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Atlantic rowing: Mutiny at sea as one of Big Blue’s crew wanted to quit

Sara G and Hallin Marine close to Barbados and a new record

As the two lead boats near Barbados, the demoralized crew of Big Blue (photo above) are so far behind that they have no hope of breaking the record. The problem was the winds that held Big Blue for two weeks off the coast of Africa. Whether the boat’s radical design is part of the problem or not a factor is something that only the crew know at this point.

One of Big Blue’s crew posted an audio message on January 31st that told of profanity amongst the crew and her wish to quit and swim to any passing yacht. Margaret Bowling seemed upset as she posted the audio on her blog, but the winds let up and the moment passed. Big Blue is now making well over 100 miles a day, but it’s too late for the record. Continue reading

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Can RedJet really be viable? A future passenger asks some tough questions.

(BFP Editor’s comment: This article was sent to us anonymously and with the exception of the main title and this comment is being printed as it was received. It’s always good to ask questions, but there is sometimes a hidden agenda too, so readers are asked to keep an open mind when reading this article, every other article at BFP and anything you read anywhere!

At BFP we are looking forward to REDjet’s March 1, 2011 first flight and we hope they succeed in the long run. With fares starting at BDS$20, REDjet will shake up intra-island travel to the benefit of the people. Our own Robert has good things to say about REDjet’s aircraft and he’ll be writing a technical article about the MD-80 and REDjet’s two aircraft that he calls “Well proven, well maintained Good Wings”)

What’s really the objective behind the proposed Airone/Redjet low cost airline?


  • Is it practical to operate MD82, old generation, aircraft on a 15 minute route structure?
  • Are $9.99Bds fares realistic or practical?
  • Can REDJET compete with the heavily subsidized LIAT?
  • Will the FAA grant the airline access to the proposed USA market?
  • Why did Jamaican Government not allow Airone to set up operations in Jamaica?
  • Who is the major Barbadian investor listed in the USA Exception Application?
  • Does Barbados Government Civil Aviation organization have the expertise, experience, regulations etc. to approve, monitor and regulate a heavy commercial passenger carrier?
  • Are two proposed aircraft sufficient to operate an on time scheduled passenger service considering weather, mechanicals, maintenance etc.?
  • What Liability Insurance has Barbados demanded of RedJet?

The above questions cause me some concern; as the saying goes – “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.” Continue reading


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