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New threats against Barbados blogger Ian Bourne, Bajan Reporter blog

BLP says Bourne “taking this freedom of the press thing too far”

Most of the writers at Barbados Free Press choose to remain anonymous. Ian Bourne (photo above), Adrian Loveridge and other bloggers who have the courage to publish under their own names have paid the price over the years. Bourne and Loveridge experienced death threats and worse because they put their names to their words. Loveridge was fired from a couple of positions and had his weekly newspaper column killed by the Minister of Tourism because he was critical of the government, if ever so gentle.

After reading of new threats to Ian Bourne, we staff at BFP will continue to remain anonymous, thank you very much.


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Terry Schwarzfeld killer’s sentence increased to 15 years

Curtis Joel Foster to receive “anger management” classes

Most Canadians and Barbadians were outraged in March of 2010 when Terry Schwarzfeld’s killer was allowed to plead to manslaughter and sentenced with a slap of the wrist to only ten years in prison. The government appealed and the courts upped Foster’s sentence to 15 years with the decision being announced on Friday last. In a sop to the idea that monstrous evil can be “rehabilitated”, the judge also ordered that Foster be given “anger management” classes. This is in contrast to a number of Barbadians who suggest that Foster’s “anger management” lessons would be better delivered at the end of a hangman’s noose. Continue reading


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