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Barbados High Court Judge: Public execution murders and witnesses won’t testify, undermining courts.

When the police cannot or will not protect witnesses, can we expect anything else?

High court Justice Randall Worrell (above) is worried about a trend that is undermining our court system and threatening the very fabric of our society: after witnessing their friends murdered on the street in execution-style killings, witnesses don’t want to testify to the point that they are changing their stories or running off the island.

Well, do ya think? Consider that most of the time when the police are called, they take their own sweet time to arrive. A month or so ago there was a gun battle at a football match in Boscobel and the police never arrived for almost an hour! At the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary shots were fired the police never came at all. Continue reading


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An Irishman talks about Lawrence Duprey, Leroy Parris and CLICO Barbados

Okay, okay… this Irish chap doesn’t mention them Lawrence or Leroy by name, but he be talkin’ bout them fur sur!

Almost 2 million views on YouTube because he just tells it like it is.

Auntie Moses: this video is definitely not for your sensitive ears…



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