Turks and Caicos Islanders getting restless as Brits recolonise

Citizens warned against protests

by “Anonymous for obvious reasons”

I read some recent warnings this week by British Foreign Minister Henry Bellingham (photo above) towards the Turks and Caicos citizens. Upon reading his warnings, I knew I had to answer this directly.  We have been waiting in vain for the British to make some gesture to assure us that they are not here to recolonise us or nation build.  We are right to question the British interim government on this and demand answers about our futures.

The British tell us that they took over to help us with government corruption.  I watched and waited for this corruption to be sorted out.  It’s now 2011 and we haven’t seen much of anything in the way of corruption.  What we have seen instead is the prosecution team and the British Foreign Commonwealth Office warning us not to get in their way, keeping us at arm’s length while they “reform” land policies, local leadership, civil service downsizing, elections and especially our constitution. These changes are obviously being made to shift power from the Turks and Caicos to the hands of the British.  We worry and ask questions every day, yet we remain in the dark.  Nobody is watching the British as they raid our cookie jars and now we are warned against questioning matters that have an impact on our lives.

Imagine our worry that we have been calling for elections since 2009 but the British hold us off with “we’ll see” and several broken promises that elections are around the corner.  We will be waiting and seeing for decades at this rate because the British keep putting endless conditions and milestones on us to keep us from our right to democracy.

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20 responses to “Turks and Caicos Islanders getting restless as Brits recolonise

  1. Jack Bowman

    BFP folks,

    You don’t seem to be getting a lot of traction on this thread. Far be it from me to say why that is the case.

    In another universe, of course, one could imagine a circumstance in which the government of a group of tiny Caribbean islands demonstrated a pattern of arrant and every-day widespread corruption so mindbending that it would make 2011 Venezuela look like Sweden.

  2. TCI Lover

    The British interim government in the TCI has a case of Misick-itis. The only cure for this condition is to oppress everyone in TCI and take down everyone and every business who had anything to do with the PNP government. The British interim government is out of control, quite simply. They put outrageous conditions in our path before they will allow democracy for us, but most of us are not corrupt. Go figure that, oppress and punish us all for a handful of people who allegedly “flipped” land by the PNP (it was a total of 5 people accused and no charges have been brought after 2 years). This is a sick world when nobody will stand up and take notice of our plight, Barbados being the exception here. Incidentally Barbados, the British are doing the same thing in Anguilla at this very moment. Doubtful that there’s a real Jack Bowman commenting here, it looks like the British plants are busy at work surfing the net looking to discredit anyone who questions the British agenda in the TCI. Yes the British do hire people to comment on these stories. The classic put downs are a give away. You can’t just proclaim corruption over and over to make it okay to take civil and human rights from an entire country indefinitely. Good lord.

  3. Canadians have a dream whenever the temperatures hit the below zero digits.

  4. Weston

    The Brits would dump TCI in an instant if they could. They offered the islands to the Bahamas in 1973 when they became independent but it was refused. TCI is now just an embarrasment and potential cash drain for the UK.

  5. watcher


    here is a more informative link about moves to make certain islands in the sun part of Canada…..including Barbados.


  6. TCI Lover

    @Weston. You might have been right on your analysis, oh say …. 40 years ago. But TCI was one of the most coveted holiday destinations in world for several years running prior to direct rule. We had dozens of lucrative resort developments raking in tourism dollars and employing our people. The internet is a wonderful thing and I see that you use it to comment. Try doing your research on it too before you make profoundly ignorant commentary. The British have destroyed our tourism sector by attacking our resorts and putting our people out of work. They have set us back 40 years indeed.

  7. Weston

    TCI Lover, you seem to be forgetting that TCI was bankrupted by the previous administration during the “boom” years. It is also British government policy to allow independence for all the remaining dependent territories if the majority so desireit. They have absolutely nothing to gain by “attacking our resorts”. Before insulting me for my ignorance you might like to try to consider the issues with a bit less emotion.

  8. TCI Lover

    “Majority so desire it”? Where was the majority? The whole problem with this evil deal is that there was no democracy, no vote, no election, no referendum. That’s called a coup my friend. THERE WAS NEVER A MAJORITY DESIRE!!! The TCI was not bankrupted by the previous administration, they had a spending problem but not a revenue problem. They overspent for sure but had revenue the same time, there was never bankruptcy. The British have everything to gain by attacking resorts. They confiscated the resorts and converted the resorts and land to the crown, the British are conducting oil enquiries right now off our coasts and developers are in the way. Are you kidding? They are keeping these developed lands, calling it confiscation. We should all be worried. Look at the home owners of Chalk Sound. The British reclassified the lands from reserve to protected to kick off the 100 homeowners from their prime land homes. Those families are bankrupted now. I know one of the families well and they have to pay rent and utilities at a rental whilst they pay mortgage on a newly developed home that they will never be able to live in. This is a disaster.

  9. Weston

    My point on self determination is that if the TC Islanders had wanted independence, it would have been granted. Why did the people or successive TCI governments never request a vote on independence?

  10. TCI Lover

    …. because we had a good relationship with the British until now and trusted them. Who knew they would take us down like this on a whim?


    Dont you see how many foreign corps are buying up the Caribbean, including Barbados?

    That is because we are stable, are good profit centres and cause corps no issues. While the rest of the lesser developed world is going to pot.

  12. Do

    Sorry, got someone else’s handle.

  13. JCP

    The TCIs have options… The Bahamas government most recently has offered them the chance to hold talks on entering into political federation with them…
    * http://www.suntci.com/index.php?p=story&id=385

    Canada has offered them the option to become a decision making provision or territory in the Canadian Federation….

    See the Federal Canadian Parliamentary bill from 2004.
    * http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?DocId=1243820&Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=37&Ses=3#SOB-845949

    More history on the flirtation of political union between Canada and the Turks and Caicos Islands.
    * http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/turksandcaicos/
    * http://www.canadiancontent.net/commtr/turks-caicos-move-join-canada_676.html
    * http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Sites/LOP/Infoparl/english/issue.asp?param=125&art=767

  14. JCP

    opps provision = province

  15. TCI Lover

    Shoot, we”ll take any deal over the deal we have now with the British. Canada can come take us away. The British will never allow it, sadly. They have staked their claim so deep in the TCI, we have no say in any alliance with Canada or Bahamas. We have no control.

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  17. yatinkiteasy

    The Brits are “recolonizing” Barbados by buying up all the prime West Coast real estate..and in the process, denying beach access to ordinary Bajans. I can provide a list if anyone is in doubt. Since we have no laws to prevent this foreign ownership and takeover of our prime beach properties..we already have a situation where Bajans cant afford to keep (because of increased land taxes) or purchase such properties.
    The Brits obviously see TCI as another prize to be held on to at all costs.

  18. Carl

    I can’t agree more with the comments from yatinkiteasy. I will tell you what we have figured out in TCI. The British came in and are confiscating land from people. When I say “people” I mean both Belongers and foreigners. This made no sense to us because if they are trying to oppress Belongers for imperial purposes, why are they targeting foreign business people. What we have figured out is the British are “reforming” land policies to make people re-qualify for their land. The rest of the un-re-qualified land under the new reforms will be confiscated. What the British are planning to do is resell that prime property/land and make a profit for the crown instead of it going to our local government. The British want the land sale profits for themselves. Some of the big guns think this is about oil. I say keep it simple stupid, this is about prime land. Our beaches are peppered with unfinished resort developments that have been confiscated by the British but will be resold at quite a hefty profit and half-developed. What a coup. Look at what is happening now in TCI, the British are going to install their own constitution without a vote from Belongers to ensure their agenda. This is also happening now in Anguilla and other OTs. Watch out.

  19. James Morrison

    It is amazing to me how these things get spun. This country had a corrupt government that was bilking the public purse for their own gain. Have you seen Misick’s house? How was there so little money in the hurricane fund when Hannah and Ike stopped by? When these people steal from the public purse, they are stealing from the people. Are the people in TCI so racists that they simply believe the criminal politicians because they are belongers? Are the whites bad just because they are white?

    Look, TCI has been a money and energy drain for Britain for a long time and the corruption of the last several years (before they stepped in) was a major embarrassment to them.

    The bottom line is that the right people are in Turks and Caicos to resolve these issues without much more interference from the British but as long as TCI belongers continue to use their status and political office to line their own pockets, the rest of us need someone to step in — rather the British than the Americans (luckily no oil).

  20. Carl

    @ James, my response to the British then would be to show them the door if we are such a drain to them. We didn’t ask for the British help, they forced it on us and in so violated our rights and indebted us for the next 2 decades. This is not a race issue. We are of the majority opinion (other than a small faction of idiots) that Michael Misick and anyone else accused, could have been found guilty of crimes (if the British ever finish their investigation) and the rest of us could have moved on with a new democratic government. Anyone with any amount of commonsense can see that there is another reason why the British want to be in the TCI so badly. What the British did was extremely hasty and unnecessary. Democracy and elections are being withheld from innocent people and a new constitution is being forced on the populace (without a referendum) that will dilute Belonger votes in our only homeland. There is no justification for it. The British had many different options if they wanted to “help” us.