Largest snow storm in decades covers USA, Canada

Time to come home to Barbados!

The above photo was taken a few hours ago on what used to be a highway in Chicago, USA. It’s now a parking lot for hundreds of vehicles and will be for a few days. According to the news stories, this is the largest winter storm seen in decades and it covers about half of the USA and Canada.

Poor folks. 🙂

Hey, no snow in Bim… come on down!


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4 responses to “Largest snow storm in decades covers USA, Canada

  1. peter loveridge

    not so I’m afraid, I’m in Ottawa at present and there’s just over a foot, everything working. Lota of cancellations at Pearson yesterday. At home, Nova Scotia, 2 feet, but digging out, not unusual. 2004 winter 4 feet fell overnight, now that was something

  2. Sargeant

    Snowmaggeddon (that’s the name applied to the approaching storm) turned into Snowhysteria turned into much ado about nothing in Toronto. Yesterday’s storm? can’t compare to a few I’ve seen, I drove to work in 40 minutes instead of the usual 45 thanks to fewer cars on the road.

    Not to downplay what can happen on the highway during bad weather and icy roads see attached video.