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Barbados continues blocking off the coast

New Marina progresses. High Rise flats coming. That’s progress, right?

The construction of the new marina continues (above) and by the looks of things you’ll soon have to have a boat to see any of the coast at all. Meanwhile, Minister of Housing Michael Lashley yesterday announced our first high rise housing development.

I don’t view the high rise mansion blocks as a bad thing – depending upon how it is done and where. That has to happen because Barbados has about the 15th highest population density in the world – although compared to places like Monaco, Singapore and Hong Kong, we’re almost uninhabited. If done properly, high rise housing could reduce the pressure on our agricultural and natural areas and reduce the price of housing. If done properly that is. Continue reading


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Largest snow storm in decades covers USA, Canada

Time to come home to Barbados!

The above photo was taken a few hours ago on what used to be a highway in Chicago, USA. It’s now a parking lot for hundreds of vehicles and will be for a few days. According to the news stories, this is the largest winter storm seen in decades and it covers about half of the USA and Canada.

Poor folks. 🙂

Hey, no snow in Bim… come on down!


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