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Barbados bedevilled by slow internet: Will an IXP help?

Bevil Wooding might know something about the Internet…

The last few weeks have been brutal when it comes to internet speed in Barbados. Everybody and I mean everybody is complaining. This is nothing new but it seems to be getting worse, not better.

Sometimes you can look at the clock and rationalize that the young people are just arriving home from school so everybody is on at once, but other times there seems to be no reason for the slowdown. I know there are worse places for internet than Barbados, but we’re supposed to be an international business centre and a developed country so the communications infrastructure should be faster and more robust than it is.

Of course, we do have South Africa beat. Not too long ago, a Johannesburg tech company staged a race between a carrier pigeon and the national internet provider to move a big chunk of data to Durban. Using a pigeon named Winston, the transfer took two hours and six minutes. In that time, the national internet provider was only able to transfer 4% of the data. Staged, of course, but it made a point.

So back to Barbados. What is to be done about our internet?

According to our friend Gerard Best, and Bevil Wooding (photo above. Bevil is one of the seven keyholders to the Internet) the answer might be an IXP on Barbados…

A Faster Better Caribbean Internet

By Gerard Best – special to Barbados Free Press

Recently, Governments across the Caribbean region have been more and more vocal in acknowledging the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to social development. Many Caribbean-based businesses have also been talking about the importance of leveraging the potential of ICT to increase the region’s global competitiveness. Implicit in these statements is the assumption that the Internet will serve as the primary vehicle for the delivery of all these services. Continue reading


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