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From Barbados to England in the 1950s – Adventure, racism and a new life on the buses.

“Don’t Forget to Keep Your Chest Warm”

Like thousands of other young Bajans and Caribbean folks in the 1950s, George Applewhaite left his family and headed for “Mother England” to work as a bus conductor. And like most of his contemporaries, Applewhaite found that not all Brits were happy to see their cities “invaded” by people with dark skin and strange accents.

Fifty-six years later the pensioner looks back on his adventures and memories of the those times in his new book Don’t Forget to Keep Your Chest Warm. For his next book, he’s writing about his childhood in Watts Village.

“Mr Applewhaite said many people have told him his stories shone a light on an era when people acted in a more sociable and generous manner towards each other, but some tales reveal the occasional racial prejudice he encountered in Oxfordshire.”

… from the Oxford Mail article Book inspired by lifetime of experiences

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London Transport revisits the experiences of some of the recruits from the Caribbean who joined the organisation in the 1950s.


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