Plastic Bag: A love story about the Great Pacific Vortex

Plastic Bag is probably one of the most interesting environmental films I’ve seen in a long time because of its technique of setting the message in a love story. On one level, it IS a love story that could have been made with a person at the center of the plot. The main character in this 18 minute movie: a grocery store plastic bag searching for love, the meaning of life and his maker.

“Nothing could destroy me. I went to worlds I had never seen. What kind of giant monsters had lived here, and where were they now?”

“I would tell my maker just one thing. I wish you had created me so that I could die.”

It was so compelling that I watched the entire thing twice. Plastic Bag is “only” a little indie film, but it does the job so stealthily that it grabs your interest right away and you don’t at first realize where the movie is going.

Why can’t I make stuff like this?

Thanks to HiLowBrow for the original story Make Me to Die


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3 responses to “Plastic Bag: A love story about the Great Pacific Vortex

  1. what will they think of next

    Not really related to the topic, but of quite some interest to the BFP team:-

    From Kaieteurnewsonline

    “The most requests for information under FOI legislation come from media houses.
    But if all the countries with FOIAs are evaluated, it will be demonstrated that FOI legislation has not caused any dramatic increase in the availability of previously unavailable information.
    The reason is simple. FOI Acts are a smokescreen. They also give the appearance of openness and transparency but in the final analysis there are thousands of ways in which access to information can be denied under FOI Acts.
    So having an FOIA in place is not necessarily a good thing, because the very legislation that will create opportunities for public disclosure, can prevent public officials, who would normally freely provide such information, from doing do so. FOI legislation can include provisions to control the release of information, and any unauthorized release can find persons facing sanctions.”

    BFP try not to hang your hat on a Freedom of information act.

  2. The man wiv no name!!

    When i saw the Red Plastic Bag, for a minute there i thought u were referring to a famous Barbadian entertainer!

  3. BFP

    Hello what will they think of next,

    We don’t “hang our hat” on any law to solve our problems, but we know that without laws there isn’t a hope in hell for Barbados. The FOI is a foundation for what has to happen on this island but that is why the politicians won’t have it.

    The DLP promised they would implement FOI and Integrity legislation within 100 days of forming the government. The DLP promised they would implement a Ministerial Code immediately upon election. Those promises greatly impacted the election and may have been the tipping point.

    The DLP lied. They didn’t do what they promised and they didn’t hold the previous government accountable for their corruption.

    DLP is no different than the corrupt government of Arthur.