Rihanna’s new video: banana sex, Perez Hilton on leash

Barbados Ambassador for Youth gives S&M lesson in her new video

We haven’t published much about Rihanna lately because we are a tad disappointed in the road she chose.

Isn’t it about time that, ever so quietly, Rihanna resigns as our Ambassador for Culture and Youth?

“Rihanna’s video for her new single “S&M” is naughty, sexy, crazy and sometimes outright weird!

Oddly enough, the video features celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on a leash acting as Rihanna’s “slave dog”. All the while, the singer has a group of reporters bound and gagged as she looks on completely covered in saran wrap!

The Barbados superstar even gets a little sexual with some fruit, namely a banana.”

… from Rihanna Gets Raunchy in ‘S&M’ Video!


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25 responses to “Rihanna’s new video: banana sex, Perez Hilton on leash


    RiRi is doing nothing different that these young people nowadays doing. Do you really think she knows or cares that she’s the youth ambassodor? I’m sure she’s forgotten about that title she got so many years ago (that was during her chris brown era; so we talking about years ago). RiRi is doing what she’s being told to do by the record industry; CAUSE DRAMA AND KEEP YOUR NAME IN THE HEADLINES; THIS IS WHAT MAKES MONEY….BTW, You ever notice how riri has done worldwide concert tours BUT HAS NEVER ONCE DONE ONE IN HER HOMELAND OF BARBADOS? Come on Barbadians, riri don’t owe us nothing! Enough already! Stop beating a freakin’ dead horse! Would I have given her a piece of prime land???? HELL TO THE NO!

  2. I see she has Barbados in the top of her dress, believe it or not the worst bit on the video is Perez Hilton lifting his/her leg to pee on the hydrant, otherwise I have seen far worse – Understand it’s been banned in a number of places but let’s start with Grace Jones, Millie Jackson or Rick James in the 80’s? Okay?

    There are TOO many examples out there which make Ms fenty look SO tame, much as I think Ri-Ri can do better on the whole, when you look at the immense panorama that is the world – there are other matters of more significance this time around… Yes, I said so!

  3. Check how she dress here…

  4. What on earth do you think the late RJ meant when he said he “…really likes to TASTE her…“? Then he rolls his tongue over his teeth…

  5. Millie Jackson Slow Tongue – explicit adult

  6. Violet, the Qur’an? More like blood red.

    The operative word in BFP’s article is the word “Ambassador”. Rihanna’s title is not honorary, it is real with a diplomatic passport.

  7. Capt. Nobody

    YEAH MAAAN , SHE LIKES WHIP AND CHAINS!! uuuuh aaaaahh hmmmm – ha ha ha ha real shyte!
    The truth is only one : too much rubbish around…and obviously her producers want to add some more. God have mercy!!


    @ Ian

    While I hear you bro regarding riri and comparing her to legends like grace, rick, and millie back then it was a different generation! You and I. When we listened to those songs and sung along to them we never took the lyrics to heart. Heck those were the days when you could hang outside til nightfall and pitch marbles, and play hopscotch. Fast foward to this generation; it’s a whole different story! These entertainers are this generations IDOLS and ROLEMODELS. So infact they do take these lyrics to heart, and emulate what they see these entertainers doing in videos and songs!

    When grace sang “pull up to the bumper baby” I did really think she meant a car bumper”…LMAO

  9. Bajan Leadpipe

    Has anyone told Rihanna that for the vast majority of Barbadians she is their vicarious relative – daughter, sister, aunt, niece..even “girlfriend” and that they would want to see her in wholesome video only…..while viewing trashy, smutty video of other performers and perceiving it as “only an act?

    Can Rihanna or her advisers, critically analyze the planned video and air any concerns arising from such an analysis to her producer and will her producer weigh their concerns over the vast sums of money to be made on the international scene…the intended market? Not small market Barbados!

    To be brutally frank, is Rihanna, or her advisers, in the least bit concerned about the impact of her video upon her role as Barbados Ambassador for Youth? I doubt it!
    After all, it is just an act and we make of it, what the sum of our experiences/matured minds, lead us to.

    PS: Has anyone asked Rihanna how she feels about PLAYING her role in the video?

  10. johny d

    She is free to do as she pleases. She has done more for Barbados than we could ever of hoped. She is a star, who asks nothing from us but at the same time has put Barbados on the map in a huge way.
    Congratulations Rihanna on all your success!

  11. Bostonbajan

    She gone! And heading in the same direction as Britney Spears before recovery. She can only be successful under that current manager. May God help her before it is too late.

  12. Capt. Nobody

    Probably Bajan Leadpipe is the only one that got it!! Peoples, is not our Rihanna to choose what to sing and how to perform in a video …are the PRODUCERS that make those choices. If the producer says to the girl “jump” she has to jump… she refuse? Career gone because they don’t want “rebels”!! This is it.

  13. Under-Disguise

    Madonna had songs and videos Banned
    Whats the fuss ?
    Get real people
    Art is Art !
    Without Sex , the world grinds to an end
    Whats the fuss
    If every one were prude, what would happen to procreation
    There are certain things that will happen to ensure procreation
    Stop knocking Sex, its about procreation
    SHUT UP !!!
    Sex will happen
    Had not for it what would happen to the world
    SHUT UP !!!
    Simple minded literal literary nicompoops

  14. Anonymous

    RiHanna is an adult, and adults take responsible for their actions. Whether the outcome we all must stand by our decisions in life. For those who feel offended just turn off the TV, switch to another site or don’t listen to her music at all. For those who like her will continue to support her. Life, is just like that.

  15. Johnny Postle

    No amount of talk gine stop the Ri Ri Train. Especially when it heading and looking to surpass the 100 million money ride. All I want she to do fuh me is a bring a concert home. And the venue I got in me mind’s eye is the Garrison Savannah. So Ri Ri do your thing and when ever ya get the chance mention Barbados a few times so we can get some more high end, preferably some of your singing friends, to grace our shores. I love ya bad girl naked or cloth.

  16. “Isn’t it about time that, ever so quietly, Rihanna resigns as our Ambassador for Culture and Youth?”

    Isn’t it about time that the editors of this blog realised
    a) that almost nobody outside Barbados knows (or really cares) about Rihanna’s status as such, so it wouldn’t make any real difference?
    b) that Rihanna is not obliged to behave like a saint and/or talk about Barbados 24/7 (which is possibly the only thing that would satisfy some people, it seems)?
    c) that Rihanna is an entertainer, not Winston Hall?

  17. Fence Sitter


    You are so right – as youngsters we didn’t have a clue what we were singing – and I’m embarrassed to say till today I still did think Grace Jones was singing about a car….

    After watching the video – I’ve seen worse. It’s just a frenetic combination of disjointed scenes with enough suggestiveness to have it banned and by so doing bring it into the spotlight. And we’ve all fallen for the master marketing plan. You think if she was singing “Morning has broken” it would make headlines?

    Wasn’t feeling the big able Barbados across the chest tho’. If that was supposed to placate we two-mout Bajans, I don’t think it was the best idea her producers came up with.

  18. Concerned

    From my first viewing of the Rihanna video, my interpretation was the symbolism of the relationship she shares with the media. Hence, the binding and gagging of them. The line “sticks and stones may hurt me, but whips and chains excite me…” speaks of the actual S & M relationship that she, the artist, shares with the media. The need to beat and whip her in public to sell their respective papers, etc and she likes the attention, as it also increases her finances. Even her encasement in plastic at the at the “press conference”; her leashing of Perez Hilton; and her behaving badly publicly indicates her S&M relationship with the media. Like it or not, this relationship is real in the entertainment world, and all we need to do is to cast our minds back and look at entertainment through history. It’s a path that some entertainers take. Madonna made headlines “shocking” the public through the media, as well as many more artistes. This S&M relationship between chart topping artistes and the media will continue way into the future.

  19. Bajan Leadpipe

    Concerned, your interpretation of the video is enlightening and I hope that Barbadians will use it as a, “read before opening”, tool to shape their opinions.

    Anistasia Beavernhousen, you will get your Ri Ri tour! It will come when Ri Ri’s management team and producers deem it a great PR coup and the logistics are worked out.
    So, to the Board of Directors – B.T.A. and B.T.I, The Ministry of Tourism & International Transport / Barbados Port Authority, B.H.& T.A, Ministry of Health / B.M.A, The Ministry of Public Works & Transportation, Sanitation Service Authority R.B.P.F/B.D.F., B.F.S, B.W.A, B.L &P start brainstorming on that “what if….” scenario, as it will be quite the event. Quite taxing on all.

  20. stupse

    Stupse… Rihanna is doing what’s best for Rihanna. She has to stay relevant so that she can continue to make money for herself and her family. In a world of hundreds of singers only a few make it and stay on top and if you don’t do something different, you will surely become irrelevant. Think of a person going for an interview where other interviewees have the same 5 or 6 CXCs. That person has to somehow have an edge on the others be it volunteering at church or in some kind of service club.. Same principle….

  21. Halium

    Whip him in more videos and make every1 ur slave dog

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