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Barbados Sugar Cane Industry: The dinosaur that fails to go extinct

UPDATED: June 28, 2013  

With all the current talk about injecting $450 million into the ruins of our sugar industry and splurging on a “retro-fit” (whatever that REALLY means) for the St. Joseph sugar factory, we’re going to revisit this earlier article for a day.

Also worthwhile is a piece by our old friend Colin Beadon, who says forget about sugar – Barbados should grow food.

Time to kill the beast that will not die

by “Mr. Thompson”

“Politicians would have you believe that the sugar cane industry is a major employer and having it collapse would have significant social and economic impacts on the country. I would suggest the opposite, subsidizing its survival will result in social and economic hardships for the country.”

Recently both national newspapers have published political articles about the Barbados sugar industry and what has to be done for its survival.



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Bermudian Transport Minister a weak, timid mouse. Surrenders credibility to Bermuda Industrial Union

Island Time Celebration: Bus driver goes sick to work 2nd job. Caught once before but can’t be sacked!

“Hey man. This be island time. Nobody get fired. Nobody is responsible for anything. Why you mek waves an fuss ’bout nothing? So de man de bus driver phone in sick, then he go to second job. Wat wrong with dat?”

Bermudian Transport Minister Terry Lister surrendered all of his and the government’s credibility today when he reinstated a bus driver who had been caught phoning in sick to work a second job.

The union had been holding the entire country hostage in an illegal strike over the firing of a bus driver who was caught out booking sick to work a second job – and this was the driver’s second offense! He was sacked and instead of being ashamed of his behaviour, the Union decided there was no problem here.

Bermuda Industrial Union teaches the government a lesson

Chris Furbert, Bermuda Industrial Union president, just taught the government of Bermuda who’s boss – and it isn’t the elected representatives of the people of Bermuda. Government used to be the largest employer in Bermuda, but now that title resides with Chris Furbert.

This is big, my friends. The repercussions of this will haunt the government of Premier Paula Cox until forever.

… based upon a submission by “Bermuda Jim”

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