Atlantic rowing: Mutiny at sea as one of Big Blue’s crew wanted to quit

Sara G and Hallin Marine close to Barbados and a new record

As the two lead boats near Barbados, the demoralized crew of Big Blue (photo above) are so far behind that they have no hope of breaking the record. The problem was the winds that held Big Blue for two weeks off the coast of Africa. Whether the boat’s radical design is part of the problem or not a factor is something that only the crew know at this point.

One of Big Blue’s crew posted an audio message on January 31st that told of profanity amongst the crew and her wish to quit and swim to any passing yacht. Margaret Bowling seemed upset as she posted the audio on her blog, but the winds let up and the moment passed. Big Blue is now making well over 100 miles a day, but it’s too late for the record.

Hallin Marine’s blog says they might make Barbados on Monday, February 7th, and Sara G is expected shortly thereafter. As with Sara G last year, Team Hallin is reporting being attacked by Flying Fish as they near Barbados. (mmmmmm… yummie! doan complain guys!)

Here are a few more links:

Race Progress Map at The Ocean Rowing Society

Hallin Marine blog

Blog of a SaraG crewmember

Big Blue website and blog

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