeld two years ago.

In a ruling Friday, the court determined that the 10-year prison term originally handed to Curtis Joel Foster was “unduly lenient” and did not reflect the “serious and violent nature” of the case, the Barbados Advocate reported.

Foster’s sentence was extended to 15 years, retroactive to last March. The Appeals Court also ordered him to undergo anger management and counselling.

In imposing the new sentence, the court referred to the violent nature of the crime. It also hinted at how a lenient sentence could undermine public confidence in the island’s justice system, which could impact Barbados’ lucrative tourism industry, the backbone of the economy.

“The extent of criminality in this case was very serious,” the court stated in its written ruling. “The beach is a place of relaxation and recreation for many. There are others who go there to ply their wares and offences of this kind engender fear among members of the public and are likely to have a serious effect on the country.”

Foster, a 25-year-old former security guard, had eight previous criminal convictions. He attacked Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law, Luana Cotsman, in broad daylight as they walked on the island’s Long Beach Feb. 28, 2009.

Using a piece of wood the size of a baseball bat, he struck Schwarzfeld on the back of the head, fracturing her skull.

Schwarzfeld, a prominent member of Ottawa’s Jewish community, never regained consciousness. She died March 18, 2009 in an Ottawa hospital.

Foster also struck Cotsman on the arm and head with the bludgeon, knocking her out. It took her months to recover from her physical injuries.

Foster was originally charged with murder, but prosecutors accepted his plea of guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter because they weren’t convinced a jury would find, on the evidence, that he intended to kill Schwarzfeld.

Ottawa Citizen


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  1. follow the money

    “Canadian News Media purging stories about Terry Schwarzfeld – Why?”

    Its got nothing to do with Barbados. and the murder of Terry Schwarzfeld.

    Billions and billions of dollars flow in and out of Canadian banks in Barbados every week on their way to tax free status into never never land and off the radar. Ottawa is where these offensive and unbalanced treaties are created euphemistically called investment treaties.

    Barbadians are not well served by a treaty that does not improve their life or assist them with their basic institutions and overall well being.

    The elephant in the room has farted but the stench is overpowering.

  2. vancet

    HANG UM HIGH !!!
    iS all I gotta say …

  3. Sue

    He shoulda get thirty years fir dat!

  4. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Don’t you find it interesting that HRH HH and WIV (Waiting in Vain) have simultaneously disappeared from the blogs? However, “what will they think of next” seems so familiar……hmmmmm.

  5. J. Payne

    Well the Canadians could always tear it up because other countries are claiming CARIBCAN was unfair and then it still wont help Barbadians…

    The only aim of these treaties the Barbados government signs is to get Barbadians employed and off the government welfare. They hardly ever have any forward thinking provisions like transfer of technical skills aspects so that Barbadians can be taught to do the job on their own or anything like that thereafter. And whenever Barbadians cost to much for a job the Barbados government will bring in people from India, China or Nigeria to fill the post role. Anyone remember all the nurses at QEH or the workers at Kensington Oval? Barbados’ debt is too high so it wont be long before it start cutting healthcare. They already raise the VAT and cutting health and education waste so more trims can’t be far behind because building all those houses for poor people costs a lot but wont bring in a dime.

  6. J. Payne

    So the judges in Barbados feel it will take 15 years to rehabilitate him??? Can they provide a guarantee he wont kill again?

  7. Mr Coco

    You know if Foster murdered Swartzfeld in her hometown Ottawa, with Canada’s obscene sentencing guidelines and bleeding heart judges( i.e.Jane Creba’s killers joke sentences) he would have received a similiar sentence, maybe less. Factor in Canada’s presentence timeserved allowance and he probably will spend more and worse time locked up in Barbados. Sure 15 yrs sounds low and the optics are terrible but it could be worse.