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Video Proof: Almond Beach Village tourists swimming in their own sewage

Almond Beach Club sewage well overflowing for 7 years

Video and commentary by Professor Robin Mahon
Director, Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados (bio here)

“Here comes a man on his bicycle, completely unaware that he is riding through sewage waste on his way home…”

“All the vehicles spraying it up, becoming an aerosol probably containing all sorts of health risks… busloads of people being exposed to this filthy water”

“Ironically, that runs directly into the sea at Almond Beach Club beach, so that the people who are staying there are swimming in their own waste water…”

“They say it is rain water, but as you see it is not. It is coming directly from their sewage well. They have been spoken to on a number of occasions by the Public Health Inspector who has told them that this has to stop, this is a public health threat. They are also polluting the sea and endangering people swimming in the sea…”

“Health threat to the public of Barbados and a disgrace.”

“This sewage treatment plant water… For the last seven or eight years we have been trying to deal with this where they allow this water to overflow as you see it now… this water going along the road until it reaches in front of Almond Beach Village itself… and into the sea at Almond Beach…”

Comment by BFP’s Shona

Who really owns Almond Resorts? Do any politicians have shares in Almond Resorts?

Where have the Ministry of the Environment and Environment Ministers been for seven years that this has been happening? The answer is “Protecting the Barbados Brand by being silent and keeping they mouths shut tight.”

A few weeks ago, Mullins Bay blog asked where is the $75 Million Barbados borrowed from the IDB for the West Coast sewage project? Well, where is the money?

Because this is what we have been left with for all those millions in debt.

Note: The quotes were quickly taken from the YouTube video and may be off by a word or two. I have to go to work, so if someone wants to review and correct them I’d love ya! Please leave the reviewed quotes or any new ones from the video in the comments section and I’ll post them later. Thank you, got to go.


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Barbados Almond Beach Village: Two very different reports, what’s the truth?

Why close “for renovations” in the middle of the High Season?

On January 13th, West Coast Blog described Almond Beach Village as a near ghost town (ghost town is our term), laying off staff and having trouble paying the remaining ones.

The next day, (January 14th) there was an announcement that Almond Resorts will invest $10 million (unknown currency) in refurbishing Almond Beach Village and is “partnering with the Barbados Tourism Authority” for the Celtic Festival coming next May. Nothing about when the “investment” or renovations will start. Continue reading


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Mara Thompson wins David’s seat: Will she keep his Integrity Legislation promise?

Slaughter in St. John:  DLP 4,613 to BLP 553

The Barbados Labour Party’s sacrificial lamb Hudson Griffith worked hard but only managed to gather 10.7% of the 5166 votes cast in yesterday’s by-election. Griffith’s share of the vote was down from the 16% or so the BLP took in the January 2008 vote that saw the late David Thompson declared Prime Minister.

Voter turn out was eerily about the same as 2008 when 5129 voters made it to the polls.

In a normal mid or late term by-election the ruling party usually takes a hit because voters tend to use the occasion to send warnings to the government. That’s in a “usual” by-election but St. John was anything but due to the sympathy factor evoked because the candidate is the widow of a recently departed and personally well-liked Prime Minister.

Duguid’s “Politicians Into Greed” Party (PIG) the real winner

We at Barbados Free Press weren’t the first to observe that, other than personnel and shirt colours, real differences between the DLP and BLP are non-existent. Barbados has long only had one political party – the party of the elites with two branches: DLP and BLP. That’s why former PM David Thompson slammed then Prime Minister Owen Arthur for corruptly depositing “campaign funds” into his personal bank account, but then when Thompson became Prime Minister not one BLP thief was arrested or charged. It reminds us of sharks leaving one another alone out of professional courtesy.

Nothing illustrated this “one party of the elites” better than when serving Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid was caught saying that neither the DLP nor the BLP politicians would pass the Integrity Legislation promised by the DLP during the 2007 campaign.

Dr. Duguid was telling the truth because that Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information Act disappeared faster than the fat BLP envelopes handed out in St. John yesterday.

Mara’s Choice

As the elected representative for St. John, Mara Thompson now has the opportunity to keep her husband’s promises about Integrity Legislation, FOI and a Ministerial Code of Conduct. The sad reality is that she has about as much chance of doing that as when then newly elected Prime Minister David Thompson informed his first Cabinet meeting that Conflict of Interest rules and a Ministerial Code would be declared that first day as promised. Thompson’s Cabinet rebelled and that was the end of that.

So… great little sideshow in St. John.

Unfortunately it didn’t change a thing.


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Trouble on Sir David Simmons’ Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission?

click for large cartoon!

Silence from Turks and Caicos Governor and Sir David Simmons as TCI Post says two Integrity Commission members have resigned…

“I was surprised to hear that a progressive and mature country like Barbados has no integrity legislation to hold its politicians and public servants to account…”

“David Simmons was Attorney General for years, then Chief Justice. He did nothing to deal with the problem…

Yet the British Comatose Governor of the Turks and Caicos appointed David Simmons as the Chairman of the newly formed Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission. In his new role he is to enforce integrity in public life. Why was David Simmons appointed to enforce something that he could not do or never did for himself or his own country in spite of his many High profile positions, which go to the very heart of the rule of law, justice and integrity? Continue reading


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How a small Barbados hotel thrived with hard work and the right attitude

When reading the online customer reviews of Peach and Quiet Hotel at TripAdvisor and other like sites, the first thing that strikes you is the number of former guests who mention how the hotel owners and staff made them feel welcome and went the extra distance to ensure a good stay.

Peach and Quiet’s high occupancy rate and lengthy list of repeat visitors is the envy of the hotel business in Barbados but their success hasn’t happened by accident or overnight. In his latest installment of Tourism Matters, Adrian Loveridge tells how he and Margaret once had to stay up all night licking trading stamps because there was no money to fund the next day’s BBQ and the stamps were buying the food.

Adrian also reports that in our current 11% plus unemployment, the hotel could use a few more employees, but he’s having trouble finding anyone with the attitude to help grow the business. That is an interesting observation in a country where tourism is foundational to the economy, and frankly, is exactly what business owners in other sectors regularly say.

Adrian’s article is well worth your time – and if you know anyone who would be a good fit at Peach and Quiet, well… Adrian says he’s looking for a couple of people. Continue reading


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Happy Birthday! Five years of Barbados Free Press

On January 17, 2006 Barbados Free Press hit the internet calling for integrity, transparency and accountability in Barbados government. That was five years ago today and since then we’ve published over 4,000 articles and seen our readers contribute almost 100,000 comments. In 2011, BFP will welcome our 10 millionth visitor.

Over the years we’ve seen our articles picked up by major news outlets like CNN, Fox, The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Sky News and, yes, even the India Times. That makes for some fun and doubly so when the article is about corrupt politicians, land grabs and abuses of power. With over 4,000 articles online, you can’t Google search for anything relating to Barbados without coming across a BFP article somewhere, often in the first few returns.

And yet…

Sometimes we feel like failures because nothing has really changed in five years. We were lied to by Owen Arthur and the BLP, who promised changes, transparency, accountability and integrity. Then we were lied to by David Thompson and the DLP who promised changes, transparency, accountability and integrity. This week we’re being lied to in St. John. Continue reading


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Martin Luther King Jr. and Louis Farrakhan talk about Jews

Match the quote with the speaker if you can!

  1. “…Because those Satanic Jews know the time that this is the time of your separation from them that God wants to give you a land of your own as the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God…”
  2. “Israel’s right to exist as a state in security is uncontestable.”
  3. “They stole land in Palestine… And this Synagogue of Satan knows that the end of their time of rule is up. The jig is up.”
  4. “When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”
  5. “The Black man and woman have always been looked upon as the ‘property’ of White America; and particularly, members of the Jewish community. They’ve always looked at you as ‘belonging’ to them.”
  6. “I solemnly pledge to do my utmost to uphold the fair name of the Jews — because bigotry in any form is an affront to us all.”
  7. “The Jewish people have said that Hollywood is theirs. Can any of you deny that they are the masters of Hollywood, where sex, lesbianism, homosexuality and violence are promoted?”
  8. “Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security and that security must be a reality.”
  9. “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man,”
  10. “I cannot stand idly by, even though I happen to live in the United States and even though I happen to be an American Negro and not be concerned about what happens to the Jews in Soviet Russia. For what happens to them happens to me and you, and we must be concerned.”
  11. “Don’t let a white man get near this black woman. And last but not least, black man, don’t let that white man at anytime in your life give you his white woman!…The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him”

Answers and quote sources here>>> Continue reading


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Wikileaks to soon put Caribbean Money Laundering Laws to the test

Cayman bank account info to go on WikiLeaks as CARICOM announces Anti-Money Laundering Deal

“Stopping money laundering in Barbados would be like cutting our own throats.”

Two money laundering news items arrived in our in-basket today from different sources, and when we put them together we thought, “Hey, synchronicity!” See? I was awake in school at least on one day. (Actually, I was awake most days because I didn’t want to get a stick across the knuckles from Mr. W.)

Thanks to one of our old friends in Manitoba Canada (brrrrrr!!!!! Youbee, come on home for February!) we know that Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer is going to hand over bank data to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on 2000 people who have money parked offshore in the Caymans.

Barbadian Politicians on the list? Continue reading


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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss changes position on prostitution, morality – or does he?

Equates gay/lesbian people with prostitutes

Are you confused by the Health Minister’s words? Me too. Have a read…

“What we may want to debate is the issue of not discriminating against people based on their perceived sexual orientation or perceived sexual practice as a profession.

I think we need to be a lot more all-embracing.

“That does not mean that we have to drop our moral guards and say that all of these things are to be accepted. I am not promoting homosexuality or prostitution. I am simply saying that we have to have a more open mind and accept that not all of us are the same,”

Friends, I don’t know what to think upon reading The Nation article Not here!

Health Minister Donville Inniss seems to be lumping gay and lesbian people in with people who choose to sell their bodies for money: prostitutes. Here at BFP we fail to see the equivalency. Matter of fact, I (Cliverton) don’t like the linkage at all. The statements remind me of the position of that admitted pimp and self-proclaimed “sex industry expert” Charles Lewis – who believes that gay and lesbian people will naturally back his profession as a slave master of prostitutes.

Even Auntie Moses and George who are “uncomfortable” with homosexual and lesbian people (and I am being conservative especially as to George’s views) realize that being born gay, lesbian or heterosexual or somewheres in between doesn’t have anything to do with choosing to selling your body to strangers.

The other confusing topic for Health Minister Inniss is the bit about “dropping our moral guards…” Continue reading


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We’re voting for Geoffrey Philp

Thanks to Geoffrey for bringing Caribbean literature, art and music to the world

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of author Geoffrey Philp. Whether he’s making us laugh so hard about a dying man or making us a tad misty-eyed when he talks of playing football with Bob Marley, Geoffrey’s writing is always compelling.

His blog and his most recent book “Who’s your Daddy? and other stories” are up for awards and you can assist by voting for his work.

Come on… It’ll only take a moment!

BIAJ: Best Adult Creative Writing

Vote for Geoffrey Philp’s Who’s your Daddy? and other stories

Jamaica Blog Awards

Vote for Geoffrey Philp’s blog

1 Comment

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Spark of the Day! Orphan Princess in Kenya

‘Princess’ is smart, friendly and doing alright by the standards of the camp. She has put on weight and is healthy. Like most of the children, once she gets into the programme she has an excellent chance at a good future. I wish I could have taken her home, but that wouldn’t have been right either. See you next year, little one!

This Spark of the Day! is our way of reminding our readers and ourselves that we should be giving something back. One person can make a difference! It made a difference to Princess.


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Is Rawdi Adams’ skin dark enough to be elected in Barbados?

Would Owen Arthur and the BLP welcome the son and grandson of two Barbados Prime Ministers into Bajan politics?

Vote in our poll…

Owen Arthur’s recent comments that if Barbadians elect a St. Lucian woman they are without pride aren’t surprising in the least to those who know anything about the Leader of the Opposition.

Last September former Prime Minister Owen Arthur urged Barbados citizens to embrace “racial pride” – but only if your skin is dark enough and you’re not of White, Guyanese, Indian or Chinese heritage. Speaking back then to a Barbados Labour Party gathering, Mr. Arthur “accused members of the governing DLP of lacking racial and national pride.”

(See “Rihanna syndrome” raises ugly head again in Barbados as former Prime Minister cautions against whites.)

Oh yes. The old political fallback position for Owen Arthur and his supporters “Beware the whites”, and when that doesn’t work, it’s “Beware the Guyanese mango sellers” or “Beware the Chinese rat catchers”. In the recent past it’s been a proven winning political formula – but what damage it does to our future and our ability to progress as individuals and as a nation.

Nothing new there. When Arthur isn’t cautioning against the whites and other selected races, he’s calling blacks who disagree with his policies negrocratsand other racist labels.

Which brings us to Rawdon “Rawdi” Adams, the grandson of nation-builder Grantley Adams (With Rawdi in the above photo) and the son of our second Prime Minister Tom Adams. Of late, Rawdi has been weighing into Bajan political commentary.

Is Rawdi electable in Barbados or is his skin too light?

Let’s see how Bajans vote…


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Owen Arthur drives nail into Caricom’s coffin: If Barbadians elect a St. Lucian woman they are “without pride”

Updated: June 11, 2012

With Owen Arthur and the BLP getting into election mode like sharks circling a wounded fish, we thought it would be appropriate to remind folks about what Owen Arthur thinks about candidates who were born off the island…

“No greater affront…” than electing Mara Thompson

“I do not believe that there has been a greater affront, and affront means insult, to the Barbadian Democracy and to Barbadian womanhood than the affront that the Democratic Labour Party has (mumbling a bit) put in before the people of this parish. I also say the people of this country.

Than bring somebody here to be elected on the grounds that you’re electing a queen. And I am not going to mince my words!

There is no Barbadian woman who could be wife of a solution-politician who could run in Saint Lucia on the grounds that she is runnin to be the queen of St. Lucia!

Can’t happen!

And if it can’t happen in St. Lucia, why must it happen here?

There is no Barbadian woman married to a Trinidadian man who could dare run in Trinidad at all! (transcript continues here)>>>> Continue reading


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Charter flight to Barbados, sitting next to Typhoid Mary

Jdid’s Christmas flight home!

Our friend Jdid runs Doan Mind Me blog out of Toronto, Canada and like many folks he decided to come home for the holidays. What a story! I laughed so hard I came to tears.

Here’s a sample, but if you need a good laugh you must head over and read the whole thing.

Thanks, Jdid. I needed that!

“Now listen very carefully I will only say this once.

Ya see me? I aint neva travelling to Barbados by no cheap plane again ya hear. Who me? No boy I cant do dat no more. Not again! Ya might save a few coppers but this cheap plane ting will kill ya stone dead.”

“So I sitting down deyso in my seat on the end and a ol lady on the odda end and in walks this nice looking twenty something young girl all pretty up an ting to occupy the seat between we. So at first I look at she an say to myself is how come when I was single I couldnt get a seat next to nuhbody dat was under 300lbs or sweating like dem juss run a marathon but now I well and truly married dem wait to put pretty young girls next to me.

But I shoulda known ya cant judge a book by its cover”

Read the whole thing: Doan Mind Me: Travel Woes


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Barbados school children dive for ground as man shot near playing field

Police spokesperson: “The children were not in danger”

On Tuesday morning, 10:40am, during school hours, 150 children and 3 teachers of the Springer Memorial School were at the Blenheim Playing Field when a 23 year old man was shot twice near the western end of the playing field. News reports don’t say how many shots were fired in total.

The teachers yelled at the children to lay flat on the ground as the gunshots rang out nearby.

Royal Barbados Police Force public relations officer Inspector David Welch has the idiocy to say “From the reports, the children were not in danger.”

That’s not a very intelligent statement from the Inspector for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that wild pistol fire has been responsible in the past for deaths at great distances. According to the law enforcement range charts on the internet, a 9mm pistol round can be lethal (not accurate, but still lethal) to 2,400 yards and still impact at 350 feet per second. Even a little .22 bullet can kill at one mile.

What really irks me as a parent is this senior police officer telling us no worries, the children were safe. That is nothing but spin and parents are not stupid enough to buy into that spin. Inspector David Welch lost all credibility with me.

(name withheld by request)

Further Reading

Nation News: Shooting leaves man injured


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Former US Ambassador Mary Kramer writes book about time in Barbados

How will Ambassador Kramer’s book stand up to WikiLeaks?

This should be fun. Former US Ambassador to Barbados, Mary Kramer, is doing a tour to publicize her new book  More Than a Walk on the Beach: Confessions of an Unlikely Diplomat.

Kramer served in Barbados from 2004 through 2006 and wrote her book before the WikiLeaks started to emerge. When the full set of Wikileaks hits the internet, it will be interesting to compare her book to the secret cables her Embassy sent.

One of the recent WikiLeaks revealed that Ambassador Kramer knew all about SIR Allen Stanford years before his arrest. A May 3, 2006 cable from Bridgetown Embassy said, Continue reading


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Adrian Loveridge and Barbados Free Press on the Tourism White Paper Blog

Why doesn’t the Ministry of Tourism use a real blog for its White Paper discussion?

Adrian Loveridge submitted an article (published below) about the government’s White Paper on Tourism Development initiative where Adrian laments that – despite a fair amount of advertising, two town hall meetings and over 13,000 Bajans directly employed in the tourism industry – to date only seven people have posted comments on the Ministry of Tourism’s White Paper Blog since it was established last November.

Adrian’s article is generally positive about the government’s Tourism White Paper initiative (and we agree!), but he is perplexed at the lack of public input and interest on the Government’s White Paper Blog.

Fear not Adrian, (and fear not Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy), we at Barbados Free Press know exactly what went wrong with the White Paper Blog and how to fix it – quickly, easily and on the cheap. Heck, we or any real bloggers could fix it for free on Saturday night, given a bottle a Mount Gay, some coding music and pretty girls hanging about. Truly.

The Tourism Ministry’s “White Paper Blog” is not a real blog

Last November, Tourism Minister Richard Sealy announced the “White Paper for the Development of Tourism in Barbados” and the government’s “White Paper Blog” in an attempt to encourage and collect input about where we should be heading with our tourism product.

Good idea! Only problem is, apparently Minister Sealy and his staff have no idea of the differences between a true blog and a “static website with comments” – for they established an isolated “static website with comments” and not a true blog that would be connected to the over 100 million other true blogs currently on the internet. To explain the difference… Continue reading


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