Calling Security at Grantley Adams International Airport. Hello? Hello?

I took this picture while waiting on my ride at arrivals area.

The taxi van is being jump started by the taxi car. This seems to be a regular thing. Just to be clear the car has jumped the curb completely and is up on the floor of the passenger waiting area.

One can’t help but wonder in todays climate of security concerns at airports worldwide if this had happened at the curb at say JFK or Heathrow where someone had driven up onto the passenger waiting area and parked for 10 minutes – what would have been the outcome? At Grantley Adams airport security was nowhere to be seen.

Only in Barbados! Good to be home.


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4 responses to “Calling Security at Grantley Adams International Airport. Hello? Hello?


    That’s why we love Barbados; don’t have to worry about a care in the world; we leave the rest of the world and all it’s madnees and escape to Bim where we don’t have to worry about “who blowing up who”!

  2. watcher

    @Anastasia Beaverhousen

    I am not sure who you include in “we” because that aint the way we all sees it. Maybe no one remember what happen to that jet pasenger plane that got blown up off the coast where all thoe people died a bunch of years back or maybe we forgot already about the lady from Ottawa being murdered out on long beach a little while ago and about the fireboming just recenlty in Bridgetown.

    For sure we all gotta worry about who is blowing up who

    Security is security…and it is needed in Barbados or any other place. Remember there are a lot of flights coming from USA and UK and lax secutiry makes easy targets.


    @ watcher
    You’re talking about the Cubana flight that had nothing to do with Barbados? That happened when I was 5 years old; I remember my dad taking us down to paradise beach to see it; I’m now 42 years old!

    I’m just saying that in Barbados we don’t need to start panicing and having all of that “on edge” security that the other parts of the world have no choice to adopt; we good here in BIM; no problems; no worries. The incident with the lady from Ottawa; my heart goes out to her family however, that bad incident could have happened anywhere; heck it could have taken placed in Ottawa; sadly it took place on our shores; does that mean we have to highten our security level like the USA; heck no! We just need to inforce better beach patrols on the beach for our locals and visitors alike.

  4. watcher

    @anastasia beaverhousen

    If you Google “terroist attacks at aiports” yu will see a lota hits. Many of these attacks have nothing to do with the country the attack took place in or started from…other than there was very lax security. The person posting the picture makes a very good point. BGI (the I stands for international as I am sure you know) handles lots of European and North American flights..the point being the people in the airport mostly aint locals and greater security is required for this reason alone. BGI is the portal for a great amount of the Bim economy. It needs to be protected.

    We should all hope that as a result of the picture being posted there wll be a large effort to improve the security.