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LIME cuts top Police Wiretap Executive: Donald Austin

If these walls (or Mr. Austin) could talk…

The man who knows more than anyone else about police and other wiretapping of phones, emails and text messages at Cable & Wireless Caribbean has been gently sacked with a large severance and a “consulting” contract designed to keep him loyal and silent. Continue reading


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Flying fish, souse and Geopolitical Risk

Dear BFP

It’s all well and good to discuss local matters, but let us not forget that we do not live in isolation. At some stage and/or point in time, global affairs may influence local matters. We are all, essentially, citizens of the World.

From a Barbadian perspective, what should be our concerns as we view major issues in the world?

Take any of these subjects and think how the current changes will impact Barbados now and in the future…

  • oil prices
  • food prices
  • commodity prices
  • climate change

Which one, from a Barbadian perspective, is the big worry?

That said, maybe you and your readers will find this link interesting. Via The Economist website, a report by the Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk (an advisory group to the World Economic Forum).




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I can understand Arabic, thanks to Translating Jihad

Child bride ten years old

Fatwa: “Sexual intercourse with prepubescent girl is permissible.”

Al Muratjim is an educated man who works as a full-time Arabic translator during the day. During his time off he works exposing Islamic totalitarianism and intolerance by translating it from Arabic into English.

His Translating Jihad blog illustrates the difference between how Muslims talk about Islam to each other every day in the Muslim world’s mainstream media and how Muslim spokesmen and apologists in the West talk about Islam. As we’ve recently seen in Barbados, when any member of Islamic community lets the truth slip, the apologists are ready and willing to help.

Thanks to the efforts of Al Murajim and others like him, with increasing frequency we are seeing Muslim spokesmen in the West being held to account for talking out of both sides of their mouths (the Ground Zero Mosque imam is the latest to be exposed by his own words).

In the West we are often told that child marriage is a cultural issue having nothing to do with the religion of Islam.

Yup, that’s what they say in the West in English, but in Arabic it’s another story… Continue reading


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