An Irishman talks about Lawrence Duprey, Leroy Parris and CLICO Barbados

Okay, okay… this Irish chap doesn’t mention them Lawrence or Leroy by name, but he be talkin’ bout them fur sur!

Almost 2 million views on YouTube because he just tells it like it is.

Auntie Moses: this video is definitely not for your sensitive ears…



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5 responses to “An Irishman talks about Lawrence Duprey, Leroy Parris and CLICO Barbados

  1. Canajan

    Too bad this guy did not say exactly what he means, instead of beating around the bush.

    For excellent accounts about how the financial crisis was allowed to happen see the movie Inside Job – coming on DVD soon.

    Also, the book All the Devils Are Here

    It is the same everywhere.

  2. watcher

    Simple and truth !!!…he left out the lawyers that arranged all of this . Wonder who they were?

  3. Politically Tired

    Saw this a while ago, pity more people aren’t this blunt & honest!

  4. Mr Coco

    Very funny. Thanks BFP

  5. omission


    he did indeed miss out lawyers and only got to three out of the four causes for the financial disasters and mismanagement facing the world. Lawyers were definitley on the list but his anger at Banks and Director fees and bonuses was so intense that he couldn’t get them all in one short interview. As well don’t forget the accountants that were front and centre watching and supporting the deck of cards being built.