Can RedJet really be viable? A future passenger asks some tough questions.

(BFP Editor’s comment: This article was sent to us anonymously and with the exception of the main title and this comment is being printed as it was received. It’s always good to ask questions, but there is sometimes a hidden agenda too, so readers are asked to keep an open mind when reading this article, every other article at BFP and anything you read anywhere!

At BFP we are looking forward to REDjet’s March 1, 2011 first flight and we hope they succeed in the long run. With fares starting at BDS$20, REDjet will shake up intra-island travel to the benefit of the people. Our own Robert has good things to say about REDjet’s aircraft and he’ll be writing a technical article about the MD-80 and REDjet’s two aircraft that he calls “Well proven, well maintained Good Wings”)

What’s really the objective behind the proposed Airone/Redjet low cost airline?


  • Is it practical to operate MD82, old generation, aircraft on a 15 minute route structure?
  • Are $9.99Bds fares realistic or practical?
  • Can REDJET compete with the heavily subsidized LIAT?
  • Will the FAA grant the airline access to the proposed USA market?
  • Why did Jamaican Government not allow Airone to set up operations in Jamaica?
  • Who is the major Barbadian investor listed in the USA Exception Application?
  • Does Barbados Government Civil Aviation organization have the expertise, experience, regulations etc. to approve, monitor and regulate a heavy commercial passenger carrier?
  • Are two proposed aircraft sufficient to operate an on time scheduled passenger service considering weather, mechanicals, maintenance etc.?
  • What Liability Insurance has Barbados demanded of RedJet?

The above questions cause me some concern; as the saying goes – “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.”

I can envision several questionable reasons to setup such an operation, however most of them involve some sort of shady, illegal, graft or other unethical motives. If Airone/Redjet is indeed trying to setup a legitimate low cost passenger service out of Barbados I would hope, hope, hope that the Barbados Authorities, as licensing agents, have carefully reviewed REDjet’s Business Plan.

A single major aircraft accident with loss of life would no doubt come back to haunt the licensing authority, The Barbados Government, in both reputation and financial repercussions.

Possible Future Passenger


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  1. JCP

    If an airline appeared in Barbados and said we are going to offer fares half the price of LIAT, and Caribbean Air I would say what was the catch. But for an airline to say they will charge US$9.99 + price of taxes I don’t see how it could be viable. How much will the price of fuel be alone? Plus the costs to pay staff, pilots, handle staff at airport counter etc… I donno it just sounds strange to me… I keep thinking maybe the US$9.99 is for the first month or something. Unless there is some rich person that wants to give away all their money??? If this was viable couldn’t they have just purchased LIAT and streamlined everything that was losing money in that airline? I donno it all sounds fishy.


    Are you sure they have not already started flying here? Was out this morning near Miami Beach and I saw three of them arrive within a half hour of each other. Maybe test flights?


    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. THIS WILL NOT WORK! I am a flight attendant in the US, and there’s a reason why we got rid of the MD-80’s (maddog as we call them)….THEY ARE OLD! Just google the registration number of redjets first aircraft and you will see it’s orgins! It’s former owner was American Airline and the plane is 26 years old! I’m sick and tired of these investors who buy these old, right-off, not allow to fly in the US due to the amount of cycles they have on them and take the OLD PLANES to third world countries and hype them to the “natives” that the planes are safe! REALLY?? The last plane crash in Caracus last year was exactly the same thing; an MD80 old plane with a “start-up” airline. I HAVE WARNED MY FAMILY STILL IN BARBADOS TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM REDJET IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE. This annoys me to no end. I love reading redjets facebook page and all the hype there trying to feed the bajan public. I’m infact going to start a facebook page advising my caribbean brothers and sisters against the dangers of these aircrafts! COME ON CARIBBEAN PEOPLE; WAKE UP! Who ever heard of using MD-80 aircrafts on inner island hops! You should have purchased some new embraer 170 jet aircrafts if you wanted to be competitive! STAY AWAY FROM REDJET!


    Here is a message on redjets facebook page from the founder and CEO of redjet. The man can’t spell, or compile a letter. WOW, and you trust this man and his company! RUN I SAY, RUN

    Hi Everyone,
    I know lots of people are dying to get their hands on low fares and are frustrated. Believe me the whole airline is ready and waiting. We are working well with the Ministry here in Barbados to give us our final clearance to start selling fares, but we don’t know how long this will be. Our first two aircraft ‘jacqalicious’ and ‘hey jude’ are here looking hot, our cabin crew are trained and ready to go and we ready to launch our website at a moment’s notice. Some of you have seen us flying overhead in Barbados and shortly we will be flying overhead in Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica too so get your camera out, the best picture posted on this page over the next 4 weeks will get a free flight voucher.
    As for the launch date, when we are allowed to I’ll post on our wall an advance message so you can log on first and get those US$9.99 fares, it’s the least we can do! The Great Fare War is coming so make sure your passport is in date!
    Founder REDjet

  5. Please note the fares say “FROM AS LOW AS” to me, does not necessarily connote the fares will be $20 BBD alone? They are on test flights as far as I know…

  6. St George's Dragon

    Presumably they are basing the fare structure on the low cost airlines like Ryan Air in the UK. The headline very low fares are available in small numbers for those who book early. The later you leave booking, the higher the price goes. I can’t see how a $9.99 fare would compromise safety so long as it is balanced by an appropriately high fare at the other end of the scale.
    There are a lot of fierce posts here. Do I detect a LIAT presence?

  7. Under-Disguise

    what happens if somebody gets Vex ?

  8. Under-Disguise

    People have been duped into believing that everything must be expensive
    fact of matter is that wages determine prices
    low wages -low prices
    no wages- ??? prices

  9. Market Vendor

    Bottom line its their money. So long bajan taxpayers aint spending a red cent let redjet do its thing.

  10. watcher

    When AA flew MD80’s they made money. TheMD80 has a very low incident of problems per miles flown. Liat’s planes are not brand new either…something like an average age of 18 years.

    When there is no compeition we all know what happens to prices. If Jet Blue and West Jet were not flying to Barbados my guess would be Air Canada and American would be as expensive to fly on as Liat is. Having Red Jet around will make Liat a better run airline.

  11. Johnny Postle

    To be good to be true? Maybe or maybe not. So am I to believe that the cost of a flight that makes it more exorbitant denotes more safety than one that is cheap? Mechanical failure is a commonality any piece of equipment rather old or new. Ok so the planes are old and probably more susceptible to failure than maybe a newer plane but who is to say that they are not adequately maintain and frequently checked. I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt but not ready to fly thousands of miles with them yet until they can prove the efficiency of their engineering crew and the maintenance that goes into these planes.


    McDonald Douglas is no more. They merge with boing back in 1997. MD-80’s have long been out of production. Heck, even after the MD-80 were finished the MD-90’s & 95 were built; they don’t manufacture those anymore even. The MD-80’s are right off’s here in North America. If you need a part for a MD-80, for example redjet, they will need to get the part of an old MD-80 that has been parked and are now just selling the airplane parts to companies like redjet. Do you want to fly airplanes that replace non-working parts with parts from other old airplanes; THE PARTS ARE NOT NEW….I applaude the ministry in Barbados for delaying the start-up of this airline. Barbados redjet can and will jeopardise your FAA Cat 1 rating you’re trying to get! FYI, I’m not pro LIAT; hell I think they need competition too; but not at the expense of peoples lives with the like of planes by redjet called ‘jacqalicious’ and ‘hey jude’ ……Really; is this CEO for real? You have peoples lives in your hand; no time to be thinking this is to be “fun”….GO AND BUY NEW EMB 170 AIRCRAFTS; THEN I WOULD SAY YOU ARE LEGIT!

  13. Anomynuss

    The way LCCs can start is by buying cheap equipment, watching costs carefully, not providing ANY of the usual frills, and attracting customers by charging very low fares for only a portion of the seats available – I doubt that US$9.99 will be available to everyone on every (or any) flight.

    Contrary to what one if the other comments says, the MD-80 series aircraft are still being flown all over the USA (no, they have not been grounded, and they are safe).

    And – if I remember correctly – they provide a smooth, quiet ride to passengers and crew alike – because the engines are in the rear, not on the wings.

    My feedback tells me that owners/management have been burned by preferring non-regional crew members – some left immediately after receiving free training – and they are now hiring locals, as they should have done from the start. So the money tree has had a few branches trimmed and I am sure they will be wanting to get into revenue operation as soon as possible.

    I have heard two dates of a March start-up, but apparently the delays are in the Civil Aviation administration and are, from some reports, unfathomable and unpredictable in nature.

    IMHO, the sooner they can get going the better.


    @ Anomynuss
    REALLY! When was the last time you googled MD-80’s registration aircrafts to see how many are in service?? DO IT! ALL THE MAJOR AIRLINES IN THE USA FOR EXAMPLE AMERICAN, AND DELTA WHO OPERATE THIS TYPE OF FLEET HAVE PARKED THEIR MD-80’S AND ONLY OPERATE THE MD-90’S & 95’S; I SHOULD KNOW; I WORK WITH ONE OF THEM…We have sold most of their md-80’s to third world countries looking to begin start up services or continue to park these old planes and use them for “parts”. Where you think ‘jacqalicious’ came from? IT WAS A FORMER AMERICAN AIRLINE PLANE AND WAS SOLD TO REDJET. JUST CHECK OUT THE REGISTRATION NUMBER N445AA (cn 49471/1418). It was put out of service along with their other MD-80’s series.


    FYI, I’m really scared to see what type of Flight Attendant training these crews had. I was told that some of them were trained at the PAN AM flight academy in Miami….LOL…really? Please that academy is as legit as sarah palin ever becoming president of the USA….

  16. Anon

    With the advent of Redjet I am convinced that many governments will have to rethink their position on the exorbitant TAXES we have to pay to travel in the region, if they want LIAT to survive.

    Sometimes one can make more money selling a product or service with high volumes at a cheap price, than selling a similar product or service at a high price and low volumes.


    Oh and to cut expenses, redjet had their two aircrafts under-go their C & D checks in COSTA RICA! WOW, talk about cheap labor! Costa Rica doesn’t even have a national airline! Why would a country with no airline have a company that conducts C & D checks on airlines? IT’S CALLED CHEAP LABOR. Why didn’t redjet have those C & D checks done in MIAMI or another reputable company that does these checks in the USA; why Costa Rica?? I applaud the Barbados civil aviation for delaying this start up (not safe) airline! Barbados don’t tarnish your CAT 1 rating for redjet!

  18. Anomynuss

    Sounds like we have a real super aviation expert on our hands… as if Google is the source of all real and relevant information and American Airlines is the only true source of how to run an airline. Just because you happen to work for an airline does not make you an expert.

    FYI, American Airlines and Delta are not the only airlines in the USA. REDjet’s business model is supposed to be based on the Allegiant Airways model, which operate a whole fleet of MD-8X (MD-80/81/82/83/84 series) aircraft.
    “Allegiant’s fleet was selected based on their excellent operating characteristics, reliability and suitability for the airline’s scheduled and charter flight operations including range and passenger capacity. ”

    Yes, believe it or not, there is at least one airline operating wholly with MD-8X aircraft. Staggering, isn’t it.

    And it’s in the USA. Unbelievable. My goodness.

    AirTran Airways at one time operated DC089s (even earlier model than the MD-8X), and Spirit once operated the MD-81, 82 and 83 series. You see, everybody has to start somewhere, and REDjet is starting with MD-8X aircraft. Get over yourself and have a cracker with cheese.

    And in future try to get your facts from reality, please, and not off the back of a cereal box or a “friend”.

    REDjet will be operating with capable aircraft that are perfectly safe and secure, so stop fear-mongering and trying to make it look like a jackass operation before it has even started. If there are problems with REDjet, they will appear soon enough.


    LMAO @ Anomynuss…….are you kiddin’ me? Allegiant Airways based out of Las Vegas? Please don’t put that LCC in the same category as AA or DL. Get your fact right! Allegiant operates MD–83 Configuration 150 Coach & MD–87 Configuration 130 Coach; REDJET IS AN MD-82! ONCE AGAIN ANOMYNUSS YOU ARE SO CLUELESS! LMAO! NAME ME ONE AIRLINE IN NORTH AMERICA THAT OPERATES MD-82………A BIG FAT ZERO! Yes, Spirit airline back in the day 1999-2006 operated and have since RETIRED AND PARKED THESE OLD MD-82’S (just drive by Detriot or Fort Lauderdale airport and you will see them ALL there collecting major dust!

    Are you on redjet’s payroll? (what payroll); so stop trying to feed unsuspected Caribbean people that redjets aircrafts are safe; THEY ARE OLD AND HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE CARRYING PASSENGERS!



    West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 was a West Caribbean Airways charter flight which crashed in a mountainous region in northwest Venezuela killing all 152 passengers and eight crew. The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, was en-route from Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City, Panama to Fort de France, Martinique (FDF) .The aircraft involved in the incident was delivered to Continental Airlines on 4 November 1986 which operated it until 10 January 2005. At that time it was transferred to West Caribbean Airways, registered as HK-4374X. The jet’s tail cone fell off in early July 2005 and was replaced.


  21. observing

    Wikipedia on MD80

    “Commercial operators in July 2010 included American Airlines (282), Delta Air Lines (117), Allegiant Air (66), Alitalia (39), SAS (36), Austral Líneas Aéreas (23), Meridiana (17), Khors Air (14), 1Time Airline (12), Bulgarian Air Charter (12), Wings Air (11), and others with fewer aircraft.[21]”

  22. observing

    wikipedia on Pan Am Flight Academy

    The flight academy, headquartered in Miami, is an aviation school that specializes in training airlines and pilots from around the world. On a lesser scale, the academy also provides air traffic control Aircraft Dispatcher and flight attendant training.[2]

    Pan Am International Flight Academy has training centers located through out the United States and access to many training centers around the world. Pan Am International Flight Academy currently ownes and operates more than 40 simulators and trains on the Beechcraft 1900, Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Boeing 737 (All Models), Boeing 747 100/200/300, Boeing 747 400, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Airbus A300, Airbus 320 family, Airbus 330, McDonnell Douglas DC-9/MD-80 (All Models), McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Canadair CRJ-200 and CRJ-700, Embraer EMB 170, Saab 340, Cessna Caravan CE 208.

    Founded in 1992, the company began operating by using the flight simulation and training center of the then defunct Pan American World Airways. In 2006, American Capital Strategies invested $58 million in PAIFA with their trademarked “One Stop Buyout.”[3]


    hey Anomynuss here is the time line of your PRECIOUS MD-82 aircraft. FIRST ONE BUILT IN 1979AND THE LAST ONE BUILT IN 1997….Yeah I said it; last one built was in 1997….You want me to tell you when ‘jacqalicious’ was built……..DRUM ROLE PLEASE..N445AA (cn 49471/1418) WAS BUILT IN 1987….HERE’S THE INFO YOU DUMBASS! WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW?THOUGHT SO…..

    Airframe Info
    Manufacturer: Mcdonnell Douglas
    Model: DC-9-82(MD-82) Search all Mcdonnell Douglas DC-9-82(MD-82)
    Year built: 1987
    Construction Number (C/N): 49471
    Number of Seats: 172
    Number of Engines: 2
    Engine Manufacturer and Model: P & W JT8D SERIES


    MD-82 timelineAnnounced/go-ahead: April 16, 1979.
    First flight: January 8, 1981.
    FAA certification: July 29, 1981.
    First delivery: August 5, 1981 to Republic Airlines.
    Entry into service: August, 1981 with Republic Airlines.
    Last delivery: November 17, 1997 to U-Land Airlines of Taiwan


    @ observing, MD80’s is such a broad aircraft series. It’s the same as AIRBUS A3XXX SERIES…YOU’VE GOT A300,310,318,319,320,321,330,340,350 (GET IT)..


  25. Anomynuss

    Just a question… do they get tired of your big bad-ass annoying stupid mouth at school, too? Or do they just beat the crap out of you and walk away?

    Expert, my ass…





    Oh I forgot to mention; I was looking at your 139 launch pictures of redjet on your facebook! OMG; talk about tacky looking! LMFAO…what’s up with the red shirts with stickers as name tags! LOL. Never have I seen a room full of tacky weaves worn by a bunch of dippy dippy looking “cabin crew”! Are you kidding me? LOOK AT CARIBBEAN AIRLINES, LIAT, AIR JAMAICA AND THE EX-BWIA….(now that’s how you pick good looking flight attendants)! Where to hell did redjet do thier flight attendant recruitment from? STANDPIPE MEMORIAL. I guess they had to pick these “locals” who I guess are working for free all now, and are going to be paid min. wage IF THIS AIRLINE EVER GET STARTED!

    The launch looked so upscale; the red “dollar store” goody bags LMAO…or and what’s up with the wukking up on stage and on the floor by the employees? How low-class and government school behaviour! BTW, you looked like if you had a HUGE 😦 turnout…LMAO

  28. bajeabroad

    Site moderator….please check the ip address of Ana…beaver…based on the postings it seams to be a clear dis-information case going on here.

    I would almost bet that this dis-information has its rootings somewhere in the “Caribbean Airlines” family who, no doubt would be threatened with the entry of such an airline ESPECIALLY given there heavy investment in ex-Air Jamaica and the purchase of new regional planes to “take over” Liat’s role. They certainly can’t afford Redjet becoming viable and threatening their biz plan. They already got vincy PM vex with their arrogance as if they are the best answer for “one Caribbean Airline”

    Hmmm seems awfully obvious!


    Sorry bajeabroad; I have no affiliation with no caribbean airline. I’m just a North American-bajan who know’s when something is not right; and this is not right! Dis-information…LMAO! Are you kidding me? My INFORMATION IS 100% CORRECT! You can double check it yourself! What “dis-information” you need me to clarify for you?

    I LOVE BARBADOS FREE PRESS BECAUSE IT IS A FORUM THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SPEAK AND VOICE YOUR CONCERN WITH NO FORM OF SENSORSHIP I.E THE NATIONNEWS ONLINE. BFP will never block me ’cause there not that type of site; they allow freedom of speech. What I’m saying is 100% correct. If you can’t deal with the truth; just leave the topic then. 🙂


    Btw @ annoymuss, bajan abroad, and whoever thinks I’m spreading dis-information; PLEASE CAN YOU ANSWER THE ORIGNAL QUESTIONS THAT WAS POSTED BY BFP; LET ME REFRESH YOUR MEMORY.


    Is it practical to operate MD82, old generation, aircraft on a 15 minute route structure?
    Are $9.99Bds fares realistic or practical?
    Can REDJET compete with the heavily subsidized LIAT?
    Will the FAA grant the airline access to the proposed USA market?
    Why did Jamaican Government not allow Airone to set up operations in Jamaica?
    Who is the major Barbadian investor listed in the USA Exception Application?
    Does Barbados Government Civil Aviation organization have the expertise, experience, regulations etc. to approve, monitor and regulate a heavy commercial passenger carrier?
    Are two proposed aircraft sufficient to operate an on time scheduled passenger service considering weather, mechanicals, maintenance etc.?
    What Liability Insurance has Barbados demanded of RedJet?

  31. what will they think of next

    The problem with Bajans and a few others is that we have grown accustomed to being rip off at every turn.
    So anything that is reasonable in price something has to be wrong with it we foolishly tell our selves.
    We are a people who love to be rip off. If Redjet start charging $1000.00 for a fare that they can charge $100.00 for then we would be happy to pay it. Redjet would fly full loads.
    I remember years ago at the old Hilton Hotel they were charging $5.00 for a glass of Mauby. The reason, they were first offering it at $1.00 per glass and they could not get a glassful sold. They raised the price to $5.00 per glass and they did not have enough to sell. Bajans and other lap it up.
    I think what Redjet needs to do is to raise their prices to a ridiculous level and all the criticism will disappear.

  32. Anomynuss

    Whatever Facebook page you were looking at, it certainly was not mine.

    And with that loud potty mouth the only Masters you have is Bad Manners and No Broughtupcy At All. Maybe you can shout other people down and bully them at the kindergarten you go to, but here you just make yourself look stupid and childish.

    As for being an instructor, give me a break. The first rule in teaching anybody anything is that you show restraint. With your shouting all over this page you just convince all the readers that you know nothing and believe nothing.

    Get ahold of yourself and stop being a little child. Do you think you are in a fish market or a zoo? After all the above tantrums I cant believe anyone here thinks you are anything but a spoiled, bullying schoolgirl.

    In fact, I am leaving this thread and won’t be back. I seldom come here anyway because of the sad behaviour of a few.

    Mr. BFP Moderator, I suggest you take a close look at banning this ridiculous person “ANASTASIA BEAVERNHOUSEN” from the entire site.

    Now rant on, I’m outta here and won’t see the rest of the garbage you have to spout (thank good ness).

  33. watcher

    Perfection is hard to acquire even if you are one of the biggest airlines in the world…

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a $24.2 million civil penalty against American Airlines Inc. for failing to correctly follow an Airworthiness Directive involving the maintenance of its McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft. This civil penalty is the largest ever proposed by the FAA.”

    Having quoted that, I wish Red Jet nothing but success with their MD80’s. The MD80 is a very good plane with a low incident of problems.

    When the Government is the primary owner of a business (LIAT) that is supplying a service that they have a monoply on , the incentitve to supply the service at competitive rates is gone. Liat ‘s losses are funded by the taxpayer. The last time I looked the Governments who own most of Liat are not running a budget surplus. They must be pleased to see a new player entering the field so that they themselves can cut their losses.

    Red Jet is a refreshing entry into a market that badly needs competition.

  34. GiveThemABreak

    Really, Anastasia Whats-your-name.. I think you have too much free time on your hands. Before you bash someone else for typos or style of writing, you should check your own. And PLEASE don’t expect me to respond to your stupid comments (the new arrivals) because I have things to do. Needless to say, you are very negative and you have issues you need to address.
    The questions you pose about RedJet competing with Liat and the host of other comments is really not your concern.
    Furthermore, competition is a beautiful thing. I wish there was more of it in Barbados because the people would definitely benefit.
    When JetBlue launched its new Barbados route, fares were $10 and selling like hotcakes. As time progresses, RedJet has to prove itself, not just in providing exemplary service, but promoting exceptional fares. Everyone knows that new aircrafts are no guarantee for safer flights. Things happen, it’s something called life.
    You need to shut up, step back and give these guys a chance.
    RedJet, congrats and go show em what you got!!

  35. catscan

    Q: What’s the fastest way to become a millionaire?
    A: Start out as a billionaire and buy and airline.

  36. catscan

    Sorry for the typo “and buy an airline”


    LMAO @ annoymous! I missed your debate! I guess you realise that your postings were non-sensucal, and knew what I’m saying is correct! So sorry you won’t be coming back to join this debate. WE LOVE TO HEAR WHAT THE REDJET EMPLOYEES 😦 LIKE YOURSELF HAVE TO SAY. BTW, I DO HAVE A LIFE; I’M AT THE AIRPORT NOW WITH MY IPAD BETWEEN FLIGHTS! WHAT YOU DOING? OH YEAH; WAITING FOR AN AIRLINE THAT WILL NEVER GET OFF THE GROUND.

    @ watcher! Didn’t you read anything that was posted! MD-80 series is a great plane! I love flying on them! JUST NOT THE OLD MD-80’s, 81’s, or 82’s……..THEY HAVE ALL BEEN RETIRED AND TAKEN OUT OF SERVICE IN THE USA ONLY TO FIND NEW LIFE IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES.

    I am all for competition for the inter-island regions; just not when it’s at the expense of peoples lives. REDJET IF IT WENT AND PURCHASED NEW EMB-170 OR 190 AIRCRAFTS THAT WOULD BE GREAT. NOT PLANES THAT ARE 24 FREAKING YEARS OLD!




    BTW, that find was NEVER imposed on American Airlines. Note the word “proposed”

  40. watcher

    @Anastasia……blah blah blahblah….blah


    that’s all you got? the lyrics from keisha! blah blah blah! 🙂 🙂 like annoynuss you too have come to realise that YOU ALL CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Why do you think Jamaica told redjet “thanks but no thanks we don’t want you setting up shop here in Jamaica, and now the Barbados Civil Aviation is about to say the same thing! When was redjets launch?? Back in November; it’s now Feb 2011….IT’S DELAY FOR A REASON. BARBADOS DOESN’T WANT TO LOOSE THEIR CAT 1 FAA NEW RATING THAT THEY HAVE APPLIED FOR BY ALLOWING THE LIKES OF REDJET TO SET UP SHOP IN BGI, AT THE EXPENSE OF PEOPLE’S LIVES. I WONDER WHO IS GOING TO BE REDJETS INSURANCE COMPANY (THAT’S IF THEY HAVE ONE). REDJET WILL BE A HUGE LIABILITY)!

  42. watcher

    go serve some coffee

  43. Straight talk

    Hi A B:

    Asking us to disregard the credibility of Redjet, based upon your faulty spelling ability is a bit rich, considering your obvious problems with grammar and punctuation.

    Should we disregard your post by the same criterion?

    As for safety considerations , before casting doubt upon this start-up, perhaps you would like to comment on the lack of investigation into the losses of both Flights 11 and 77, and possible negligence from the flight crew costing two planeloads of innocent passengers along with thousands on the ground and no culpability.


    I don’t serve coffee; sorry bro 😦 I’ve got 6 new flight attendants training in our new “International first class” cabin that is being launched on our B777, and B767 aircraft series! They will be serving the coffee; I will be grading them 🙂 I love my job! Oh and my Ipad works @ 37,000 feet, so I can carry on this debate! Brazil is a long flight; I’ve got time! 🙂


    @ straight talk. I would rather not justify your posting with a post. I can clearly see you are insensitive to what happened on September 11th 2001. So low-class of you to go there 😦 😦

  46. Traveller

    Really glad I’m not on a plane to Brazil with no nut-job in charge


    Come on traveller! Our 6 Brazil destinations are a riot! We always have fun on board! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ll take the complement “nut-job”! Heck @ $45.50 per flight hour you can call me anything you want too 🙂

  48. Straight talk

    So why did your company leave the flight deck door open?
    Slacker security than old MD-80s.

    Where is the investigation Anastasia, or is your airline still as negligent, having been let off the hook for contravening FAA regulations?

  49. Straight talk

    As for sensitivity, you are a joke.
    I am saying your company’s lapses in security regulations led to 3000 murders.
    How insensitive to responsibility can you get, ignore your culpability and let’s move on.
    Very sensitive reaction……. not.


    @ straight talk; like I said September 11th 2001 was a worldwide act of terroism done on American soil but the inpact was felt around the world. For you to compare redjet to that of 9/11 is both insensitive and classless of you to even bring up; 😦 😦 😦 American Airline and United Airline were never in anyways to blame for the events of 9/11, and you know it.

    To my fellow colleagues and to all those that lost their lives on the morning of 9/11 your memory will never be forgotten. “straight talk…(shame on you)… 😦 😦 to bring such a sensitive topic into a light-hearted discussion about a start-up carrier that has a lot of unanswered questions. Shame on you; how do you sleep @ night 😦 😦 WOW


    West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 was a West Caribbean Airways charter flight which crashed in a mountainous region in northwest Venezuela killing all 152 passengers and eight crew. The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, was en-route from Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City, Panama to Fort de France, Martinique (FDF) .

    The aircraft involved in the incident was delivered to Continental Airlines on 4 November 1986 which operated it until 10 January 2005. At that time it was transferred to West Caribbean Airways, registered as HK-4374X. The jet’s tail cone fell off in early July 2005 and was replaced.

  52. Straight talk


    You are criticising Redjet for using “old” airframes as a possible threat to passenger security.

    I am simply saying if you and your airline would have followed the safety procedures in force at the time , 9/11 could not have happened .

    If I am wrong please provide the evidence, if not admit it and hang your head in shame.
    Please stop castigating a start-up company for exploring cheaper ways of air travel on the grounds of safety, especially when you have the greatest blood on your hands.


    Here is the stats from another start-up airline out of Canada called JETSGO (well it’s now jets-gone). Note the type of aircraft, same business model as redjet…the stats speak for themselves.

    Jetsgo operated a fleet of 14 McDonnell Douglas MD-83

    In March 2005 Transport Canada said that investigators found issues with the operating methods of Jetsgo. The deficiencies were discovered during “a special inspection” into engine problems revealed after a forced landing in January 2005.

    Jetsgo Airlines; here is a list of incidents reported about Jetsgo:
    Year # of incidents
    2002 – 5
    2003 – 15
    2004 – 32
    2005 – 7
    Total (2002–2005): 60



    @ straight talk, as per your quote ” You are criticising Redjet for using “old” airframes as a possible threat to passenger security.”


    ANSWER ME THIS QUESTION STRAIGHT TALK “Why can’t redjet go out there and purchase new planes that are best suited for their business plane….ie the embraer 170 or 190 type of aircraft? Why go and put peoples lives on the line in order for you too charge “cheap fares”. Are 3rd world people not intitled to fly the same type of safe aircrafts operating in north america and europe? I am sick and tired of these start-up going to 3rd world countries like africa, caribbean, south america and putting peoples lives at risk! Heck find me a start up airline in North America that can do that in 2011….YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FIND ONE!

  55. bajeabroad

    This is so funny AB…with all of your “brilliant” technical analysis and investigative “facts” let me tell you what I am going to do….

    Hop on red jet flights once their fares are better! That’s what competition is all about.

    American Airlines flew a perfectly good and working B757 into a Colombian mountain years back! and crashed a perfectly working DC10 in Chicago many years back as well! and you know what….we Bajans still flocking on it in droves!!

    So you go Redjet….can’t wait till ya launch…you is my “Caribbean Airlines!”


    You’re so funny bajeabroad..You’re talking about AA# 965 that crashed in 1996, and AA#191 that crashed in 1979 (i was still @ codrington college attending boarding school; must have been in form 1 🙂 For you to compare my AA which has a fleet of 623 aircraft as of 2/5/2011 and daily departures of over 900+… compare my beloved AA with start-up redjet and it’s two planes which are 24+ years old each and once belonged to AA, has me LMAOROTF 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. bajeabroad

    The comparison is offcourse valid. Both aircraft were “new” aircraft fully approved by the FAA but due to negligence of aircrew/pilots and AA maintenance resulted in many deaths. You see it’s not only “ole ass” aircraft that kill people. POOR PILOTS AND MECHANICS also kill people. Let’s review the FAA logs

    May 25, 1979: American Airlines Flight 191, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10, crashed at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. During the takeoff roll, the left engine and pylon separated from the wing. The crew continued the takeoff, but wing damage due to the engine separation also damaged the aircraft hydraulic system and caused retraction of some flight control surfaces. The aircraft rolled and crashed shortly after takeoff. All 258 passengers and 13 crew were killed. Two people on the ground were also killed. This is the deadliest accident in the airline’s history and the deadliest on U.S. soil. Incorrect engine mounting procedures by maintenance staff caused pylon bolt to separate after thrust application during takeoff

    December 20, 1995: American Airlines Flight 965, a Boeing 757, crashed on approach to Calí, Colombia, due to pilot error. Of the 159 passengers and crew aboard, four passengers survived

    November 12, 2001: American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300 crashed in the Belle Harbor neighborhood of New York City due to separation of the vertical stabilizer. All 260 persons aboard the jetliner and 5 persons on the ground were killed. Improper pilot use of aircraft rudder resulted in rudder separation

    December 22, 2009: American Airlines Flight 331 overran the runway in heavy rain at Kingston, Jamaica during landing and came to rest on an access road just short of the Caribbean Sea, with its fuselage broken in three. More than 40 people were injured. Crew made approach in tailwind conditions outside of airline procedures

    You see AB we can go on and on since AA has an entirely library of incidents and accidents to choose from caused by human errors and not “ole ass” planes as you seem to suggest are the only reason for crashes.

    Hope to see you soon next to me on a Red Jet Set!


    Great read bajeabroad! So that’s 4 incidents (I would rather have zero). But compare to the size of AA, AA is still a cat 1 airline with a great safety record. If it didn’t, heck we would have been grounded long time. I see your point and equation: new aircraft + human error= plane disasters. But you have to agree with me that OLD AIRCRAFT + HUMAN ERROR MAKES UP FOR THE MOST PLANE DISASTERS OUT THERE! The stats don’t lie! The older the plane, the more chances of a plane disaster happening increases.

    Don’t you agree that if start up airlines like jetblue, virgin america, spirit airline, westjet, ryanair, easyjet, etc etc were to ever start up now in this day and age with planes that are 24+ years would be allowed to start up and given certification by the government in 2011? HELL NO. So why is it that redjet feel that they can take those same old planes and start flying them around in 3rd world countries/islands; answer me that question.

    FYI me next to you on a red jet plane……Not on your life! I value mine; and I’ve warned my friends and family throughout the caribbean to stay far away from redjet. Don’t worry Caribbean Airlines is soon coming with the new ATR’s to compete with LIAT! I once had no choice but to fly air caribbean in 2000 from BGI-POS on a 737-200; it was the worst 45 mins of my life! Where is air caribbean now? Those 737-200 can’t be repaired to easy; sort of like the MD-82’s

  59. observing

    it would appear that AB has an obvious axe to grind against Red Jet. Certainly she does appear to be a fan of Caribbean Airlines. Unfortunately we have seen this sort of smear campaign take place before on Bajan blogs. When called on the facts she either ignores them or makes a slight twist in her argument.

    It is clear that she has already tried and convicted Red Jet and is doing her level best to smear them and tear down their brand before they even fly.

    We know she has no evidence because there is no track record for her to point to. She arbitrarily selects the worst cases of the global aviation industry and equates Red Jet with them (while promoting CA’s new ATR’s)

    I can only conclude reading the above article and thread that what we are seeing is the opening salvo of a smear campaign by someone who has a vested interest in the status quo. I would be tempted to say Caribbean Airlines given AB’s bias.

    Certainly if Red Jet was successful it would be a major problem for CA’s monopolistic “one regional airline” vision. A number of the questions asked in the above article have answers that are already public.

  60. observing

    while we are at it here is some info in the company in Costa Rica

    COOPESA is an employee-owned company with more than 44 years of experience, located in a beautiful easy accessible country: Costa Rica.

    What is known today as the “Cooperativa Autogestionaria de Servicios Aeroindustriales R.L. “(COOPESA R. L.) was founded in 1963.

    Our commitment is to guarantee the best maintenance and safety for your aircraft, meeting the highest standards.

    Our business is maintenance, repair and overhaul of the narrowbody aircraft.

    We are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (USA), the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and others: Aruba, Bermuda, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, etc.

    Our customers are mainly carriers, leasing or financial corporations with a fleet of Boeing 757, Boeing 737 series, including NG’s, Boeing 727, DC-9 and MD-80 aircraft.

    Services for Airbus 320 will soon be included.

  61. observing

    some more stuff from Wikipedia from the Red Jet entry….

    In 2010, a private sector envoy announced an intention to base a start-up airline at the Grantley Adams International Airport.[4] The name of the parent company is AIRONE Holdings Limited (AVL),[5] and the air venture will seek to form “the Caribbean’s first low-cost carrier”.[6] The envoy, mainly from Ireland, had initially attempted to begin operations from Jamaica[7] however, Jamaican aviation authorities reportedly rejected their application for licenses. Following this, the envoy shifted focus basing operations from Barbados. The partnership is said to have begun as a partnership of a handful of business executives from Jamaica-based Digicel. Digicel is also said to be a major player in the marketing regime/scheme for the airline.[6] The airline have began seeking approval of U.S. authorities to fly to that market in early 2010 and originally projected to commence operations on December 1, 2010. After 3 months of dedicated regional service the airline would then proceed with plans to service Fort Lauderdale and other US key destinations from the Caribbean. On October 16, 2010 Airone Holdings Ltd. launched their airline brand REDjet, at the Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference and Culture Centre formerly known as Sherbourne Centre. On December 10, the airline’s first (of two) introductory McDonnell Douglas MD-82aircraft named ‘Jacqualicious’ after an employee, was delivered to REDjet at the Grantley Adams International Airport. On February 01 2011, REDjet’s second aircraft ‘Hey Jude’ was delivered to REDjet at the Grantley Adams International Airport. The airline now has two planes parked at the Hub awaiting approval from the not so forthcoming Civil Aviation Department.[8] On the same day CEO, Robbie Burns, announced that the airline was itching to start selling tickets and get into the air, stating that the airline had already invested over 1 million USD into crew and staff hiring and training. The airline is expected to run competition with Trinidad based, Caribbean Airlines and, in the long run with Antigua based and Barbados backed LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport Ltd.)

    REDjet was founded in 2006[citation needed] when Robbie Burns, working in the region at the time, was amazed by the cost of flights within the region and on routes to the US and Latin America.[citation needed] There was a large disparity in the market as Caribbean carriers were losing substantial sums year after year while the US carriers flying into the region were reporting the Caribbean to be their most profitable market.[9]


    @ observing! I have no “axe” to grind! Please if there’s anything that I’ve written that you need me to clarify for you, or give you the foot notes as to where I was able to find my research I would be more than welcome to share it with you. EVERYTHING I’VE WRITTEN IS LEGIT. I find it so mind-boggling that a lot of caribbean nationals are “sticking their heads in the sand” rather than face the facts and truth about redjet, you’re willing to “turn the other cheek” Why is that? Would you rather risk your own life, and that of others to save a few dollars to get from point A to point B? ONCE AGAIN, I HAVE NO LOYALITY TO CAL OR LIAT; I FLY WITH AN AMERICAN AIRLINE!


    You or no one reading this very insightful post by BFP cannot say that you’re the least bit interest in getting to know a lot more about redjet before you allow it to carry passengers. Really are you all that blind to the truth? It’s sad; if you want to “turn the other cheek”, I just pray for you and all who dare risk their life to fly with this “start-up” airline. I’m saying it’s going to be a no-go! The Barbados civil aviation is not going to risk their CAT 1 application with the FAA for no redjet to come in and screw it up for them! Never knew that redjet was looking to fly to FLL; good luck with that! No way is the FAA going to grant permission for that! I know that for a fact.
    Once again, don’t you find it odd that the JAMAICAN CIVIL AVIATION shot down redjets application? DUH 😦 😦

  64. Observing

    According to wikipedia, AA operates 137 MD82 aircraft, and 87 MD83

    In short AB you lied.

    The Pan Am training facility is highly respected in the industry.

    In short you lied AGAIN

    The facility in Costa Rica is FAA certified and also certified by the EU


    And you expect us to believe you have no axe to grind?

  65. Anomynuss

    FYI, I have written to the BFP moderator reporting this “Assandnavel Beaverhousing”‘s behaviour… hopefully the moderator will “flick a switch” that would allow for reasonable discussion – instead of this constant shouting and bullying by someone who clearly knows very little about the subject, boasts that they know everything, and behaves like a spoilt brat.

    If anyone else finds this behaviour unacceptable I would hope you would do the same.

    (I am myself a Bajan licenced aviation professional working in Caribbean aviation, by the way, and I find it disgusting that an obviously very juvenile person such as this – who claims to be working thousands of miles away in the USA – should be so bullying in a public discussion.)


    LMAO….I fly for american observing! Get your facts right. Instead of checking wikipedia why don’t you go direct to AMERICAN AIRLINES FLEET SHEET; IT’S ALL THERE! WE DON’T FLY THE MD-82’S ANYMORE……LMAOROTF
    google this- american airline md82 fleet; then hit the 2nd “search” that’s our current fact sheet showing where all our md-82’s are gone too; including as you can see; REDJET………

    LOL don’t you know by now that wikipedia is a public domain that anyone can update, write, and put what ever they want on it! DUH!


    Hey Anomynuss, thought you were not coming back! Welcome back! We missed ya! 🙂 🙂 Please you can write to the prime minister! It’s a public blog! Oh so you work in the “caribbean aviation”; with who might that be with “REDJET”…. 🙂 🙂 Please start thinking like a CAT 1 aviation expert and come to the realization that what I, the Jamaican Civil Aviation, and now the Barbados Civil Aviation is saying; Is redjet $9.00 fares worth it at the expense of human lives! I THINK YOU KNOW THE ANSWER….Please you wrote to the moderator….LMAOROTF. 😦 😦 what a cry baby you are! Grow balls you child!


    @ observing here is the definition of wikipedia:

    What is Wikipedia?
    Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia that is created and maintained by general users. Like this site, users can change anything on it (subject to restrictions and further changes or reversions).

    Need I say more; it’s not to be taken seriously! DUH 🙂

    ok it’s been a slice for the past couple of hours! My flight is 4 hours away from Brazil. Think I will call it a night. This topic has now run it’s course! I feel like I’m wasting my time getting through to a bunch of people that don’t want to “face the music”. WE WILL JUST SIT BACK AND WAIT UNTIL THE VERDICT COMES DOWN FROM THE BARBADOS CIVIL AVIATION REGARDING REDJETS OPERATIONAL PERMIT. LIKE JAMAICA, I THINK IT’S GOING TO BE THE SAME ANSWER! 😦 😦

  69. BFP

    Attention Anastasia Beavernhousen:

    Your posts are trending towards troll. Your ALL CAPS YELLING is upsetting some of the regulars.

    You’ve also told a few big ones, or at the very least been fast and lose with “facts”.

    You are now being asked by the editor to calm down and take a NISE pill.


  70. Observing

    Just for the record the AA FLeet page says 247 md 80 s in use

  71. bajeabroad

    I repeat my earlier post….Anas…Beaver…is clearly an agent for Caribbean Airlines, who are threatened by the launch of this new carrier.

    Just remember the recent smear campaign in T&T between The Chairman and Minister Jack Warner about the safety of Dash 8s versus ATRs! Same approach here

    Obvious smear campaign with a useless result!

  72. Anomynuss

    Thank you, BFP, I appreciate your intervention.

    For the record, as a licenced aviation professional in the Caribbean I don’t work for CAL, REDjet or LIAT. But I do very much appreciate the truth and reasonable discussion (without bullying).

    I can even agree to disagree under the appropriate circumstances, something this “person” obviously has not yet matured to. But given so many lies and so much misinformation on this page from him/her, that’s not terribly surprising.

  73. Anon

    So does this mean I might be able to go to Trini carnival after-all? 🙂

  74. Anon

    BFP can you do something about the timestamps on these posts? Adjusting the time zone maybe? They are like 4 hours ahead.

  75. shrill hog

    AB made her point in the first two posts and needs to”rest in peace.”

    Why do some people have to have the last word even if it is repeating the same thing 10 times over?

  76. Time Gentlemen, Please!

    BFP’s time is set to GMT.

  77. J. Payne

    @ observing Your citing of RedJet off WP is funny since I wrote much of that article. ::thumbs up::
    Although I am partly sceptical of the airline, I am perfectly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and try to report on them as accurately as possible.

  78. Wily Coyote

    WOW, so much heated controversy.

    Wily Coyote never thought this article would generate so much activity. My article was just posing some fundamental questions with no agenda.

    I have some 40+ years of aviation background from the licensing, inspection, piloting, engineering etc. and was just posing what I thought appeared to be fundamental business plan criteria. I have obvious concerns about the viability of REDJET, however I hoped commentators could offer rational that would alleviate and/or balance some of my concerns.

    Nothing would be more beneficial for the Caribbean than a new low cost airline, operating within acceptable regulations and safety standards to give competition to the existing Caribbean operators.

  79. BFP

    BFP confirms that Wily Coyote is the author of this article.

  80. BGI

    @ Wily Coyote, Anomynuss:
    Like you both, I was also in the industry (engineering, pilot) since the 1990’s. Now, to the questions at hand…
    ■Is it practical to operate MD82, old generation, aircraft on a 15 minute route structure? By 15 minute, I presume you mean 15 minutes between the islands (SLU-SVD)? Then the answer is a definite absolute no. Carib Express ran the BAe146’s from BGI-SLU, and for all of their speed, saving flight time, they had to sit on the ground for 30 minutes for the engines to cool, before they could go again. In the meantime, LIAT arrived after them, collected its passengers, and left again. As an inside joke, BAE (British Aerospace, the manufacturer) was referred to as, Bring Another Engine.

    ■Are $9.99Bds fares realistic or practical? I’ll had to look at the ads again…they say “Fares FROM USD$9.99, excluding taxes”. Keep in mind that 1) they don’t say how many seats on that flight, and what conditions, 2) what the taxes are, 3) how long this introductory fare is available. The fare itself is neither realistic or practical, but it has achieved its objective – to get people excited. Neither BW or LI can match this, but again, neither will they have to.

    ■Can REDJET compete with the heavily subsidized LIAT? Head to head competition, no. You are talking about 2 different models. LCC vs Legacy. Mid range vs Short hop. 2 planes vs 18. 3 destinations vs 22.

    ■Will the FAA grant the airline access to the proposed USA market? Apparently, but again, look at Carib Express. Their survival was on the BGI-SJU route via St Kitts, which was approved – until the government in SKB changed, then all bets were off. Personally, I’ll wait till the certificate is in hand..

    ■Why did Jamaican Government not allow Airone to set up operations in Jamaica? Because to allow a new Jamaican based carrier to start while trying to divest itself of its own national carrier would have made the sale impossible.

    ■Who is the major Barbadian investor listed in the USA Exception Application? Hmmm, curious minds want to know..but I suspect it is neither Simpson or Cave, they got burnt with Carib Express (losing $25M in 1 year will do that to you)

    ■Does Barbados Government Civil Aviation organization have the expertise, experience, regulations etc. to approve, monitor and regulate a heavy commercial passenger carrier? Yes and No. I’ll hold further comment for now.

    ■Are two proposed aircraft sufficient to operate an on time scheduled passenger service considering weather, mechanicals, maintenance etc.? No, but you’ve got to start somewhere. They need to have at least 4 by the first year.

    ■What Liability Insurance has Barbados demanded of RedJet? Hopefully nothing from Clico!

    Ms. AB was just being herself – a no-class, loud, know-it-all, abnoxious American – which is really a pity, because it gives readers the impression that all Americans are like that. (OK, maybe 75% of them, but whos counting!) And by the way @straight talk, AA and UA both knew beforehand about 9/11 – look into the soaring put option stock prices just days before the crash, and the fact that years later, one of the planes was spotted at LAX…

  81. Straight talk

    Thanks for reminding us of that fact BGI.

    Given that two of the planes involved were still on the “active” list until 2005, and then only listed as “cancelled” and not “destroyed”, nothing should surprise us.

  82. Observing

    I would say that the 15 minute route question is moot. Red jet has not indicated any desire to fly to Saint Lucia or St Vincent. Or Grenada for that matter. They have expressed however an interest in Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica and Fort Lauderdale. And further unspecified North American markets.

    I think Caribbean Airlines and American Airlines have more to fear that LIAT

  83. Adrian Loveridge

    Exactly! Georgetown, Port of Spain, St. Maarten, Jamaica (maybe Montego Bay instead of Kingston), San Juan and Fort Lauderdale all seems to indicate competition for Caribbean Airlines rather than LIAT.
    With all the comments made by airline people, can they please answer why Caribbean Airlines would opt for the ATR72-600 in preference to the Dash 8 – 400NG?
    St. Lucia Tourism Minister calling for a meeting of the regional air transport heads to primarily discuss LIAT.
    If the St. Lucia Government doesn’t financially ‘support’ LIAT, would it support Caribbean Airlines?
    Just asking!

  84. Redjet will not last. I heard they have lost alot of pilots because they were not paying them on time.Most of the american pilots I herd they hired have left from last month.Redjet does not have the funds to run an airline. They wanted to start out using B737 and could not afford it. JAMAICA is smart keep them OUT OUT OUT.

  85. Wily Coyote

    @Adrian Loveridge

    “With all the comments made by airline people, can they please answer why Caribbean Airlines would opt for the ATR72-600 in preference to the Dash 8 – 400NG?”

    Good question, my experience says the Dash 8-400NG would have been a better choice by far. Only possible explanation is that Caribbean Airlines have un-announced expansion plans that would be more favorable to ATR-600 operations.

  86. BGI

    I was wondering a similar thing… if the dream was a “One Trinidadian Airline” then why opt for the nine ATR’s when they and everyone else (LIAT, Bahamasair) operate Dash 8’s – 5 at Caribbean Airlines, 18 at LIAT, and 5 at Bahamasair for a total of 28? Surely it would be far more costly to completely retool…

    And St Lucia (read as Chastenet) is constantly barking about LIAT, and will not do a thing to help them. They/he even goes so far as to publically castigate a PRIME MINISTER about aviation rules for their own country!!(Imagine the nerve!)

  87. BGI

    @ Wily
    Only problem is that the -400 was having a spate of landing gear issues in a short space of time (3x SAS, 1x ANA). Even if it was ruled as maintenance issues (which it was not), the damage to the image was already done.

  88. BGI

    Right now, 737’s are in HUGE demand worldwide – China is snapping up as many airframes as they can, as are many other countries/companies. Because of the demand, lease rates are extremely high, so I would not fault REDjet for taking the position to purchase a pair of older planes instead of leasing, and working out a deal to lease the engines with a maintenance “pay as you go” arrangement, until the airline is launched and earns some $$ to change the fleet if necessary…or if the airplane operates economically, the’ll keep them and get more.

  89. bajeabroad

    The reason why Caribbean airlines opted for the ATR’s is that their plan is to operate all flights across the Caribbean INCLUDING American Eagle (executive airline) based in San Juan, who already has a large ATR fleet. They will bid to buy out this part of the American Eagle network from AA on the basis that they can be competitive with their fuel “hedge” and service AA connections as a cheaper subcontract option….American companies love an outsource, (I am working in one right now doing the same thing) so it’s an idea they will entertain once the cost is less. Taking over LIAT is only a small part of the larger expansion plan

    Mark my word….Caribbean Airlines, has it’s sights set on TOTAL caribbean interisland domination. They HAVE to get economies of scale and they can only do that in the Caribbean. The world’s largest airlines “get it” that to survive you need mass or economies of scale e.g. Air France/KLM, Delta/Northwest, UAL/Continental. Caribbean airlines “gets it” as well, but the only backyard they have the resources to play in are the Caribbean!

  90. Wily Coyote


    I agree that the Q400 has been and still is subject to landing gear issues. Would appear that the issue is corrosion causing cracking in certain landing gear structures. This is a now known issue and does not really effect safety, however it’s given the Q400 operators cause for concern with respect to maintenance, downtime etc. The Q400 however still remains the preferred choice as there are no other competition in this classification.

  91. Wily Coyote


    Your rational sounds good. However using the ATR is going to limit their access to certain limited destinations, are they willing to abandon these lucrative destinations or is there another plan afoot to hub using smaller aircraft.

  92. Cancel Vacation

    “Ms. AB was just being herself – a no-class, loud, know-it-all, abnoxious American – which is really a pity, because it gives readers the impression that all Americans are like that. (OK, maybe 75% of them, but whos counting!) And by the way @straight talk, AA and UA both knew beforehand about 9/11 – look into the soaring put option stock prices just days before the crash, and the fact that years later, one of the planes was spotted at LAX”

    From other posts of hers on other topics my bet is she is from BIM.. Concluded based on her other posts and she does refer to countires who buy used MD8O’s as “third world” which obviously shows a great lack of understanding of ay type of senstivity. Check out her posts on her reaction to airport secuirty recently.

    Bottom line is there no need to make negative comments about Americans or any other group of people. The next time you see a post from AB..ignore it because it is not relevant to any discussion and remember when you make comments like 75% of Americans are low class loud mouths, you are encouraging a lot of them to take their vacation dollars to another destination….and trust me they do read these blogs… about an apology!!!!….which will show your class!!!!

  93. Vance

    A very interesting discussion. I couldn’t help but laugh at the assault on A.B. Barbados is smart (we hope). If we lose the cat 1 rating then things will become grim. Something about Redjet just sounds fishy. Let’s hope that the right decision is made.

  94. Adrian Loveridge


    Do we (Barbados) actually have Category ONE status?
    I know that its been talked about a lot.

  95. BGI

    @Vance, Adrian,
    No, we don’t have Cat 1. We’ve been talking about it for years, but really have little clue how to actually do it (little political will to push it through, until now). The system has been in dire need of overhaul for almost 40 years.

    @Cancel Vacation
    If my comment was a valid one, then why retract? And people need to get a thicker skin – if an American (or any other nationality) were to base their travel plans on what the other people thought about them, no one would travel! Some Americans actually know and admit that they can be overbearing, but that doesn’t change them in the slightest. I had every intent to ignore her, but after about the 15th or 20th reply from her, it became too much.

    Nevertheless, I apologize that your sensitivities were bruised, I’ll try not to upset you again.

  96. Adrian Loveridge

    Isn’t that amazing.
    The OECS, Suriname, Trinidad, Jamaica etc., all have Category ONE status and yet we give the impression that we have this BIG up airport
    and claim to be the hub of the southern Caribbean.
    Doesn’t this limit our tourism potential?

  97. Wily Coyote

    @Adrian @BGI @Vance

    The following link lists the FAA Inspection Checklist Criteria (MS Word Format) for IASA (International Aviation Safety Assessment). The Canadian Dept. of Transport, British Aviation Authority, EU etc. have similar inspection lists.

  98. Plumber


    FAA Category 1 status has nothing to do with the airport. It is all about the country’s civil aviation authority CAA and the ability of the CAA to maintain proper safety oversite of it’s registered aircraft.

    All of the countries which you mention have established CAAs which require CAT 1 rating since they have a history of providing the safety oversight of locally registered aircraft which travel to US airports. Barbados has been left behind in this regard because a serious international carriers has never been based here and registered it’s planes here.

    With their “8P” (Barbados) registration, this RedJet scenario has probably set the cat among the pigeons at the Barbados CAA and I would guess that the airline would have been flying already if it’s planes had been registered in an OECS country.

  99. J. Payne

    If Barbados HAS Cat 1 status can someone post a link so I can add it to the GAIA article on WP? Barbados used to be a Cat 1 airport. But it was downgraded in the 1990s. I’ve since heard that Barbados was *talking* about Cat 1 status. ( ) When I attended Aviation Day in December the officials said Barbados was currently awaiting the results of their application to the U.S.-FAA to re-acquire Category 1 status at The Sir Grantley but at that time they don’t have it.

    Category 1 status would mean that a Barbados based airline can open new routes (at will) into America. Currently (I believe) GAIA is a Category 2 airport which means new routes are *not* allowed into America by any Barbadian-based airlines.

  100. Wily Coyote


    Your absolutely correct, Category 1 relates to the Countries Aviation Authority and not the airport(s). Check out the link I provided above for the FAA checklists that are used for IASA (International Aviation Safety Assessment).

  101. Peltdownman

    “Something about Redjet just sounds fishy”

    The most accurate statement so far on this thread

  102. Anomynuss

    Just to be picky, Cat 1 status is NOT conferred by the FAA but by ICAO.

    The FAA use ICAO’s ratings, but sometimes observe or run their own checks on the suitability of that rating for a particular country or aerodrome as conferred by ICAO.

    The nation/government of Barbados is affiliated with ICAO, not with the FAA (although sometimes you would think the US controls the whole world).

  103. Traveller

    @ Cancel Vacation
    AB is not from “BIM”. She mentions that she attended Codrington College in first form. Every Barbadian knows that Codrington College has always been a Seminary for Priests. Codrington High School is a different matter, but if she attended CHS she would know the correct name of her school.

  104. BGI

    “if she attended CHS she would know the correct name of her school”

    But if she did attend CHS, she couldn’t very well publish that fact and still show herself to be this cosmopolitan, glamourous, worldly wise bombshell from Amuuurrrikaaa.

  105. cancel vacations

    wherever she is from, no one will claim her…..i think maybe she is from area 51

  106. Consulter

    I asked an aviation expert and he said that it’s not the age, it’s the cycles that a plane has done. He’s cool with the MD80s. Why are you pushing the 170, are you an Embraer sales person?

  107. Green Monkey

    “it’s the cycles that a plane has done.”

    I guess he is mainly referring to the amount of times the cabin has undergone a pressurization/depressurization cycle as too many such cycles lead to a weakening of the aircraft skin through metal fatigue. This could possibly lead to a catastrophic decompression failure at altitude. One such (almost catastrophic) incident occurred to a 737 of Aloha airlines in Hawaii while in mid flight.

    See the pics here:

  108. Consulter

    @ Wily Coyote
    They don’t make the Dash 8 300 anymore, only the Dash 8 400 which is bigger than what Caribbean Airlines has. This is what an Aviation Expert told me who I am asking. Let me know if anybody has anymore questions as this Aviation expert knows alot!

  109. Chanelle

    All the talk about the age of Redjet’s planes, how old are liat’s plane.

  110. Adrian Loveridge


    According to Wikipedia 17.6 years (2009) and Airfleets 18.2 years

  111. A Nice American

    While googling Redjet as DH has a very good chance of being offered a position there, I am curious as to the latest ” local knowledge” about this airline. Yes I am aware of their small fleet and just as true professionals have stated on here, the MD80 does have a good safety record. It is true about the real concern being amount of cycles. Just look at the latest SWA issues. However, no matter how new an A/C is, maintenance and competency of such is far just as important. The village idiot who seems to have lost her Ipad ( that story about being inflight while training her cabin crew and having time to cyber fight on here was so epic) finally shut up. I found it quite amusing that she complained to name calling, yet she started it. Then she declared her professionalism without being able to spell it correctly. And did anyone use flight tracker to verify her claim to be Brazil bound? LOL. Funny she was able to argue on her IPAD at less than 11,000 ft. If she ever returns, I will be the first to advise her that ( as less than 25% of American’s ever travel outside of the US) North American carriers provide the absolute WORST cabin and customer service! She was definitely a prime example. Without scrolling back up, someone mentioned that pilots were leaving because they haven’t been paid? Can someone confirm this as I have not read that on any of the airline forums that I stay abreast on. I do know that Redjet hired some crew members from UAL and AA that were on furlough and they are being called back. What else can you tell me about barbados in respect to potential employment for wives ? I have extensive medical experience in EMS. PS.. the statement about American’s was no shocker. But just like racism… you keep your own people down when you try to berate others 🙂

  112. Nostromo

    @Nice American,

    The losses in the original pilot group were due primarily to their lack of understanding of just how expensive it would be living and traveling to and from Barbados to the States. After crunching the numbers, for many it just wasn’t worth it and they went home.

  113. A Nice American

    Lack of understanding or lack of research? It’s my understanding that they are not a commuter airline and anyone taking a position there would have to live there. FYI…

    FAA Announces Safety Rating For Barbados
    Downgrades The Country To Category Two
    The FAA today announced Tuesday that Barbados does not comply with international safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), based on an assessment of Barbados’ civil aviation authority. As a result, the FAA has assigned Barbados an International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Category 2 rating. With a Category 2 rating, Barbados’ air carriers, which do not currently serve the United States, cannot establish U.S. service.
    A Category 2 rating means a country either lacks laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards, or that its civil aviation authority – equivalent to the FAA for aviation safety matters – is deficient in one or more areas, such as technical expertise, trained personnel, record keeping or inspection procedures.
    As part of the FAA’s IASA program, the agency assesses the civil aviation authorities of all countries with air carriers that operate or have applied to fly to the United States and makes that information available to the public. The assessments determine whether or not foreign civil aviation authorities are meeting ICAO safety standards, not FAA regulations. The civil aviation authority of Barbados is currently conducting certification on an air carrier with the goal of serving the United States.
    Countries with air carriers that fly to the United States must adhere to the safety standards of ICAO, the United Nations’ technical agency for aviation that establishes international standards and recommended practices for aircraft operations and maintenance.

  114. Nostromo

    Perhaps a bit of both, and your ‘understanding’ is incorrect.

    I read the FAA press release yesterday. It is disappointing, but not fatal to Redjet’s plan to eventually fly to the States.

  115. A Nice American

    I will have to try to find the advertisement for pilots. Perhaps that is where I understood it to be that you had to live in Barbados to work there. However, if that is/was NOT the case at the time these guys were hired, then I definitely would have confirmed if the airline was going to foot the bill to commercial me to/from work as well as housing and per diem. I certainly hope they do well and really hope that they are able to offer an affordable salary to encourage pilots to take the job that is with all due respect, risky at best right now. Can you elaborate on what you have seen offered if my understanding is indeed incorrect? Regards…

  116. Nostromo

    Let me just say that Redjet needed experienced MD-80 pilots to start the airline, for regulatory and insurance reasons. There was really only one place they could go to get pilots with the necessary level of experience.
    Requiring pilots to live ‘permanently’ in Barbados would have made recruitment much more difficult. Commuting to and from home had to be an option for these pilots, or I doubt Redjet would have had any success hiring.
    Most of the pilot resignations(decisions not to stay) happened after basic indoctrination in Barbados, prior to the commencement of training.
    I guess paradise isn’t for everyone.

  117. Gabrielle Wiltshire

    Hey Anastasia thanks for the info. I too have found this Red Jet too good to be true. I think there is a catch to all of this. You have made some good points. It takes a lot of money to maintain planes and if they can offer flights that cheap, their planes must not have come at a high cost, because they MUST be very devalued and old. I am all for cheaper airfare etc…but I will not compromise my safety just because someone dangles a bone in front of my face. And to those of you who are trying to knock this young lady for making what seems to be very valid points and statements backed with stats by saying that she seems to be in support of CAL, are being petty. CAL may be costly, but they have a very good track record by God’s mercy. So don’t knock it. I certainly will not be using RED JET. They are a low budget airline and that sounds like they have cut corners. Come on Barbados you honestly feel that a company can run an effective and safe airline with such low fares? Why should the Caribbean be the dumping ground of another country’s refuse. Also, you have to pay for the luggage on the plane? Your carry on bag and a lap top bag are free, but you have to pay for the extra luggage? Funny. But to each his/her own. I just hope that RED Jet does not compromise the kind of safety we have had in the region. And to that person who was making comments about your typos ignore them– You were typing so fast and had so much to say that you were bound to make errors. They needed to pick on that because you were hitting a nerve. Let no one take your voice.

  118. Dorothy Zbornak

    @ Gabrielle Wiltshire. You are welcome! Some people can’t handle the truth! It’s now April and redjet is still grounded…..LMAO. Everything I’ve reported is 100% true! I was banned from their facebook page for posting the truth about their airline. If I wasn’t such a threat to them, why would they have ban me rather that rebuke what I was posting? Because they know I was telling the truth. Now I hear they have no pilots! Sweet! I wonder if the nation newspaper knows abou this?

  119. Dorothy Zbornak

    The ad for pilots is on their website! WOW I noticed how they are only asking for min requirements for pilots! Not good at all! This airline will never take off!

  120. A Nice American

    Thanks Nostromo for the information. The pilot recruitment information that I gathered came from 2 aviation websites that require proof you’re an airline professional to join, read and post on their threads. The discussion on there although brief, was not negative nor did it show any ” agenda” against the airline. Situations do change and I do know alot of pilots who have expatriated from the US to sustain jobs, currency on type rating or to simply try expat life and it’s no picnic. It is not for everyone no matter how greener the grass or bluer the water. I commend them for at least trying but at the same time, this issue is part of the delay the airline has encumbered. I do know for a fact that Redjet had some of their pilots in the Sims last week

  121. Nostromo

    @ Nice American.

    The intial cadre of pilots completed simulator training back in Nov….
    There were enough pilots then ( and still are) to complete ‘proving’ runs which finished 2 weeks ago.

    They were ready and anticipating starting proving runs the last week of Nov. The BCAD had other ideas…..but thats “water under the bridge”, as the saying goes. Redjet starts flying in 3 weeks (more or less). Thats enough for me.
    Redjet pilots in the Sims…recurrent training, I’d imagine.

    The second class of pilots completed Sim training in January (I believe).

  122. Dorothy Zbornak

    This airline don’t even have pilots! All of them bail! They (redjet) now advertising for pilots! Get this, the pilots only have to have the min. qualifications! It’s sad because when you look at their facebook page it looks like the only passengers looking to fly these old and airworthy planes are a bunch of uneducated caribbean people who are experiencing the JIM JONES theory! White man rides into town, talking a lotta bullshit, and everyone drinking it up like kool-aid. I work for American Airlines! The two planes they brought from us were parked in the Arizona dessert! We use those planes for spare parts!!!

    You want to fly FLL-POS, GEO, or BGI with redjet?? Sorry bro, the FAA has said NO. Redjet is not permitted to land on US territory….LMAO

  123. Dorothy Zbornak

    This is the data on redjets jacqualicious airplane!

    N445AA (cn 49471/1418)….. WAS BUILT IN 1987….
    Airframe Info
    Manufacturer: Mcdonnell Douglas
    Model: DC-9-82(MD-82) Search all Mcdonnell Douglas DC-9-82(MD-82)
    Year built: 1987
    Construction Number (C/N): 49471
    Number of Seats: 172
    Number of Engines: 2
    Engine Manufacturer and Model: P & W JT8D SERIES


  124. maria

    when will it start to come to grenada

  125. Adrian Loveridge


    Not quite clear what you are actually trying to prove here.
    Please give us the statistics of N464AA and according to the FAA it is still in service.
    Now remind me who AA is again?
    How many other MD series does this airline still have in service and which are the oldest ones?

  126. john

    as a captain for a airline for the past 25 years who has flown the dc-9 series 10 14 20 30 50 and the md-80 serices 80 81 82 83 84 and the 87 a/c for over 12,000 hours and now fly the airbus 319/321/330 and i would take the md-80 anytime it is not about the a/c it is about the maintance that is provided . i was flying a really new airbus 319 the other day and had to a emergency landing because the skin had seperated. do you know how they fixed it they put speed tape all around the a/c it looked like a present from birthdays past. at least the md-80 and all boeing products are made from metal products that last 30 years plus. i have also picked up mant planes in costa rica and they do a pretty good job on rebuilding them

  127. Tom

    Looks like some people might start flying REDjet after the big bully next door ‘scraped his knee’ … thankfully all are well on CAL708. All of you who have any skepticisms i’m a Captain for a small airline in the caribbean and have been working as an expat for 6 years. Put your misconceptions and pre-notions aside no matter how good the machinery and how great a reputation, we are all human. I’m more than sure REDjet is fully capable of servicing their destinations with ontime performance and giving their customers a great service. Regardless even those with numerous aircraft will try and stretch schedules thinner and thinner to accommodate more destinations… money doesn’t grow on trees and fuel is costly, and a plane sitting on the ground isn’t making any money. If competition is sprouting up its because there is room for it, ie current airlines aren’t providing the best service or perhaps the right schedule to accommodate the airlift required. Those that are miffed about their 10$ seat fares just understand that someone showing up to the airport same day will not receive this fare, its called seat hedging… if 20 seats sell at 10$ which is highly unlikely there will be 100 seats at over 150$ guaranteed… Don’t think that plane would leave the gate having only sold $1500 dollars in airfare. New airlines mean more jobs, or if you’re in a situation where you work for competition means more hard work for you. I think many on here should consider the effects of a single airline operating as a monopoly and the true effects of that on their necessities ie seat pricing and schedule… Embrace any new uplift you can get and stop worrying about the plane falling out of the skies, your crew in the front are more than capable of ensuring it wont. And just know that minimum requirements doesn’t mean inexperience… i’d be more worried about flying on some carriers that simply put 250hr pilots in the right seat… where the crew might share 10000hrs that only means the captain has 9750 of those experienced hours and the firstofficer is well there for show. 10000hours in an airline like redjet means both are very capable individuals. And let me assure you all I don’t fly for them. but i thought i’d put my 2 cents in for dem haters.

  128. 174

    Very good post Tom. Thank you. My DH didn’t hear back after he submitted his application but we were definitely ready to relocate. He’s on the bus right now but has flewn DC9, 727, and 747. We are expats living in the sand pit right now but hoping to relocate closer to the US ( just not IN the US lol) Fly safe and enjoy the beautiful life there !

  129. J. Payne

    This makes me wonder, what would happen in Barbados? Does the Sir Grantley have medical crews on hand close enough yet? Anyone remember that incident when the British tourist collapsed at the terminal and died?

    Have we gotten any farther in looking at a appropriate emergency medical care at the airport itself?

  130. Anonymous

    Without knowing the medical system in Barbados in regards to emergency response and pre hospital care, I am curious to know WHO is responsible? The government or the airport authorities or the airlines themselves ? If you are affiliated with any of those entities J. Payne or if you know who is, I would be more than happy to offer my CV. Not only do I have extensive training, knowledge and experience in EMS, I also have experience in aviation having worked on the ramp for 2 major airlines. I can also provide teaching and training to Red Jet’s ground support including management. Reply with some contact details.

  131. Observing

    There is an ambulance now stationed at the airport, it parks near to the parking booth. I think they do crash simulations for mass casualty incidents annually

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