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Plastic Bag: A love story about the Great Pacific Vortex

Plastic Bag is probably one of the most interesting environmental films I’ve seen in a long time because of its technique of setting the message in a love story. On one level, it IS a love story that could have been made with a person at the center of the plot. The main character in this 18 minute movie: a grocery store plastic bag searching for love, the meaning of life and his maker.

“Nothing could destroy me. I went to worlds I had never seen. What kind of giant monsters had lived here, and´╗┐ where were they now?”

“I would tell my maker just one thing. I wish you had created me so that I could die.”

It was so compelling that I watched the entire thing twice. Plastic Bag is “only” a little indie film, but it does the job so stealthily that it grabs your interest right away and you don’t at first realize where the movie is going.

Why can’t I make stuff like this?

Thanks to HiLowBrow for the original story Make Me to Die


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